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Zoom Up Your Venture By Launching An Uber For Tow Truck App

Vehicles stranded in the middle of the road are one of the most common problems since the invention of transit vehicles. Go online and assist those in need with Uber for Roadside Assistance App. We at Turnkey Town ensure to equip you with effective solutions for providing the best support ever. Hurry now and grab the chance to make huge profits.

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On-Demand Roadside Assistance App Development

Modernize The Roadside Assistance Services
With Our White-Label On-Demand Tow Truck App

Everyone faces the trouble of vehicle breakdown at some point in time. The worst part is when the vehicle breaks down on the outskirts of a city, leaving people stranded in the middle of the highways. Anytime the vehicle breaks down, people look for assistance from the local people or local mechanics. This is viable in a city but on the highways getting help or hiring a mechanic turns into a Sisyphean task. This is when your customers require a Uber for roadside assistance app they could just tap on for help and get the nearest tow truck to assist them.

To develop this Uber like tow truck apps, we have the best customizable Uber for towing service app scripts with us. In working with our team, you get to build an app to provide on-demand tow truck services to your customers with an app that is on par with global standards. It can be customized as per your requirements and built into a white-label on-demand tow truck app with your logo and its color pallets. Are you looking to assist customers with the on-demand roadside assistance app? Join us for the on-demand tow truck app development today and launch your business in no time.
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Top-Notch Features Of Our Uber-Like Tow Truck App

Developing a roadside assistance app like Uber for roadside assistance services requires certain mandatory features to be incorporated.

Real-Time Tracking and GPS

This feature aids the user keep track of the tow truck's location and for the tow truck driver to navigate to the user following the map.

Call Masking

The user no more needs to worry about his contact number being shared with the tow truck drivers. The call masking features help the user to interact with the tow truck driver without revealing their contact details. They can also interact through in-app chat features.

Issue Details

The user can describe the issue in the vehicle and the reason why they are in need of assistance in the app. This can provide a clear idea to the tow truck driver on what kind of assistance the user requires.

Profile Management

The users and the tow truck drivers can manage their profiles and edit their details at any time just with a single tap.

Invoice Generation

An invoice is generated after each service is availed. The details of the type of service provided and the cost associated with the service are enlisted in the invoice.

Secure Payment

The user can pay for the service availed by him through the payment gateway options available in the app. The user can pay using his card, wallets, or net banking.

Reviews and Ratings

The users can share their honest reviews on the experience provided to them. They can also rate the service on a scale of 1 to 5.

Booking Cancellation

Both the service providers and the users are given the freedom to cancel their bookings.

Connect With Us To Triumph Soon Using Our Uber For Tow Truck App

For every need, there is a solution that a mobile app can offer. Uberisation of services has completely made things convenient and readily available to the users. In that way, the Uber for Tow Truck app comes to the immediate assistance of users stuck in the middle of the road due to vehicle trouble. Imagine if you can reach out to users during dire need, then sure you find a special place in their hearts which also gains market for your business.

  • Kickstart your on-demand tow truck service business immediately.

  • Inbuilt call masking feature.

  • Complete customization and branding are making it look like an app made from scratch.

  • Separate versions to launch in Android and iOS platforms.

  • Full support for developing, customization, launch, and maintenance of the app.

  • Incorporation of extra charges like toll charges, driver tips, and waiting charges.

  • An unlimited number of users can use the app at the same time.

  • Customized addition of other on-demand services in the app.

Dominate The On-Demand Roadside Assistance Service Market With Uber For Tow Truck App Development

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How Does Our Uber For Towing Service App Works?

Step 1:


At first, users can sign up for the app using their social media accounts, contact number, email address, etc., as per the requirement of the app.

Step 2:

Service Selection

After signing in, users are directed to the main page, where they can avail the required services. The app covers up a variety of services such as towing, battery replacement, etc.

Step 3:

Location Sharing

The user shares the location where he is stranded with the service provider for assistance.

Step 4:

Share Vehicle Details

The user shares the details regarding his vehicle with the service provider. The details may include the model, make, year of manufacture, and registration number. These details are shared so that the service provider can get a suitable tow truck or a professional to repair the user’s vehicle.

Step 5:

Service Fulfilled

The service provider arrives at the location of the user with the tow truck and pick up the vehicle and delivers it to the nearby garage or bring a professional to get the vehicle back to working condition on the spot.

