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Grofers Clone App - The Leading-Edge Online Grocery Delivery Solution

Dominate the on-demand grocery delivery industry with a world-class Grofers clone. Engraved with futuristic features gridded over an enthralling user interface. Now at an unbeatable price!

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Grofers Clone
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Grofers Clone App

Grofers Clone - Launch an Online Grocery Delivery App like Grofers!

The dawn of the internet era digitized a major chunk of our routine and, to a greater extent, our social life. The nitty-gritty of urban living revolves around the inextinguishable supply of essential entities, among which groceries tops the list. They are indispensable in every way, and it is only logical for entrepreneurs to deduce this trend and launch an online solution of buying groceries and getting it delivered at users’ doorstep.
Grofers, the Indian leader in on-demand grocery delivery, handles over 50,000 orders daily. Estimated to blunt the $4 billion mark, the grocery delivery business is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding and remunerative silos around.
At Turnkeytown, we proffer you with a Grofers like app- the Grofers Clone script that’s bestowed with the crucial features and functionality that made grofers a world leader. Being highly scalable and extensively customizable, it is holistic in every sense of the word. Connect with us to know more about Grofers like app development!
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Features that Set Us Apart from the rest

Swift Registration

Do away with the painstakingly long registration fields as our on-demand grocery delivery script entitles customers to foray instantly through their social media credentials. Fast and reliable, as always!

Advanced Search Bar

Focalizing on a single grocery product from a wide range of parallel products is now a commonality as the grocery delivery script is bestowed with a powerful search bar embedded with several filters and sorting algorithms.

Multiple Payment Modes

An extensive range of payment options, ranging from the conventional credit/ debit cards to an in-app wallet, is available for customers, condensing diverse convenience attributes like never before!

Store PickUp

Not everyone will have a penchant for groceries' door delivery; some of them may still prefer direct pickup. That's why our Grofers clone entitles them to order the groceries online, pay online but collect them at the store themselves.

Live Tracking

Infuse an overtone of ingenuity by accrediting the users to receive real-time location updates about their ordered groceries besides the processing status such as 'picked,' 'on the way' etc. This is made possible by integrating Google Maps API into the app.

Push Notifications

Edify your users with various promotional campaigns and offers in a consistent manner via text messages, emails, and in-app push notifications. Additionally, delivery updates can also be disclosed to users with on-demand grocery script.

Review and Ratings

Supersize your business traction by diligently deducing various stripes of reviews and ratings proffered by the customers concerning the quality and overall satisfaction of their ordered product and user experience in general.

Grocery App Development Solutions You Can Create with Grofers Clone

How Does it Work?

User Registration

Users storm into your Grofers clone by entering their email address or through social media accounts.

Browses Stores

Users explore the multitude of grocery stores available in the Grofers clone through an advanced search bar.

Add to Cart

Users can readily annex the items they are willing to purchase into the cart and pay through a range of available payment options.

Dispatch Request

The nearest delivery executive receives the delivery request along with complete details about the delivery address.

Order Pickup

The delivery executive collects the order from the store and heads towards the delivery location.

Order Delivery

Customers receive their ordered products at the stipulated delivery time.

Ratings and Review

Customers rate the delivery service and quality of the product in the separate review field.

Benefits of Grofers Clone

Being synonymous with multi-functionality, our Grofers clone app showers you with an alluring array of benefits and perks.

EWallet Integration

Accelerate conversion rate and obliterate cart abandonment rate concurrently as our Grofers clone is bestowed with a rechargeable electronic wallet for swift payments.

Schedule Order

Keep the bells of consistency ringing by accrediting users to receive their essential groceries periodically by the reorder and order scheduling feature.

Advanced Analytics

Tracking the all-important health and performance of the grocery delivery app has never been this easy with a visually appealing representation of various business metrics.

Track Orders

Mobilizing the ingenuity of GPS technology, customers and admins can instantaneously receive real-time updates of the delivery executives' location.


