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Get Your Grocery Business Online With A Sublime On-demand Grocery Delivery Script

Due to the lockdown inflicted by the Covid pandemic, accessing goods and services via online medium has become the new norm. Grofers clone app provide platforms for customers to conveniently order their essentials and get them delivered to their homes. So, this change has shifted consumer focus on on-demand apps like BigBasket and Grofers. The unique business model and the working style of these leading apps has made them a big hit setting up a benchmark for the upcoming grocery delivery startups.

This blog covers the necessary details that one needs to know before investing in Grofers like app development

What Do The Numbers Speak About The Grocery Business?

The coronavirus has made people avoid large public spaces that include in-store shopping too. So, what’s the alternative to visiting shopping centres? It is nothing but the online stores.

“According to the reports furnished by Statista, there were 16.1 million active customers of the grocery delivery business in August 2019, which grew to 39.5 million in March 2020, a 146% increase.
The sales of grocery delivery in the U.S. surged from 1.2 billion U.S. dollars in August 2019 to 7.2 billion in June 2020.”

These numbers present enough proof that investing in an on-demand grocery delivery script can be a sure shot to success. Let us now look into the reasons why consumers prefer to buy online.

What Are The Benefits Offered By Grofers Like App?

Grofers app development has become the new buzzword in the app development market as more customers are turning towards online stores to purchase their weekly and monthly groceries. Scroll down to know what attracts customers to buy from these digital solutions.

Wide range of brands and products: The online stores displays numerous brands offering a wide range of products that gives customers a varied shopping experience.

Low prices: The products are sold at a lower price on these online platforms when compared to their retail counterparts. This helps customers to do budget-friendly shopping.

Offers and Discounts: Unlike retail stores, online stores offer frequent discounts and offers from time to time. Who would deny the privilege given to them? Making the customers do the shopping online. 

Online Payment: A variety of payment options gives users the freedom to make secure transactions by choosing their convenient mode of exchanging funds.

Contact-less delivery: In this crisis situation where people are insisted on following social distancing and avoiding physical contact, the online apps ensure it keeps the risk of contamination of the virus at bay by offering contactless options. The individuals are assured of the safety that makes online grocery shopping even more preferable for the users. 

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What Are The Aspects To Be Taken Into Consideration While Developing A Grofers Clone App?

Grocery items are essential for our day to day living. This serves as a significant reason for the tremendous growth of Grofers like app. But, before developing a Grofers clone, it is important to have a clear understanding of various aspects given below.

  1. TYPE OF GROCERY APP – It is necessary to decide on the type of business model you’re going to operate. The different types of grocery business model are,
  • Inventory Model: As the name says, the app holds an inventory and stocks up products for delivery in this model. The app platform manages orders, delivery and stocks the products from various brands in inventory. The stores operating on this model may have a chain of outlets in various cities and location.
  • Aggregator Model: This is one of the conventional business models for entrepreneurs who don’t have space to manage inventory. In this model, the platform collaborates with supermarkets and local stores and list them in the app. Customers can browse through the stores and place their grocery orders in the desired stores. The orders are then diverted to the respective stores, and the selected store or grocery partner holds the responsibility for delivering the product to the customer.
  • Marketplace Model: In the marketplace model, the platforms hold the responsibility for shipping the products of various stores. The app platform lists a number of shops and vendors.
  1. CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT- After deciding on the business model, you have to think of an innovative marketing plan to attract more customers to your business and keep them engaged to expect the same crowd again. Retaining your customers is as important as attracting new ones because grocery items need to be purchased every month. So, existing customers lays a strong foundation for your business.
  2. STREAMLINE YOUR LOGISTICS- The logistics team should be well trained and organised for delivering the items to the customers on time.
  3. PAYMENT INTEGRATION- Ensuring a secure payment process and having multiple payment options gives your users a perfect experience.

What Are The Steps Involved In Building The Grofers Clone Script?

The main stages of development are as follows.

Planning requires setting up goals and expectations for your grocery business and making a detailed plan about it.

UI Design involves structuring the design of the UI for your app. App’s UI is supposed to be highly attractive and user-friendly.

Development stage requires the developer’s skills to work on the front-end and back-end coding of the app.

Testing is done to check the quality of the app and to analyse its performance. If there are any issues or drawbacks in the functioning of the app, the developers need to resolve them and ensure the app is bug-free.

Launching means the final deployment of the app in the marketplace. To attract a wide range of customers, the app can be launched on various platforms like Android or iOS.

What Are Some Of The Highlighted Features To Have In Your On-demand Grocery Script?

Apart from the basic features, you can have certain advanced features to improve the efficiency of your app and stand your brand unique.

  • Real-time push notifications to give updates on the offers and new arrivals
  • GPS tracking option to find the location of the order in real-time
  • Perfect feedback system improves the quality of the service to the satisfaction of the customers
  • Genuine loyalty programs for customers by offering rewards and discounts that encourage customers to shop using your app.
Final Thoughts!

Getting started with grofers app development is a great business idea that is made easier by having the right development partner by your side. TurnkeyTown extends its services to help you jumpstart your grocery business in no time. If you’re interested to know more, drop us a line, and we will get back to you!

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