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How To Start Your Own Enhanced On Demand Laundry Services App?

On-demand applications have become an inseparable part of our lives, reducing our burden. If we want to book a cab, the taxi bookings app comes for the service. If we want to eat something, food delivery apps got it covered. Lastly, if we have clothes piled up for laundry, that’s where the on-demand laundry service app comes into play!

On-demand laundry app solutions save the precious time users spend washing clothes. It just not benefits the users but also opens doors for many laundry businesses. With on-demand laundry app development, entrepreneurs can showcase their services on a vast and extended platform scaling their business.

Also, the statistical reports forecast the revenue of dry cleaning and laundry services to 29.9 billion U.S. dollars in 2024. Precisely, investing in laundry app development guarantees higher returns for the business.

Let us now have some in-depth knowledge of the laundry app and its functioning.

Types Of Business Model

Before getting on with the app development, it is necessary to decide on the business model. It determines the way you carry out the operations. Keep reading to know more about the types and details of each business model.

Brand-own app: This model is adopted by individuals who wish to establish their existing laundry business online. With the support of their employees, they manage to pick up and deliver clothes on their own. They also have their own infrastructure to carry out the laundry-related processes.

Marketplace business model: It is best suitable for start-ups who don’t hold a laundry business or infrastructure to carry out the laundry related process; Partnership is all that matters here.

Entrepreneurs can join a platform that already offers laundry services and display their services on the app. Transactions happen between customers and the operator, but the app owner earns a percentage of the amount as commission.

How Does The App Work?

Understanding the workflow of the app gives you an idea of functionalities and features you need to integrate to carry out the operations effectively. The step by step working of the app is given below.

The customer places an order: Customers can sign into the app giving their login details. They can book for the service by mentioning the pickup and delivery time. It makes it easier for the user to make plans accordingly.

The service provider picks the clothes for washing: The provider comes to the user place and picks up the dirty laundry in the given time. They label each bag to avoid getting messed up.

The clothes are washed: The dirty laundry is taken to the place where professional staff does the washing and the necessary cleaning services.

Delivered back to customers: The clothes after washing is returned to the customers by the delivery person. Users can make payments via the app for the service.

Rate and Review: Customers can give their feedback for the service in the app itself.
Furthermore, the app also enables the user to track the location of the service provider who picked up the clothes through GPS tracking features. Let us now see how different features influence the functioning of the app.

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Building A Laundry App

The on-demand laundry service app has three ends: Customer app, delivery person app, laundry app/admin panel.

Customer App

User finds a laundry service and makes bookings giving their details such as address, contact information, type of service they require, etc., using this app.

Key features of the Customer app
  • Sign in option enables the user to get into the app by giving their login credentials such as email, phone number, etc.
  • Select the type of service – Users can add details like material, kind of clothes, detergent preferences, etc.
  • Schedule pickup and drop off options lets users give the timings and date when they want the service provider to be present.
  • Cost calculator gives the fare estimation depending on the number of clothes and type of service.
  • Multi-Payment options provide the user to make payments at their convenience.
  • Tracking orders allows users to access the location of the service provider in real-time and know about the arrival of their clothes.
  • Push Notifications gives frequent alerts on the status of the service or about any offers and discounts, etc.
  • View Order History gives the details about the services acquired so far through the app.
  • Ratings and Review section where users can give separate feedback for laundry service as well as the delivery service.

Laundry delivery app

The delivery person app gives information to the delivery providers regarding the order pickup and delivery.

Key features of delivery person app
  • Order details provide information to the employees about orders – pickup and drop-off times.
  • Confirm Order request lets delivery provider take up orders based on their availability.
  • In-app navigation gives locations on maps and shows a convenient route to the customer place for pickups and deliveries.
  • Enable tracking option changes the status of an order when it’s ready for dispatch and allows the user to locate the delivery person.

Laundry App

The laundry app receives all the details about the customer order with the order number, types of service required, details about detergents, specific washing instructions, etc. Once the order is received, or after completion, the delivery person is intimidated about it.

Key features of the Laundry app
  • Customer profile management where all details about the client are stored
  • History of order shows the details on overall orders taken via the app
  • Statistics and analytics
  • Dashboard with maps and calendar

Why Choose Us For On-Demand Laundry App Development?

At Turnkey Town, we have dedicated developers who have hands-on experience in developing applications for the leading companies in the laundry industry. What makes our solutions undeniable? Below listed are the advantages offered by our on-demand laundry app scripts.

  • End-to-End Customisable
  • White-Label Solutions
  • Native for Android and iOS platforms
  • Cost-efficient
  • Integrated with the advanced tech stack
  • Bug-free

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