Despite being astonishingly robust, the Grofers clone app is nonchalantly easy to use to resonate with the entire spectrum of user strata' nuances and needs.

In-App Chat

Effortless connectivity among the diverse ends of the spectrum i.e., grocery stores and buyers, is made possible through a secured internal communication feature.

Our Grofers Clone App Package

At Turnkeytown, we confer you with the fully loaded tech suite needed to propel and throttle up your on-demand grocery delivery.

  • Customer iOS App
  • Customer Android App
  • Customer Web Panel
  • Store iOS App
  • Store Android App
  • Store Web Panel
  • Delivery Executive iOS App
  • Delivery Executive Android App
  • Delivery Executive Web Panel
  • Main Website
  • Admin Web Panel
  • Dispatch Panel
  • Billing Panel
Grofers Clone Script

Social Media SignUp

Customers can unhesitantly charge into the app through their email address/ phone number or by linking their social media accounts.

Browse Products

The multimedia-laden home screen also enables users to scroll through the entire range of products seamlessly and is as fluid as it can get.

Reorder/ Schedule Delivery

Customers can facilitate unwaveringly regular delivery of their daily share of groceries by reordering and scheduling at a single tap on their app.

Offers and Discounts

Pamper your customers with intently devised promotional campaigns in the form of stellar offers, discounts, and exclusive sale days.

Referral Bonuses

For every successful referral of their friends and acquaintances into the app, customers are flattered with rewards and redeemable points.

Profile Settings

Customers can relentlessly configure various profile attributes such as name, photo, preferred payment methods, delivery addresses, etc.

Prompt Onboarding

Delivery executives can kick start their operations instantly by logging into the app through their smart credentials.
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Delivery Planner

A comprehensive list of deliveries for the day, coupled with their detailed information, is automatically proffered to by the delivery executives.

Route Optimization

To upstream the delivery speed, delivery executives are assigned with the most optimized routes for a particular location that's not plagued by unusual traffic and blockades.

One-Tap Toggle

Delivery executives can express their availability for a given delivery request/ session/ day by clicking the availability toggle button without any hassle.

Push Notifications

The moment a delivery request is assigned, delivery executives are momentarily updated through text messages, emails, and push notifications inside the app.

Earnings Corner

In order to keep an upbeat track of their income and performance, consolidated reports depicting the earnings in a daily/ weekly/ monthly frequency are provided to the executives.

Admin Dashboard

Armed with a god's eye view over the app's business operations in its entirety, admins can straightforwardly manage the app without a twitch.

Store Management

Admins can effortlessly stitch together various grocery stores' functioning and can access their data for auditing purposes.

Customer Management

The legion of user-profiles and accounts at its full glory can be retrieved by the admin and can be exported externally.
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Inventory Management

Admins are splashed with a centralized glance of crucial inventory metrics such as stock availability, processed orders, dispatched orders, etc.

Commission Management

Eminent financial numbers such as total revenue, total profit, profitability rate, and commissions of drivers and stores, etc., are available to the admin.
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Promotions Management

In the view propelling the business traction and customer engagement, admins are authorized to generate various iterations of offers and discounts and assign them to users.

Role Management

On the grounds of facilitating effective management of the app, admins can recruit sub-admins and assign various operational roles.

Listing Management

Admins can concisely cluster similar products to boost their visibility by managing product listings. They can add/ remove any listing based on availability and demand.
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Expedite delivery executives to reach the precise location of the customers through creating geofences around the specific area.

Call/ Messaging

In inevitable circumstances, delivery executives can directly call customers over the phone. This way, miscommunications about delivery addresses can be eliminated.

Offline Ordering

Customers can order and pay for their grocery list online and collect it directly from the nearest grocery store.

Blogs & Newsletters

Reach out to your customers and explore untapped markets by edifying them with newsletters besides promoting your products through informative blogs.

