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As the world fights the pandemic, social distancing and remote working have become the new standard of living. Individuals encounter numerous challenges due to these conventions as it greatly impacts how we live and work. When it comes to businesses, it might be challenging to keep track of and complete daily work remotely. There, technology assists by presenting video conferencing solutions. How exactly are these solutions helpful?

Businesses hold audio-visual meetings online using video conferencing apps like Airmeet. According to research, video conferencing apps were downloaded over 62 million times in March 2020 for business and personal use when the lockdown was imposed globally. It clearly shows that the usage of personalized video chat application has risen dramatically in recent times. Apps like Airmeet sets up an ideal model for new players to enter the market and flourish their business.

If you’re an ambitious entrepreneur who wishes to launch a video conferencing app, then this might be the right time for you. This blog aims to give you information on how to come up with the best solution.


What Are The Different Types Of Video Chat Apps?


Any video chat apps live streams a video from the user’s front or back camera. Every app targets a specific audience, such as enterprise who holds meetings, general users who use video chats to communicate with friends, etc. So, based on the audience, the video chat apps are classified into three types.

Video conferencing: One that is used for meetings that involve many participants. It is used for business, work, eLearning, etc. Apps like Zoom, Airmeet are the best examples.

Video Calling Apps: Instant messaging apps like Facebook, Instagram, etc., has video chat options to make video calls. However, the drawback is that it keeps a participant limit up to eight or so and not more.

Entertaining apps: Gaming applications that allow users to communicate through audio and video calls while playing games come under this type.

Of all these, video conferencing apps prove to be highly advantageous for business, education, etc., serving the sole purpose of establishing face-to-face communication in real-time. This is because it allows to include many participants.


Why Do You Need To Go For Video Conferencing Solutions?


Generate High Revenue

According to a survey published by Global Market Insights, the market value of video chat apps would exceed $50 billion by 2026. This shows video conferencing industry is thriving amid healthy competition producing more income for businesses. 

Ample Scope for growth

Several prominent industries, such as healthcare and education, have opened up new possibilities for video conferencing solutions. In this turbulent time, when educational establishments emphasize online instruction, video conferencing apps prove to be a technological blessing to individuals and businesses. Similarly, other sectors too bring a lot of opportunity for video chat applications.

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Things To Keep In Mind For Airmeet Clone App Development


Study market trends

A thorough market study is necessary to understand your target audience better and find the competitor app’s issues or loopholes. Then, you can gather ideas on the features you want to include in your app to make it unique and more user-friendly.

Focus on Design

An appealing UI/UX design attracts a large number of users. You can create a visually appealing app for millennials, corporate executives, and college students by understanding the needs of your target audience. Ensure your Airmeet clone contains your brand logo and other design elements.

Decide on the feature set

As mentioned above, the feature set showcases your brand. So, you need to clearly emphasize the uniqueness by incorporating exciting features in your app. Some of the must-have features are,

  • Group video chat: It is one of the most vital features of video chat apps. Your app must support a minimum of eight participants to as many as 1000 attendees or more. Building a video chat app that supports more number of participants adds more advantage.
  • Screen and Desktop sharing: Collaboration via video chat is impossible without the capacity to share multimedia live during meetings. Not only for PC users, but it is an absolute must-have for mobile apps as well.
  • Security check: Data security protocols are an important aspect of every modern organization, and any CTO considering signing up for a new product will ask this question first. So, make sure your app promises data security.
  • Custom masks and effects: The video chat app can have the option to customize video calls with different masks and effects. In addition to that, you can provide personalized features for a better user experience.
  • Text message: Any social application should have text messaging capabilities. Furthermore, emojis helps users to express what they feel. E.g. ‘raise hand’ emoji when the user wants to have a say in the discussion.


Robust Back-End Development

Back-end development is the backbone of the app development process because it is crucial for proper performance. The back-end development of the app comprises a database, app server, and web server to add distinct functionalities to the app. 

Choose the right Platform

You need to select the right platform keeping your target audience in mind. For example, if you’re going to launch your app in the USA, UK, and Canada, iOS development may be a better choice. Similarly, you can consider Android app development in countries like Asia and Africa. Opting for cross-platform app development that seamlessly runs across Android and iOS can gain you a wide customer base.

Concluding Lines,

Even though there are video conferencing apps like Zoom, Airmeet, etc., the field is wide open for new players as these apps find high utility in various sectors. So, if you’re interested in launching your app, we at TurnkeyTown provide Airmeet clone scripts saturated with highly innovative features best suitable for all the niche. Make your choice and leave us a message.

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