What Comes With Our Uber For Tow Truck App Development?

Our Uber for Tow Truck App is a customizable white-label app for your road assistance service business. It is a fully-functional app in Uber-like standards. It comes as a package of,

  • User Android/ iOS App

  • Service Provider Android/ iOS App

  • Admin Panel

Uber For Tow Truck App Development

The Vital Features Of Our Uber For Tow Truck App

An on-demand tow truck service business stands on three pillars, the user, the service provider, and the business owner/ admin. An app is created for each of them to manage and make sure there is no hiatus in the process.

Easy Onboarding

The user signup by using his email address, or contact number, or any other social login into the app. This makes the onboarding process effortless for the user.

Service List

The user is provided with a list of services to choose from- towing service, battery repair, tire replacement, etc. The service list is added based on the road assistance services the company wants to offer.

Add Vehicles

The user can add the details of the vehicles that need assistance, like two motorcycles, one car. The vehicle's make and model can also be added so the service provider can prepare himself with the requirements to assist.

Cost Information

The users can check an estimated cost for the services they require at the moment.

Push Notifications

The status of the services availed by the user is notified by push notifications. Notifications like the tow truck driver have started, the driver will be arriving in a few minutes, the cost of the service, etc., will be delivered as push notifications.

Payments Made Easy

The user is availed of various options for payment, and he can pay by cash, debit card, or any other source of online payments. This allows the user to be carefree regarding the payment.

SOS Panic Button

The user can use the SOS panic button to convey his state of emergency to the concerned people.

Accept/Reject Requests

The tow truck driver gets notified of a request for service. The driver can either accept or reject the request at his convenience.

Toggling with Availability

The tow truck driver is availed with a toggle option to seamlessly show his availability status. The driver can toggle between the online and offline options at his convenience.

Details on the Service to be Provided

The tow truck driver is provided with the details of the service required, the location, the make and model of the car, and the customer's contact details.

In-App Navigation

The app is integrated with navigation features so the service provider can reach the user with no confusion on the route.

Payment Details

After the completion of the service, the app generates the cost for the service provided and displays it in the driver app. The driver can either collect it on hand or through online payments.


A dashboard with the details like the service provider's performance, the review, and ratings, the number of services accomplished, etc.

Secure Login

The admin panel is provided with two-factor authentication for the admin or the business owner to login.

Management of Tow Trucks

The admin monitors the tow trucks and tracks the location of all the tow trucks registered with their app.

Management of Tow Truck Drivers

The admin manages the profiles, payments, feedback, and new requests of all the service providers.

User Analysis

The admin keeps track of the data of the usage of the app by the user, their payment status, their feedback, and more.


The admin works on the promotional campaigns run in the app for the service providers and the users.

Cost Management

The admin fixes the payment for the service provided by the tow truck driver. Manage price based on the service type, the distance, per pickup, time taken, and other options.


The admin analyses generate reports on business insights, understand data like the prime locations with more number of requests, or analyze the days of the week with more requests and more.


The wallet option makes payments more feasible. The user can add an amount to the wallet and use it for payments. The user can also check the balance and keep themselves updated.

Exclusive Coupons

Exclusive coupons can be generated specifically for users. This can encourage the user to use the app more often.

Booking for an Extended Period

Some users may require tow trucks for a longer time, sometimes more than a day. This option allows them to book tow trucks for much longer periods.

Booking Via Phone/Sms

Some of your customers may not have a smartphone or maybe in situations where they don't have access to one. In that case, they can book your services by a call or sending an SMS.

Multi-language Encryption

The users are provided with comfort in their own languages. This helps you to gain users who are not comfortable with English but with other languages.

Share Location

The user can share the location with any of his friends or family using the in-app navigation tool.

Reap The Benefits Of Uber For Tow Truck App Development

With the Uber for Tow truck app, you can help stranded vehicle owners.

Be there whenever your customer needs you by providing roadside assistance services.

Our solution is fully packed with all enticing features to track and manage all the operations effectively, fetching you greater profits.

Offer your customers various options to hire assistance at any time from anywhere.

Keep track of the service providers and the customers using an advanced GPS system.

Provide quick services to customers who are looking for roadside assistance.

Build your own app that is compatible with all Android/iOS platforms.

