White-Label On-Demand Food Delivery Solution

Redefine Your Business Following Recent Trends Using A White-Label On-Demand Food Delivery Solution

In times of global pandemic, technology has come to the rescue of people’s foody desires by offering online food delivery app solutions. Also, the active lifestyle and busy schedule of the new generation have left them with no time to cook or don’t know how to cook. On-demand food delivery apps have made the lives of people hassle-free and convenient for a while now. These apps also favor additional exposure to restaurants, allowing customers to order food from their favorite restaurants. For this reason, on-demand food delivery apps have changed the game for the eat and dining sector. As the world sees a digital shift, entrepreneurs can inherit the latest trends for the benefit of the customers and the business. Here are some of the tips you need to be aware of about an online food delivery app.

Why Must You Invest In A Food Delivery App?

The most obvious reason is that it offers convenience and ease to its users. Food delivery apps like Grubhub, UberEats, Yandex. Eats allow users to order food online and have it delivered at their doorsteps. Let us take a look at some of the numbers that promise the scope of food delivery startups.

  • Due to the COVID pandemic, dine-in restrictions had increased the number of food delivery apps users from 36.4million in 2019 to 45.6million in 2020. The growth is expected to continue, with an estimated 53.9 million users by 2023.
  • The market size of the food delivery sector was 107.44 billion U.S. dollars in 2019, which is expected to have grown at a CAGR of 11.51% to reach 154.34 billion U.S. dollars by 2023.

Creating an app embracing new technologies and presenting unique features can simplify people’s lives and help you beat the immense amount of competition in the food delivery businesses.

The thriving factor one must consider while offering a food delivery service are,

  • High-speed internet access to smartphones
  • Consistent spending capacity
  • Variety of cuisine offering various delicacies
  • Promotional Offers and Discounts
  • Serving foods with different price tags

What Are The Categories Of Food Delivery App?

There are basically two types of food app platforms: “Aggregator” and “brand’s own mobile app”. Let us now look into the details of the two models.

Restaurant Aggregators

In the aggregator model, the app owner ties up with various restaurants and lists the details of the restaurants on the app platform. By logging in to the app, buyers can examine the menus, prices and order food from their favourite restaurants using the app. The aggregators can make money via many pricing models, which will be discussed in the latter part. In this way, the aggregator model increases the exposure of restaurants, helps business to earn revenue, and allows the customer to order their favourite food. Popular apps like Grubhub, Foodpanda works based on this model.

Brand’s Own Mobile App

Unlike restaurant aggregators, these apps are personalized for businesses that already own a restaurant. Building an online app for restaurants can provide your customers with a seamless buying experience. According to reports, food delivery orders placed through mobile apps are $4 higher when compared to orders placed within restaurants which proves the app can make a big difference for the restaurant business.

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How Online Apps Brings Fortune To Restaurants?

Following the trend significantly enhances the sales figures, thereby attracting more customers to your restaurant. Here are some convincing reasons that support why you should develop a food app for your business.

  • Customer Convenience: The customer base lays the foundation for any business to grow and succeed in its venture. Providing convenience to users makes it more accessible to buy food from your restaurant. Interactive UI/UX with smooth search options and categorized menus draw the attention of more and more customers to your business.
  • Customer Support: Providing customer support makes the app more trustable for the users. Food delivery apps offer 24/7 customer support solving all the queries and complaints of customers within the shortest time, making online apps more reliable.
  • Easy Payments: Apps integrated with various payment gateways makes the transactions cashless and easy, encouraging customers to use food delivery apps.
  • Reward Points: Unlike the dine-in method, food delivery apps offer numerous loyalty rewards and points to potential customers. Who would deny the privilege provided to them? These loyalty points or credits are also the reason why more customers are attracted to use food delivery app for ordering food.

Ways Of Monetizing A Food Delivery App

Any business would require techniques to make money to cope up with the investment made and its expenses. So let us now look at some of the significant sources to generate revenue with a delivery app.

  • DELIVERY CHARGES: Most companies offer free delivery to attract customers. However, based on the location and the percentage of order a customer has placed, you can charge a substantial amount of money for the delivery service.
  • ADVERTISING: It can be seen as one of the main ways of raising revenue. You can offer an advertisement service on the app with the aid of proper ads and promotions. You can allow restaurant advertisements to be displayed on your app, for which the restaurant can pay an amount of money for advertising.
  • FEATURED-LISTING: It is also a kind of advertisement where you can place a restaurant on top of the search list. The restaurants can pay you a considerable amount to feature them on the top and increase their visibility to the customers.
  • SURGE PRICING: This monetization method can be adopted during peak hours or in times of high demands. The app owner can take advantage of such times and levy high fees during peak hours on food delivery. Usually, companies boost their price during peak hours such as lunch, dinner, etc.
  • COMMISSION-BASED: This is one of the standard monetization models of an aggregator app. You can charge a significant amount from the partnered restaurants and shops for every order they acquire through the app platform. The commission percentage can be fixed according to the size and location.

Concluding Note,

The online app can fill the gaps between local restaurants and customers, earning you more profits with the right monetization techniques. If you’re aspiring for a food-delivery startup Turnkey Town is a one-stop solution to help you build a food delivery app like Yandex. Eats with innovative ideas. You don’t have to wait any longer. Call us now and get started.

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