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Grow Your Venture Big With Our Multi-Featured Uber for Laundry Solution

We take pride in developing on-demand laundry app solutions and assist entrepreneurs and businesses in competing in the global arena. Digitizing businesses and ensuring to meet the requirements of the users by integrating features that make laundry effortless.

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On-Demand Laundry Service App

Make Ravenous Profits With On-Demand Laundry App Development

The world has been evolving over different eras. Now is the time of the digital era where we get every service and product at our doorstep with a single tap in our mobile phones. People no longer have time to do laundry due to their tight schedules of work and even in their free times they yearn rest and not laundry. Give them access to an on-demand laundry service with on-demand laundry app development. They will gladly place their orders on it, so you can pick their clothes at their doorstep, get the laundry done and drop it back at their doorstep. Recognize the needs of the people and launch an app like Uber for laundry with us.
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Riveting Features Of Our Uber For Laundry App

User Details Registration

The foremost step the users come across in your app is the sign-up process. It is vital to provide your users with a quick and easy registration process that eliminates the need for filling in never-ending forms. Thus the on-demand laundry solution comes with social media integration which enables flash login.

Push Notifications

This is an essential feature for a on-demand laundry services app. The order status, new offers, and security alerts are notified to the user by a push notification.

Price Calculator

Enthrall your users by providing a price calculator that allows the users to estimate the cost. A variety of factors such as type of cloth, type of service, the experience of the launderer, ironing, etc, determine the cost of Laundry service and so by knowing a rough sketch of the cost, the user can place their service request.

Payment Gateways

The evolution of digital payment apps and wallets has revolutionized the traditional way of making payment. Therefore it is vital for you to integrate multiple payment gateways in your Uber for courier app that allows the users to choose their most convenient payment method. We are here to build an app that copes up with the current trend.

Schedule the Pickup and Delivery time

Today, scheduling a time has gained importance as people do not waste time. In any business the comfort of the user is the King. By this feature the user schedules the time for pick up and delivery of the laundry when he is available.

Order History

The complete details of orders made by the users get stored here which allows them to view anytime later.

Order Tracker

People no longer need to worry about their favorite clothes that they have sent for laundry. The Uber for laundry app keeps the users updated with each step involved in the laundry process. This way, the users can keep anxiety at bay and track the progress in real-time.


Keeping an eye on the order pattern of the users will allow you to send relevant notifications and stimulate their interest to stay engaged in your app consistently. This feature comes with a robust dashboard that can make it easy for you to track the user interests wisely in one place.

Stretch Out Your Business Wings
With Our On-Demand Laundry Service App

The laundry business has taken divergent paths after the digital era. It is mainly focused on providing people with a dry cleaning service at a single tap. This saves your customers immense time, and that is all they yearn for.

  • On-Demand In-Store Laundry Business

    This model is perfect for the one who is looking to build laundry stores at various places. It allows the customers to schedule their laundry service and visit the nearby store to acquire the essential services.

  • On-Demand Onsite Model

    In this model, the entrepreneur will build an on-demand laundry service app where the customers can place their service requests easily. The delivery executives will pick up the laundry and deliver it back safely upon completion of the service.

  • Laundry Marketplace

    If you are looking to create an app that enables the users to render any type of laundry service they desire in one place upon comparing the prices and other criteria, then this model is for you.

Make Washing Clothes No Sweat For Your Customers With On-Demand Laundry App Development

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Know How The Uber For Laundry Service App Works

A breakdown of how the uber for laundry app solution works.

Step 1:

The User searches for a laundry service and places an order

Step 2:

The Admin receives a notification of the order

Step 3:

Now, the Admin forwards the order request to the laundry service provider

Step 4:

The Laundry service providers accept the request and initiate the pick-up process

Step 5:

The Dry Cleaning process takes place

Step 6:

The customer tracks the process simultaneously

Step 7:

The Laundry is done

Step 8:

The delivery person delivers the cleaned clothes to the customer

Step 9:

The customer makes the payment to the Admin

What Does Our Uber For Laundry App Development Package Comprise?

In order to run a smooth laundry business, we have tailor-made solution with different panels for various functions to make it complete. Each app comes with different features that provide an enhanced user experience.

  • User iOS/Android App

  • Laundry Service Provider iOS/Android App

  • Delivery Person iOS/Android App

  • Fully Functional Website

  • User Panel

  • Laundry Person Panel

  • Admin Panel

On-Demand Laundry App Solution

Eminent Features Of Our Uber For Laundry Service App

We at TurnkeyTown cater our solution according to your business needs. The Uber for Courier app solution we offer is overflowing with all the essential features for elevating your business to unexpected heights.


The feature for signing up in the app is made simple by integrating other social media accounts like Google and Facebook.

User’s Location

The location for delivery and pickup can be automatically identified by GEO IP, or the users can enter it themselves.