Create A Platform To Connect The Stranded Customers With Tow Truck Drivers Using Our On-Demand Tow Truck App Solution

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Multiple Monetization Channels Of Our On-Demand Road Assistance App

The Uber for Tow Truck App can sweep fortune towards you in various ways,

Verification Fee
The service providers can be charged an extra fee to be verified in the app. On verification, the particular service provider can be availed with more requests and allow them to charge higher for services.
Banners advertising the service providers can be displayed on the app. The service providers can be charged for these advertisements.
Waiting Charge
The users can be charged an extra fee on request of waiting to the service providers. A small amount can be taken by you in this fee.
Referral Commission
You can provide an opportunity to your customers and your service providers to earn money through referrals, and in the process, you make money for yourselves.
Cancellation Charge
The users can be charged a small amount for canceling their bookings.
Membership Privilege
The users and the service providers can be offered membership privileges for an extra charge. The users and service providers can avail some discounts and additional options with the membership.
Premium Membership
The user can be charged an extra fee to be a premium member. The user can be offered regular vehicle maintenance, priority pick up, and more exclusive options.
Minimum Booking Amount
The users can be charged a minimum amount for every booking, and a small commission can be earned from this.
Commission Fee
Each time a customer pays a service provider, a small commission can be earned from the service provider.

How Does Our Dexterous Team Develop Your Uber-Like App For Tow Trucking Service?

Developing an app requires stages of planning and working. Our work process is focused on delivering our clients an app with the best features and outstanding performance.


Requirement Analysis

This is the first and foremost step in developing an app. We work with our clients and understand the requirements and features they want to add to their app and how they want their tow truck service app customized.



Now that all the requirements are known, the planning part starts. Separate teams are allotted for different work to bring the client's dream to life.


Sound Design

Our design works on a UI/UX design that is intuitive and is on par with the other competitor apps. The design is created based on the logo of the business and the color pallete in it to make the app look more authentic.



Our developers are highly experienced and skilled professionals in developing on-demand service apps. They focus on creating a tow truck app with a performance similar to Uber.


Quality Assurance and Testing

Once our developers have finished their job of developing the app, various tests are made to ensure it is bug-free and performs well.



Now that the app has been developed and tested, it is ready for launch. The app is launched on Android and iOS platforms based on the user's requirements. We wish our clients that their app gets a grand reception from the users.

What Makes Turnkey Town The Best Place For Uber For Tow Truck App Development?

  • Leading-edge Technology

    In the case of technology, TurnkeyTown never compromises. We always use the latest technology to make sure that our clients' apps never get outdated.

  • Technical Support

    Our Support team is very polite, and they listen to your queries and pass them to the development team during the Uber for tow truck development process. We provide free support to our clients even after the launch of the app for a limited time and later charge a minimal amount.

  • Cost-effective

    We understand that starting a business requires a lot of money, and we don't want to be an added burden to you. Instead, we will assist you by providing the best solutions at a very reasonable price.

  • Customization

    We are very specific on the customization of your app. We listen to your requirements and customize your app in such a way that it stands out of the crowd.

  • Branding

    In today's business world, branding plays an important role. We design the app based on your logo, ensuring the app conveys your brand ideology to the user.

  • Smart Job Allocation

    We develop an admin panel for the business owners to monitor the whole process in a single dashboard easing the business owners' work.

Hire Our Expert On-Demand App Development Team Right Now!

Finding the right developers to build your app can be seemingly tricky, especially when many companies are offering the same amenities. Just to let you know, what makes our services different from others is that we employ the latest technology for outstanding efficiency. We have a dedicated team of experts well-versed in handling tech stuff, transforming your ideas into cutting-edge solutions. We believe in delivering quality services to our clients, thereby providing optimal solutions to grow their business. All the more, you can hire our developers at a more reasonable price.

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Uber-Like Tow Truck App

With Turnkey Town Developing An Uber-Like App For Tow Trucking Service Is Made Simpler

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Technology Stack Employed in our Uber for Tow Truck App are as Follows

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

The cost of developing an app includes various factors. It depends solely on the features you want to integrate into your App. So, make a call to us and tell us your requirements to get a clear picture of the cost.
The answer is very simple: just give us a call and tell us your requirements for the upgrade. We will work on it together and get your App updated in no time.
It is always safe with us. We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with you stating that your business ideas will be safe with us.
Yes, We assist you even after launching the App for a limited time for free, and later it comes with a small fee.
A clone app is the replica of an already existing fully-functional app. It can be customized for your business needs.