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A Glimpse On Food Delivery Business Using Foodpanda Clone

Food delivery apps have become an integral part of restaurants since the onset of the covid pandemic. From small local food outlets to big food restaurants, food delivery solution has become a must for the functioning of the business. More customers nowadays prefer the idea of ordering through apps that have drastically reduced the number of people physically visiting restaurants for dine-in. Doorstep delivery has made it comfortable to consume restaurant cooked foods in the comfort of homes.

The convenience and accessibility brought upon by food delivery app like Foodpanda contributes to the popularity and increased profit gains for food-related businesses. On-demand food delivery app development offers an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs who wants to get into the on-demand industry in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

What Are The Reasons For The Increased Popularity Of Food Delivery Apps?

If you’ve decided to invest in the food delivery app, it is one of the wisest decisions you’ve ever taken. We’ll see why!

Safety Concerns: In these pandemic times, the food delivery option is a security measure preferred by most of your customers over dining options.

Ordering Made Easy: People don’t have to compromise on relishing the taste of their favourite food if the dine-in option is closed. With the Foodpanda clone app, they can still order their favourite food easily through their mobile and get them delivered at their doorsteps in the quickest time possible.

Increased Efficiency: The app offers a streamlined ordering process to help the restaurant deal with orders more efficiently and quickly. Besides, it also fastens the process of food delivery to the customers’ place.

Added Revenue Source: Food delivery apps increase revenue sources, which helps business owners make more money.

Real-time Monitoring: With the FoodPanda clone app, the business owner can easily oversee the business process and know exactly what is happening at any point in time.

Know your Customer better: Every piece of information in the app is recorded and analyzed, which is quite impossible to do in a traditional service offering. This helps to learn more about your customers from the gained information.

What Are The Steps Involved In The Process Of Ordering Food in Foodpanda Clone?

  • Users can sign in to the app and enter their address location. They can find in their app the available list of restaurants for food delivery.
  • They can search for their favourite dish from their favourite restaurant in the app and place an order. The ordered food is moved to the cart where they can make further adjustments if needed and check-out for delivery.
  • Payment for the final order can be made through the app using the available payment channels.
  • The restaurant receives the order and confirms it.
  • Once the order has been prepared, a delivery executive is assigned to pick up the order and get it out for delivery.
  • The food is delivered at the customers’ doorsteps. If the Customer is overwhelmed by the service, they can give tips to the service provider, which is completely optional depending on the Customer’s own will.
  • Upon completion, the user can rate/ review the service provided to them.

Details about the Foodpanda Clone app

As we are already familiar with the app’s workflow, we know the stakeholders involved in the business operation are the user, delivery executive & restaurant. So to ensure smooth functioning of the process, stakeholders are provided with different apps such as:

  • User App
  • Delivery Executive App
  • Restaurant App
  • Admin Panel

Mandatory features to have in the Foodpanda Clone User app

  • Quick SignUp: With this feature, Customer can quickly register and use the app
  • Browse: Helps to browse through the list of restaurants available on the app platform
  • Multi-Payment: Provides a variety of payment methods such as net banking, cards, UPI, etc.
  • Live-tracking: Enables the users to live—track the location of their order once it is prepared and out for delivery.

Mandatory features to have in the Delivery Executive App

  • Registration: The service provider can register on the app platform. They can sign in to the app after going through the verification tests to check for their authenticity.
  • Choose Availability: It offers providers the flexibility to take orders based on the time they are available.
  • GPS navigation: GPS integration guides delivery persons to restaurants and customers’ location
  • Revenue Tracker: It helps view their earnings and track details on the deduction of the commission amount

Mandatory features to have in the Restaurant App

  • Customize Menu: It facilitates restaurants to modify the menu displayed according to the availability.
  • Order History: Restaurants can view the orders carried out on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.
  • Revenue Management: Owners can keep track of the revenue generated using the app
  • Offers/Rewards: Users can be enticed by the offers provided to them on selected items.
    Mandatory features to have in Admin Panel
  • Admin Dashboard: It helps admins to oversee if the operations are carried out effectively
  • Feedback: Admins can view the feedbacks given for the service that helps them to make improvisations on the quality of services provided


Apart from the essential features, adding exclusive features can excite your customers more to use your app, making it a preferable one for them. Some of them are,

No Contact delivery:

This feature serves to be much helpful in times like pandemic. It enables safe delivery of food without any need to have physical contact between the customers and the delivery executive.

Local Language:

You can gratify your global customers by providing an option to cater to services in their local language, making the process of ordering food convenient for your customers.

Scheduled Delivery:

Customers who want to schedule a delivery ahead of time can use this option. It allows them to place an order for a particular date and time, and the app carries out the process as requested.

Wrapping Up,

If you’re aspiring to take your business to the next level, reach out to our TurnkeyTown app development team. We can assist you in every step of the app development process with everything you need.

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