Browse Services

The users are provided with options to select the service they require. The options include Laundry wash, Dry cleaning, Steam press, and more.

Payment Modules

The users are availed of different payment options so that they can use their preferred payment method.

Booking a Service

The user can book a service after entering all the details like pickup and delivery address, the type of service required, and the service provider they prefer.

Schedule a Pickup and Delivery Time

The users can schedule the pickup and delivery time for their laundry service for their convenience.

Live Tracking of Service

The feature allows the user to be updated with the status of their service.

Offers and Discounts

The user should be updated with offers and discounts often to keep them using your services often.

Working Hours of Service Provider

The user can be updated with the working hours of the service provider before he/she places an order. It also provides info if the shop is open or closed at the moment.

Account Setting

The user can manage his/her profile, address, payment modes, and notification settings.

Rating and Review

The user can write his/her review on the service they availed. They can also rate the service provider with stars ranging from 1 to 5.

Managing Deliveries

The delivery person is provided with a feature to manage more than one delivery at a time if the location of delivery and the delivery time is the same.

Route Map

Once the delivery person accepts an order, the customer's location is shared with the delivery person. The shortest route to the customer's location is prescribed. This saves time and confusion for the delivery person.

Accept or Reject Order

The delivery person is provided with an option to accept or reject any order. This helps the delivery to work flexibly.

Availability Status

The delivery person can update if he is available or not by this feature. This helps to assign orders to the delivery person only when they are available.


The delivery person can see the amount he has earned on a respective day and before. This motivates him/her to finish more orders, which in turn grows your business.

Trip Information

The delivery person can check the entire trip information once he/she has completed the order. From the total distance traveled, the time taken, to the money earned on this order.

Login and Registration

The laundry service provider can login and register his/her store to provide services through your Uber for laundry app.

Manage Services

The laundry service provider can edit or add new services to his list and also change the pricing for the services at any time.

Order Alerts

The service provider is alerted when a user places an order so that he can act instantaneously.

Manage Order

The service provider manages all details of a particular order using this feature. He can keep track of the order that is under process, or has been scheduled for delivery or has been delivered.

Payment Tracking

The vendor can have a clear update on the payment details of every order accomplished by them.

Customer Information

The vendors must have detailed information about the customer to provide a better experience to the customer.


The vendors can run promos on the services they provide and attract the customers with offers.

Help and Support

The Vendors are informed on the areas they lag in providing a good service and what all they can improve to get more business.

Admin Login

The admin can make multiple logins. This allows more than one person to manage different responsibilities.

Managing the Laundry Service Provider Details

The admin can add, edit, or register a laundry service provider and manage all his details. The address, the services they provide, phone number, registration id, and more.

Manage Orders

The admin gets complete data of orders like the services booked by the customer, the scheduled pickup and delivery time, and more.

Manage Customers

The details of every customer are stored and managed by the admin. Their name, address, contact number, and email id.

Payment and Commission

All the payments made by the customer and the commission paid by the vendor is kept at record by the admin using this feature.

Notification Management

The admin manages all the notifications to be provided to the customers, delivery person, and the vendors regarding the orders.


A comprehensive report on all the data is recorded to have a clear track of your business's growth.

Order on Website

Don’t limit your business by giving your customers an option only to order on apps. Some of them may not be ready to download an app. They can be given an opportunity to avail of your services by booking on your website.

Customer Chat

Chat with your customers by in-app chat features providing a better customer experience.

Refer a Friend

Word of mouth has always been the best marketing strategy. Allow your customers to refer their friends to avail of your services and get a small reward for it.

Logistics Integration

Have other third-party logistics providers integrated into your app to make your customers get their delivery?

High-End Features Of Our On-Demand Laundry App Solution

GPS Tracking

The in-app navigation directs the delivery executives to the customer’s location through optimized routes. Thus fastest pick-up and delivery are made possible by eliminating the traffic-prone roads.

Exclusive Offers for Customers

Creating a loyal customer base is the key to success. To hypnotize your customers to stick to your app, it is essential to make them feel special. Thus providing exclusive offers and discounts to the customers will do the job.

Rate and Review

This key feature can help you to easily spot and rectify any drawbacks of your platform effortlessly. None can precisely spot the loopholes other than the users. Therefore it is essential to know what they think about your app. Thus the customers can share their ratings and a detailed review about the service rendered and their experience with the app.

In-app Calling and Chatting

Browsing for a contact number and calling is no more the most comfortable process. Thereby we provide in-app chatting and calling options so the customer can just call or text the service provider using the app.

Total Earnings

The launderers who exhibit their service through your platform can keep track of their earnings using this feature. It displays the data of the total earnings they have gained and serves to be a motivating factor.


