BigBasket Clone App Development

How to Leverage Bigbasket Clone App to Thrive your Grocery Delivery Business

Groceries are an essential part of our lives. People today are often busy and rely on doorstep delivery services for obtaining essentials. But wait, what is it and how it helps businesses? Let us dive into the topic and get to know more about the grocery delivery app.

What Is An On-demand Grocery Delivery App?

On-demand grocery app like Bigbasket enables customers to shop groceries in just a few taps and get them delivered to their place. For this, the user needs to sign in to the app and find the grocery store to shop and place orders. The selected items are moved to the cart, and customers can check out by making payments through the app. The respective grocery stores receive the order and prepare the items for delivery. The delivery person picks up the groceries from the stores and delivers them at the customers’ doorsteps.

“Following this workflow, the mobile app has made the process of grocery shopping hassle-free and most convenient for the customers. Alongside, the pandemic has also turned more people to go for on-demand apps. The increased usage of Bigbasket like apps for grocery shopping has created more demand for grocery delivery apps. That is why if you’re an entrepreneur, launching a Bigbasket clone app can generate increased revenue for your business while serving your customers.”

Why Bigbasket Clone For Grocery Business?

BigBasket clone retains all the features of the BigBasket app that has already set a successful business model for grocery delivery service. We shall take a look at the benefits of utilizing a BigBasket clone script for the grocery business.

On-demand grocery application makes your brand available to the users round the clock that allows them to shop anytime, from anywhere.
It saves the precious time of your customer. They can just simply place their order in the app and get it delivered to their doorstep effortlessly.

Feedback provided by your customer helps you to understand their needs better and improvise your service offering.

Getting Started With The Bigbasket Clone App Development…


You need to decide on the type of solution that you want to offer. The different types of the business model for grocery business include,

Single Store Grocery App: This model is suitable for owners who already own a grocery store. Building a grocery app establishes the store’s online presence, helping the retail customers shop at their convenience, which might promptly improve your sales.

Inventory Model: In this, the app platform itself buys and stocks up products from different suppliers. The orders received from the customers’ are dispatched using an in-house or outsourced delivery network. Irrespective of the suppliers, the orders are sent to the users with the platform’s branding.

Aggregator model: It acts as a marketplace connecting several grocery stores with the end-users. The app displays several grocery stores in the locality, allowing users to shop groceries from their preferred store. If you don’t own a grocery store or cannot maintain inventory, this model works best for you.

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Because of the flexibility and versatility of the BigBasket many customers love to shop using the app rather than visiting a grocery store or supermarket. So, firstly it is essential to understand the entire cycling of the grocery delivery business before adding features. The grocery business requires three apps to carry out the business operation effectively.

>Buyer/User App: The user app has various features that assist the customer in grocery shopping.

  • Grocery app features for User Panel
  1. Simple Signup process with a user-friendly interface
  2. Provide products under different categories for easy identification.
  3. Wishlist option lets the user save items for later purchase
  4. Advanced search bar provided with filter options can assist users in finding products
  5. Live-tracking feature enables the user to track their order in real-time
  6. Schedule order options let users book an order for a particular date and time
  7. Push notifications and SMS alert ensures continuous interaction of the app with the customers
  8. Multiple payment options for secured payment transactions


>Delivery person app: The delivery person gets notified of the orders through this app.

  • Grocery app features for Delivery person App
  1. Geolocation feature with GPS integration helps the delivery person track the location of the store and user.
  2. Accept/Reject options allow service providers to take up the order based on their convenience.
  3. In-App communication feature allows delivery personnel to communicate with the users regarding any details.


>Admin/Store Owner App: The store manages all the orders received from the customers via this app

  • Grocery app features for Admin Panel
  1. A comprehensive dashboard feature provides access to track all the orders processed through the app.
  2. Management of grocery store option to keep a check on the order execution process.
  3. Management of inventory feature to handle the stocks

How To Monetize Your App?

You can leverage the revenue models given below to make profits from your business.

Commission Fee: The business owner can charge a Commission fee from the grocery stores for every order made through the app platform.
Service Charge: You can collect a percentage of the amount as service charge from the users in addition to the order amount to manage the expenses of your business.
Subscription Plans: Users can be allowed to access premium features or discount offers by subscribing to specific plans on a monthly/yearly basis by paying a subscription fee.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Bigbasket Like App?

The development cost depends on various factors such as:

Feature-set of the app: The number of advanced features you add to your app drastically increases the cost
UI design: The UI design must be kept simple and attractive. The number of wireframes and screens in the app impact the cost.
Native app development: To gain a large customer base, the app should be launched on all app platforms. So building an app that is compatible with all major platforms greatly influence the cost.
App developers: The cost is influenced by the number of experts and developers working on your solution.

Bottom Line,
To conclude, BigBasket Clone App Development presenting a long list of advantages would be apt to establish your brand and gain huge profits in the long run. So, go ahead and talk to our professional experts at TurnkeyTown and launch your online grocery venture in the shortest time possible.

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