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Ready-made, White-label Dunzo Clone Solution

Launch a top-notch on-demand delivery solution to supply your customers with groceries, medicines, food, etc., by readily customizing our Dunzo clone. Cutting-edge in every aspect!

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Kick-start Your Multi-delivery Services Startup With Our Dunzo Clone

Looking for a solution that can assist you in conquering the on-demand delivery market? Wishing to scale big in the shortest possible time? Then, you have come to the right place. We, at Turnkeytown, offer a resilient Dunzo clone app solution that can endure any obstacle that may come your way. With this solution, there is no turning back. Success is all you will confront!
Our experts are committed to designing and developing solutions that are robust and reliable. Our solutions let you streamline your business processes, boosting your operational efficiency, and lessening your operating costs. Also, you can promptly track your vehicles and delivery drivers via the GPS navigation system. A delivery app blended with the best in class features and most advanced technology. Connect with us to get it now!
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Range Of Deliveries Offered By Our Dunzo Clone App

Our Dunzo clone is a versatile solution that can handle the delivery of anything and everything, supporting small to large scale businesses.

Grocery delivery

Boost the performance of your grocery business by offering swift grocery delivery services at the doorstep of your customers.

Medicine delivery

Supply your users with medicines from the nearest pharmacy at any time of the day. The delivery solution at its best!

Food delivery

Avail our Dunzo clone to deliver food orders instantly. The perfect option for food delivery startups, single restaurants, and chain restaurants..

Flower delivery

Offer flower delivery services from all flower stores near the location of users. Quick delivery is assured with our top-notch delivery app.

Alcohol delivery

Offer instant alcohol delivery services where users can order liquor from any store near their locations.

Gifts delivery

Let your users surprise their loved ones in different locations with your gift delivery services. A convenient delivery solution!

Apart From Above Deliveries, Offering Lightning Speed Courier & Parcel Delivery Is Made Effortless With Dunzo Clone

Offering courier and parcel delivery services is made economical and accessible with our Dunzo clone. Our solution can be integrated with any business model to optimize the logistics and delivery processes. By doing so, you will save a lot of time and money spent on these processes and focus on other crucial parts of your business.

Extend lightning-fast deliveries with a high-end app like Dunzo! Businesses that can adapt our delivery app solution:

  • Courier and parcel delivery businesses

  • E-commerce and retail stores

  • Restaurants and grocery stores


Potential Customers Who Can Earn Benefits From Our Dunzo Clone

Single Store Businesses

A perfect solution to enhance the sales of a single store.

Multi-store Businesses

An ideal solution for chain stores, franchises, and stores spread over different locations.

Emerging Startups

A cost-effective solution to kick-start your entrepreneurial journey.


Reliable solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

Large Scale Businesses

A pragmatic solution to optimize business processes in large-sized businesses.

Logistics & Delivery Business

Feasible option to increase the efficiency of logistics and delivery businesses.

We Offer Dunzo Clone With Everything You Need To Startup A Profitable Delivery Business

  • Easy accessibility from anywhere, anytime
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Timely updates
  • Increased security
  • Periodic maintenance
  • Technical assistance
  • Cost-effective prices
  • Increased ROI
  • Less to no downtime
  • Cutting edge technology
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Function Seamlessly With Our Dunzo Clone

Optimized route navigation

Delivery drivers will be presented with the best-optimized route to reach the user location on time.

Payment integration

Our Dunzo clone is loaded with multiple payment options, advancing simple and convenient payment processing.

Review system

Collect feedback from customers to enhance your service quality, thereby offering maximum customer satisfaction.

How Does Our Dunzo Clone App Work?

The entire delivery process of our Dunzo clone can be summed in 5 simple steps, offering efficient and faster delivery.

Order Request

Receive order request from a customer

Assign Driver

A delivery driver is assigned to process the delivery request

Product pickup

The product is picked up from the store/ pickup location

Product delivery

The product is delivered to the customer’s doorstep without any contact

Order Invoice

The order invoice is sent to the customer

Secure sign up/ log in

Make onboarding effortless and secure by including multiple sign-up and sign-in options. Social media login is a great option to consider!

Request deliveries

Customers can request deliveries by choosing the delivery type and providing the pick-up and drop off locations.

Track drivers

Customers can track the delivery progress in real-time once the delivery driver accepts the requests and starts offering their service.

Instant alerts

Notify customers of the delivery status swiftly via push notifications. An excellent feature to keep them updated.

Ratings and Reviews

Customers can share their ratings for the delivery service offered. They can also share their feedback, if any, helping you make further improvements.

Invite and earn

Increase your customer base rapidly by letting your existing customers refer your app to their known ones. Offering customers reward points can engage them further.

Profile set up

Delivery drivers can create and manage their profiles, so both the admin and customers can refer them if needed.
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Manage availability

Delivery drivers can mark their availability - online or offline as they find feasible using the toggle mode.

Request alerts

Delivery drivers will get delivery request alerts instantly, which they can choose to accept / reject.