Store App

Enhance greater synergy between the grocery delivery system by providing an exclusive mobile application to the store managers.
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Barcode Scanning

Generate unique SKUs and barcodes for every single offering of yours, which, when scanned, displays details like price, manufacturer, date of manufacture, expiry date, etc.

Custom Grocery List

Empower your users to upload personalized lists of groceries and get them delivered at their doorsteps within the stipulated time.

Logistics Integration

Suffuse an undertone of dexterity by integrating third-party logistics support for your Grofers clone-based on-demand grocery delivery business.

Food Delivery Integration

The Grofers clone app can be upgraded to spur the delivery of food items above and beyond online grocery delivery.
Grofers Like App

Revenue Model of Grofers Clone

Commission Fee

The primary source of revenue for any on-demand grocery delivery business, the commission mode authenticates business owners to impose a charge on every sale and transaction occurring through the platform.

Subscription Fee

A reiterated version of the freemium model, this mandates a subscription fee to access exclusive benefits like one-day delivery, personalized grocery orders, and waivers in the total bill. A consistent source of revenue.

Service Charges

A perfect revenue profile for single stores as they can channelize multiple income streams such as commission fee, subscription fee in conjunction with a separate service charge for processing transaction
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On-Demand Grocery Script

Our Process Of Grofers Clone App Development

Ideation and Planning

Once you've confirmed our collaboration, our graceful customer relationship executives hang out with you to picture your exact requirements, needs, and a primary vision of the app. This is followed by us presenting a full-fledged plan with clearly defined milestones and mission.

UI/ UX Design

We laboriously wireframe every app screen of the app to simulate the app's flow and work. Upon wireframing, our designers spill their creative artistry to forge out various versions of the user interface.


Bending the nuances of groundbreaking technological advancements, we completely code out your application with promised features and prominent integrations and ensure that solution is rivetingly robust.

Testing and Launching

Our quality assessment engineered subject the app into a plethora of stringent tests and evaluations to make it free from any strains of bugs or glitched. Upon your approval, we deploy the app in popular app platforms, rendering it available for user downloads in the shortest time possible.

Why Choose Us for Grofers App Development?


Branding and rebranding the avant-garde Grofers clone with your ingrained business elements like logo and brand name becomes a cakewalk with our white-labeling solutions.

100% Customization

We customize the Grofers app end-to-end to resonate with your unique business requirements, sensibilities, and market trends.


Outplay your contemporaries by immediately diving into the market with our online grocery delivery solution that could be launched in a matter of a few days.

Robust Quality

Our innately inventive approach to development validates us to develop innovatively original solutions brimming with stunning quality and sturdiness.

360° Support

Right from conception to deployment, we enthusiastically exert a holistic sense of support to our clients and streamline the entire process for greater clarity.

Highly Affordable

We are committed to assisting entrepreneurs with exceptional grocery delivery applications at an extensively affordable price. Go for it!

Grocery Delivery Script

Hire our Grocery Delivery App Developer

Anyone can develop an app, but only a few can build an app robust enough to sustain in the market for the long term. At Turnkeytown, we employ the best minds to develop leading-edge solutions that give our clients an edge over their competitors. If you are looking for a reliable solution that can help you reach heights, then we are your best companion in development. Hire our seasoned experts to build an advanced e-learning app that extends cutting edge functionality.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Delivery time depends on several factors, including the customization requirements. Our team makes no compromise yet manages to deliver the script on the mutually agreed deadline.
Our Grofers Clone app is a highly scalable solution. You can upgrade the App at any time in the coming years as per changing user preferences. You can integrate new features and functionalities, increase its handling capabilities, and redesign its user interface without any hassle.
Yes. We offer post-launch maintenance support to our clients to help them run their business smoothly in the initial few days. This support service is free of charge for a limited period. After this, you can avail of our paid maintenance services that are offered at affordable prices.
We can customize at your will and add/remove any features and designs to suit a specific location.
Connect with our support team over email - [email protected] or call - +91 9384801116 You can also connect with us directly through the chat option available on our website.