Maintaining a good relationship with your customers is the key to attaining success in business. Therefore customer relationship management or CRM tools are now widely used by multiple platforms to stay connected with their customers as it sends instant replies to queries raised. Apart from that, it also aids in collecting information about the recent service searches and the user's interests. This way, consistently keeping the users engaged in the app and making them avail of the services often is achievable. Thus this feature solidifies the bond between the entrepreneur and their customers.

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Effectuate Your Laundry Service
With White-Label On-Demand Laundry App

We in TurnkeyTown promise to develop robust app solutions that have the potential to elevate the business of our clients to a brand new level. Our hard-core developer team build a laundry service app that fulfills every expectation of our clients. Thus using our white-label on-demand laundry app, entrepreneurs like you can modernize your laundry business in a jiffy.

Customers place orders on the app

The customers of your business can place their orders effortlessly with just a single tap on their mobile phones. They can also choose the service they require, their comfortable delivery time, and the delivery address. Every customer would prefer an app with these features over himself riding to a laundry store and wait to get his laundry done. This makes the app advantageous for your business.

Optimal Management of Services

Our on-demand laundry service app comes with a robust dashboard that displays the details of every upcoming order immediately. Thus you can accept and initiate the laundry service process at once. This can definitely win the hearts of many and help you to flourish in no time.

Pick up and Delivery

You can assign a delivery person for pick up and delivery for a customer via the app. This helps you follow a swift execution phase. A laundry service becomes incredibly authentic in providing customers with options to choose their pick-up and delivery time.

Reliable Laundry Service

We design the app in such a way that the customers gain a seamless experience in your app. Also, the robust applications we create will aid you in managing and elevating your business effortlessly. Thus our eminent Uber for laundry solution ensures utmost comfort for both the user as well as the entrepreneurs.

Serve Your Customer More Efficiently

The reason behind the success of the on-demand service industry is that it helps people to get their required service done instantly, along with additional benefits. Therefore enthrall your customers by providing offers and discounts to keep them delighted.

Cost Estimate

With our app, your customer gets an estimated price once he selects the number of clothes he wants to do laundry. Using this, he can either add some more clothes or remove some clothes considering his own laundry budget.

What Are The Advantages Of Our Uber For Laundry Service?

Grant more services and serve more customers with an on-demand laundry app

On-Demand Laundry App Development
Pull in more Laundries

Expand your laundry business to a vast extent using our alluring Uber for laundry app that ensures utmost user satisfaction.

Better Invoicing

The customers can know everything about the laundry service in the detailed invoice that the app sends.

Task Assignment Made Effortlessly

You can assign tasks to your delivery person and the vendors in a more efficient manner and get the job done.

Optimization of Activities

The optimized in-app navigation directs the delivery executives through minimal traffic roads. Thus fastest pick-up and delivery are achievable.

Real-time Tracking

The customers expect a transparent business process today. Provide them live tracking of the delivery person and the status of their laundry.

Have A Grasp Of Our Uber For Laundry App Development Strategy

Launching an on-demand laundry app needs a lot of planning, teamwork, and hard work.


Project Plan

The foremost key step in developing an app is to make a clear plan. We take up the mission to find the market demands and analyze every detail before developing an app. Only after planning precisely, we begin with Uber for laundry app development.


Budget Plan

We are well-known for developing an app that fits within the client’s budget without compromising on the quality and the features.



Upon analyzing the complete project, we set our tech-savvy developers to develop an outstanding tailor-made application within the time limit.



In rare circumstances, there might be a chance of some errors. Our hawk-eyed testing team runs multiple quality assessment tests and creates a flawless ready-to-launch solution.



The fully-fledged app is all set to get unleashed on various app distribution platforms on the client’s nod.

Why TurnkeyTown As Your App Development Partner?

We offer you the best on-demand laundry App in town.

  • Multilingual Features

    Language is no more a constraint for your business. We integrate multiple language features for your customers.

  • Powerful Integration

    Let your customers sit back and rest while you provide them an end to end laundry service.

  • Responsive Admin Panel

    An admin panel with high-speed functionality to make service bookings easier.

  • Configure Delivery Charges

    Configure delivery charges considering your current business needs effortlessly.

  • Faster Implementation

    Take your business online and start earning more with our on-demand laundry solution app in no time.

  • Referrals and Invites

    A simple referral and invite system to build a vast customer base.

Hire Our On-Demand App Development Experts

TurnkeyTown is widely known for the utmost customer satisfaction it offers. Our hard-core developers and designers are all geared up to help entrepreneurs like you build robust mobile applications and websites. We are committed to building an app with all the latest technologies that surpass your expectations and enable you to stand out from the crowd. Our Uber for laundry app is carefully designed and built upon precisely looking after each and every detail. The user-friendly UI/UX makes it easy for the users to understand your app quickly and enjoy the convenience it has to offer. Hire our expert team right now to get started with a seamless development process right away.

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White-Label On-Demand Laundry App

Mark The Digital Existence Of Your Laundry Service By Developing An App Like Uber For Laundry With Us

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