Route navigation

Offer the best possible route for the reference of delivery drivers to reach pick-up and drop off locations without any delay.


Delivery drivers can view the status of all the deliveries they offered with their invoice details.

My earnings

Let delivery drivers view the revenue generated to date as a detailed report.


The admin has a dashboard that gives a 360° view of the entire business processes, never leaving anything unattended.

Manage customers and delivery drivers

The admin can manage the profiles of all customers and delivery partners registered with the platform.


The admin can set up sub-admin profiles so they can manage certain functions of the business without accessing restricted sections.
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Track deliveries

The admin can keep an eye on the deliveries processed on the platform, ensuring everything is functioning without any trouble.

Manage earnings

The admin can manage the earnings generated from offering efficient delivery processes by week/ month/ year.
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Set commissions

The admin has the ability to set commission percentages for deliveries processed. It can be fixed or varied, depending on the delivery type.

Insightful reports

A detailed report on the app’s performance, earnings, order count, etc., is presented for the admin’s reference.

Offer coupons

Customers can be provided with coupon codes to apply while placing delivery requests to avail concessions. A great way to promote your sales!
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Flexible payments

The app houses multiple payment options to allow customers to process payments via the mode of their convenience.

Assign delivery drivers

The admin can manually assign delivery drivers to offer delivery requests from customers nearby.


The admin can manage the app’s content via the efficient CMS system and make any modifications needed with ease.

Place orders via call

Accept orders from customers via phone calls. Let them call your business; your team can place their orders on the app and notify them.

Safer Deliveries Assured With The COVID-19 Proof Features In Our Dunzo Clone

Contactless delivery

Your customers' safety is safeguarded with our Contactless delivery feature, eliminating even the slight chances of contracting COVID-19. Delivery drivers will drop off the packages at customers' doorsteps, without getting in touch with them.

Mask and glove recognition

Delivery drivers can start offering their services only after confirming that their masks and gloves are on. AI-enabled facial recognition has come to our support to integrate this much-needed feature.

Safety notifications

You can now readily send notifications to update your customers of the safety measures they should follow upon receiving their delivery orders. Also, the details on temperature checks and other safety regulations you follow can be shared.
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Pragmatic Delivery App Solution To Overcome The Corona Blues

The global pandemic COVID-19 has brought the world to a standstill, driving many businesses to change their course of operations. Of these business transformations, some businesses sustained and even witnessed a steady rise in their sales.

The multi-delivery app business is one of the top-grossing sectors in the current business environment. Users who couldn’t visit retail stores are shifting to online delivery platforms that fulfill their needs while ensuring their safety.

Our multi-functional Dunzo clone is one such solution that can help you stand steadfast even when businesses worldwide are trembling from the COVID-19 impact. Integrated with COVID-19 proof features, you can go far and wide with this pragmatic solution. Contact us to get started!

Our process of delivery app development like Dunzo

Step 1

Connect with our team and share your business requirements and business model.

Step 2

Our team will scrutinize your needs and come up with the cost associated and the time required.

Step 3

Upon the project acceptance, we will white-label the app wholly to build your brand identity.

Step 4

Our developers customize the back-end to ensure it corresponds with your requirements.

Step 5

The app is run through several quality checks to ensure it functions precisely.

Step 6

Your delivery app is eventually deployed on the app platforms, extending its services seamlessly.

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Our Pricing Plan For Dunzo Clone

Professional $XXXX (USD)

Compatible with Multiple Domain / Server with Android App

Enterprise (Most Popular) $XXXX (USD)

Compatible with Multiple Domain / Server with iOS & Android App

Why Choose Us?

Process documentation

Our team brainstorms to develop process documentation, comprising your business needs, the development plan, features and functionalities to deploy, and such. This way, we will have a precise goal ahead to complete the project on time.

Industry expertise

We hire only the experts who have served in their respective domains for several years, gaining the most knowledge. They all strive together to develop a resilient solution that gives our clients a competitive edge.

100% Transparency

We maintain complete transparency throughout the delivery app development process. We keep our clients posted on the progress and ensure we remain on the same page. The communication gap has never been a barrier!

Success ratio

At Turnkeytown, we have developed a wide range of apps for clients from various backgrounds. Every one of the solutions we launched successfully reached their target market, delivering superior brand recognition and high profits to our clients.


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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Yes. Our Dunzo clone app is loaded with all crucial features, similar to Dunzo. Apart from this, our solution includes a few unique features to enable your app to stand out from other leading delivery solutions in the market.
Our Dunzo Clone is a robust solution that can handle any number of delivery requests at a time. You do not have to worry about its performance; it will be seamless throughout its operations.
Yes. The app is highly scalable, enabling you to make any future changes effortlessly - be it adding features, updating tech stack, or integrating an API.
Before commencing your app development, we will assign you a project manager who will be your single point of contact. You can communicate all your needs to them. They will assist you throughout the project.
Please connect with us over email - [email protected] or phone - +1 718 521 4600. We are glad to assist you!