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It is well known that most of the business entities have been disproportionately affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. And in particular, the entertainment industry has seen a sharp downfall as the theatres are closed, and shootings have been halted. It created a huge gap between celebrities and fans because they haven’t been on screens lately, which shifted the users’ focus to their mobile phones as their only medium of entertainment. And know what? This one company has seen a spectacular surge in the number of users for its business. Undoubtedly, We are referring to the popularity that OnlyFans has gained in this pandemic. So, what makes it the talk of the town?

Although apps like Facebook, Instagram, etc., dominate the social media industry, it offers only very less chance for creators and celebrities to monetize their content. Whereas apps like OnlyFans offer unrestricted space for creators to legitimize their erotic content, delighting their fans. The exceptionality of the app attracts more content creators and users to this platform which gains more revenue for the app. So, developing an OnlyFans clone is the first and foremost step in leveraging the lucrative space that this exclusive social media app has created. These statistics may support why the OnlyFans clone script can be a perfect idea to bloom your business.

What Do The Statistics Say About The Massive Reach Of The Onlyfans App?

Ever since the pandemic, OnlyFans has witnessed a positive turnaround in numbers, as you can see below.

  • OnlyFans had 3.5 million users signed up in March 2020.
  • In effect of pandemic lock-down, 60,000 creators have enrolled themselves in the app platform to earn revenue and connect with their fans.
  • With the progressing lock-down in May last year, the app witnessed almost 200,000 new users every day.
  • Presently, OnlyFans has built a massive network with 30 million active users and 450,000 creators providing content for the app.

Indeed, it doesn’t have many rivals in the field, making it an ideal option for entrepreneurs to captivate the market in no time. Let us know more about how the app works and how to make it work for your business to thrive in the market.

What Is Onlyfans Clone, And How Does It Work?

It is an adult entertainment platform that doesn’t impose any restrictions on the type of content posted. This means creators can share their erotic and exotic content to the pleasure of the users. But unlike other social media apps, this app is based on a subscription model where the users need to pay for accessing the content of the creators or viewing their profiles. Furthermore, the fans also can personally connect with their adored celebrities and request personalized videos by paying the amount quoted by the creators.

Now we can look at how it all works in the app.

  • User Registration: Like any other apps, users can signup using their email or any other login credentials as required by the app.
  • Browse Creator Profiles: Users can view several creator profiles available on the app platform.
  • Select Creator Profile: If the profiles seem to captivate the user’s eyes, they can subscribe to any of the listed plans to get access.
  • Pay Subscription: Payment can be made through the preferable payment gateways provided in the app.
  • Enjoy Subscription: Once users have subscribed, they get complete access to the content creator profile and all the exclusive content posted. Users can also connect with the creators through private chats.
  • Tips: Users can tip the creators to avail allied benefits.
  • The elegant workflow adds up to the excitement of using the app by the users. To attain this, you need to ensure your app contains cutting-edge features that facilitate the seamless functioning of the app.

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Some Of The Exquisite Features To Have In Your App

1. Core features for Users

  • User Profiles: Let users swiftly create their profiles with their basic details such as nicknames, contact details, etc.
  • Discover Creator Profiles: Enables to browse through various creator profiles and lets users choose the one that interests them.
  • Private Chats: Users can make use of this feature to have one-on-one private conversations with creators that is disabled from public viewing.
  • Buy Content: It allows users to request personalized content from the celebrities like birthday wishes, video shutouts. They can also buy content available on the creator account.
  • Multiple Payments: Several payment methods can be provided to favor easy and secure transactions.

2. Features for Content Creators

  • Creator Profiles: Creators signed up with the platform can create their profiles with all their details and make them look attractive to gain more followers.
  • Subscription Plans: Gives the freedom for creators to create custom subscription plans so that their followers can pay to access their content limitlessly.
  • User Interaction: Enables to socialize with their fans over private chats or video-calls.
  • Share Videos/Photos: Apart from the posted contents, it allows creators to share videos/photos personally to the user at their request.
  • Receive Payments: It lets the creator receive payments for the completed requests after all the deductions of commission amount by the admin.

3. Admin Panel Features

  • Manage User Profile: Provides access to all the user profiles enrolled in the app platform and gives the freedom to delete or block the account if it doesn’t comply with the norms.
  • Manage Creator Profile: This allows the admin to view the requests from the creator to join the app also facilitates managing their profiles on accepting the request.
  • Set Commission Percentage: Considering various parameters, the app owner can fix a commission percentage for the platform.
  • Manage Advertising: Admins can provide ad space for third parties to carry out their promotional activities, generating revenue for the business from advertisement fee.
  • Manage Alerts: The pop-up notifications that are shared can be easily managed by the admin.

It’s Time For The Launch!

The features given above are just a glimpse, and there is more to make it the best. We at Turnkey Town tune anything and everything to recreate a top-notch solution in line with your budget and requirements. Our holistic approach to Adult Fan-club subscription app development provides you with scalable and growth-oriented solutions to take your business at a new growth bar. Please leave us a message, and we will get to you!

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