On-Demand Roadside Assistance App

How Can You Develop An On-Demand Roadside Assistance App?

Imagine a situation when you’re out on a trip, and suddenly your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. You’d feel stuck and anxious if you don’t find any road assistance nearby, right? This is where a towing truck solution comes in handy.

Let’s look at the road assistance app, how it helps, and the various aspects involved in launching one for your business.

What Is A Road Assistance App?

Road assistance apps help people who are stuck with vehicle breakdown to find a nearby towing service and a vehicle repair service at any time in any place. All that the user has to do is sign in to the app and enter their precise location. They can then search for the nearby service providers and request the service required. On accepting the request, the service provider in close proximity dispatch his mechanic or towing truck service to the customer’s location. After availing of the service, the user can make payments through the app.

Nowadays, road transport is the most common mode of transportation that makes vehicle breakdowns an inevitable part. Customers looking for a solution that offers augmented ease has made on-demand apps to be an undeniable option. If you own tow trucks or wish to join the on-demand bandwagon, then it’s time you get started with on-demand roadside assistance app development to effectively serve your customers in need.

How Is The Uber For Tow Truck Solution Beneficial To Customers?

Quick and Immediate Assistance: The users who got stuck don’t have to search for the mechanic in an unfamiliar area to get the repair done. Roadside assistance app offers a pocket-friendly solution to receive assistance instantly.

Affordability: The app provides a price estimate before booking the service that lets users have a fair idea about the cost in advance and acquire them based on their preference.

Service Priority: Most of the services follow a priority list to attend to the immediate need of the customers. For ex, the highest preferences are given for Fuel delivery, battery replacement, spare key services, etc.

Payment Security: Secured payment methods provided in the app protect confidential user information and enable users to make payments efficiently.

What Are The Traits Involved In The App Development Process?

Having decided on building a roadside assistance app like Uber, you need to check on the following elements and ensure it is rightly done to determine the success of the app. Keep going further to know more.

Analyse Problems And Offer Valuable Solutions: Before developing any towing assistance app, market research is the first thing to do. Understanding and analyzing the needs of your customer helps you come up with the best solutions that offer customer satisfaction. Also, learning about your competitor’s app can give you insight into ideas that can be incorporated into your app and work on its drawbacks.

Choose Your Business Model: You can decide on the type of business model that suits you.

  • Single Service Aggregator: This model offers to manage any one of the high-demand verticals such as mechanic services, towing, etc. Uber for Tow Trucks works on this model.
  • Multi-Service Aggregator: In this model, you can tie up with various roadside assistance service providers. So, the user can easily avail of any of the required services from their chosen providers.

Feature-Set Of The App: The most crucial step is to decide on the features and functionalities that determine the success of your app. To start with, there are three ends of the app.

  • User App: User app features include Easy Login, Service List, Search bar, Payment channels, Cost information, Push notifications, etc.
  • Tow Truck Driver App: Essential features include Accept/Reject requests, Toggling with availability, In-App navigation, Service History, Earnings Tracker, etc.
  • Admin Panel: Admin panel feature comprises User analysis, Management of Tow Trucks, Cost Management, Promotions, etc.

Advanced Features that can enhance the capabilities of your app

  • Multi-Language Encryption: It can provide users with the comfort of their own language.
  • Wallet: Users can add money to the wallet within the app and use it for making payments easily.
  • Offline Booking: You can provide convenience for customers to book your services through call or SMS.

Decide On Monetization Ways: Here comes the point where you have got to decide on the means of earning income from your business. You can consider the ways given below in order to earn considerable revenue.

  • Subscription Plans: The user can avail of specific facilities and discounts based on the subscription plans available in exchange for a small fee.
  • Commissions: This is one of the most common ways where the admin receives a commission fee for every service booked through the app.
  • Featured Listing: You can feature the service provider in the top sections of the app. The service provider can pay the admin a fee for recommending his services to the customer.

Build A Roadside Assistance App Like Uber For Tow Truck!

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What Is The Cost Of Developing An App Like Uber For Tow Truck?

The answer to this question is not quite simple. It is because the cost depends on various factors. However, we will look at some of the price-determining factors that might provide you with approximate cost estimation.

  • Design and functionality
  • Platforms for which the app is built (Android/iOS or both)
  • Time and efforts of the developers in building the app
  • Maintenance cost
  • The geographical location of the developer or the development company

Choose The Right App Development Company!

Turnkey Town provides the best customisable app scripts to deliver quality on-demand tow services to your customers and stand ahead of your competitors.

Perks of choosing our clone scripts:

  • Designed with cutting-edge technology
  • White-label solution ensuring your brand identity is well established
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Technical support all throughout

Wrap-Up Note,

An increasing number of roadside assistance shops are opting for digital solutions to expand their customer base. Therefore, the time is perfect for investing in on-demand roadside assistance app development to thrive in the digital era. Get in touch with us to know more!

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