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Grow Your Multi Service Business Utilizing A Top-notch Thumbtack Clone Script

After a long day of tiring work, you’re returning home and finding all the household chores waiting for you to get sorted. Wouldn’t it be pleasing if you can find people who could actually do these works for you? And yes, it is possible; an on-demand service marketplace like Thumbtack helps you find a professional to do all these works for you.

So, What Is An On-demand Service Marketplace?

“An on-demand service marketplace like TaskRabbit allows customers to hire local helpers to perform various household tasks. To elaborate, users who require workers to perform their household tasks can make use of the TaskRabbit clone and post their needs on the app platform. On the other hand, taskers or service providers who are looking for a job can take the chance to serve the users.”

With so many on-demand businesses that started to bloom, initiating TaskRabbit-like app development can be the best option for entrepreneurs to scale their business big by collaterally benefiting the users and the service providers.

How Is Thumbtack Clone Script Beneficial For Business?

High Probability of Success: App like TaskRabbit is already running successfully in the market, which assures your success as well. THE REASON BEING, people are becoming highly reliant on these apps to accomplish their tasks.

Allows you to make more money: It requires only a less initial amount invested in the Taskrabbit clone script. You can be assured of gaining higher returns than the invested amount by following the revenue model given below.

What Are The Attributes Concerned With Thumbtack Clone App Development?

  • Before starting your on-demand multi-service business, you have to make sure your app provides the following.
  • It should offer a variety of services – Handyman services, cleaning, moving and many more.
  • Enroll reliable service providers in your app by making them go through built-in authentication and credibility tests to do their background checks.
  • Provide Multi-layered encryption features to safeguard users’ information.

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Functionality Of The App

To understand the functionality of the app, first, you need to know the three ends of the app.

Task poster app: Users can post jobs and can interact with professionals if needed using this app.

Tasker app: Taskers such as freelancers, companies or agents can use this app to check for the availability of jobs. It is also provided with various features that help them communicate with the customer, track their earnings after completing the job, and so on.

Admin app: It is for the business owner with features to facilitate the smooth operation of the business process.

For any app-based business, the workflow must be simple and easy to use. Now, let’s see the workflow of the app. Initially, the user and the service provider have to sign-up in the app providing the required details.

  • Users can use their Thumbtack clone app to post the task or service required.
  • The service providers or freelancers are notified of the task through their app. They can choose to accept/reject request according to their wish.
  • Once the user has availed of the service, they can pay using the payment options provided in the app.
  • The user can rate the service provided to them, which would add up to the credits of the tasker.

Features That Can Be Included In Your Taskrabbit Clone Script

The app should contain appealing features that help the user to understand and use the app without any difficulties.

  1. Service Selection: You can display a variety of services in your app for the users to choose as per their requirement.
  2. Booking: One of the essential features that let users book for immediate service or schedule it according to their convenience.
  3. Track Service Provider: After the booking is made, users can make use of this feature to track the location of the service provider
  4. Push Notifications: It keeps your customers updated with the information regarding their booking request, offers, discounts, etc.
  5. In-App Chat: Facilitates real-time interaction between the user and service provider
  6. Multiple Payment Option: Offering various payment methods such as credit/debit cards, Internet banking, Ewallets, etc., enable users to choose their preferred mode of transaction.
  7. History of Bookings: Users can track details of the previously availed services and service providers using this option.
  8. Reviews & Ratings: Ratings provided for a particular service can help other users gain knowledge about the quality of service that helps them make better decisions.

Some of the advanced options include,

  1. Responsive Design
  2. Multi-Language Support
  3. In-App Wallet
  4. Rate Comparison
  5. Multi-currency support
  6. Map Integration
  7. Referral rewards

What Are The Services You Can Offer With Your Thumbtack Clone Script?

You can extend your business by offering a wide range of services to make sure no user is turned down because of the unavailability of their required service.

Some of the most popular services include.

  1. Handyman services
  2. Delivery Services
  3. Home Repairs
  4. General Cleaning
  5. Massage Services
  6. Car Washing
  7. Help Moving
  8. Technicians and so on.,

How Can You Generate Revenue?

With a Thumbtack clone app, you can generate revenue from these sources.

Commission: You can impose a commission fee for every booking happening through your app. You can also earn on ‘featured listings’ by placing the taskers profile on top of the list and collect charges for them.

Surge Pricing: When the demand for a particular service is high, you can increase the price to avail of that service, although for a short time. This can generate considerable revenue for your business.

Advertisements: If your app starts to gain traction from the audience, it attracts more businesses to use your app platform for advertising their products and services. You can charge an advertisement fee from them for displaying their ads.

Concluding Note,

On-demand service apps like TaskRabbit see a surge in demand because of the increased user base that encourages many entrepreneurs to use this business model. Well, if you’re interested too in launching a TaskRabbit clone app, we offer you a ready-made Thumbtack clone script that can be extensively customised to fit your business needs.

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