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The Top 10 Features Of Our Outstanding Bet365 Clone App

Everyone has their own favorite sport. Sports enthusiasts across the globe show massive interest in every application that makes the tournament watching more interesting. Our Bet365 clone app is one such app that elevates the betting experience to a whole new level with its stellar features.

What is Bet365?

Bet365 is an online sport betting application that is a globally favorite among sports enthusiasts.
It is an online-based sports betting company in London. It is a one-stop platform that offers betting options for multiple sports events.

Stats at a glance,

As per research, it is said that the worth of the international sports betting market is 250 billion dollars. Looking at the craze among the audience, it is anticipated that sports betting is going to witness an exponential rise.
Bet365 has received an average rating of 4.5 stars in most of the leading gambling app listing and review sites.
It is recorded that Bet365 has a strong customer base globally with almost 53 million active users.

How to develop an app like Bet365?

The Bet365 clone app is a pre-built app packed with all the highlighting features and works exactly like that of the parent app. As it is 100% customizable, our expert developers and designers can help you with the customization of your dream app to a vast extent. Thus you can quickly launch your app that meets your expectations or even surpasses them.

  • Do intense market research to know the necessities of your target niche. This can aid you in determining the features to add to your app to make it stand out from the existing apps.
  • Followed by knowing who you are competing with, this can help you to eliminate the drawbacks faced by your fellow competitors.
  • Then comes the documentation process. Detailed documentation can help you to keep a record of the steps involved in the app development process. Apart from that, it can also help in convincing the sponsors to gain trust and invest in your app.
  • By favorably achieving the above steps, you can get going with the app development process. Our expert developers team is ready to help you step into the billion-dollar market with our spectacular app like Bet365.

For any app to achieve heights, the features of the app play a vital role. Therefore in this blog, let’s discuss the

Top 10 features that make the online sports betting platform impeccable.

Profile set-up

Upon installing the app from App Store or Play Store, the users undergo a quick and easy signup process. Each user has their own personalized profile, which consists of their basic details and information about their sports interests.

One tap betting screen

It doesn’t take long to fill up never-ending forms or time-consuming procedures to perform betting. Our Bet365 clone comes with an attractive one-tap betting screen that allows the betters to place a bet with just a tap. This stimulates the interest of cybernauts to place more bets.

Sports Calendar

Enthrall your users with an advanced sports calendar displaying the details of upcoming sports events. This can help the users to be aware of the date of possibilities and schedule a bet accordingly. The sports calendar can be customized to the interest of the users. Thus the cybernauts never miss a chance to bet and stay updated.

Multiple Bets

The users might feel interested in betting on multiple sports. Give the users what they want. The potentially sports bettors who have a keen interest in various events can easily place their bets on numerous games through your fully-fledged Bet365 clone app. Managing multiple bets in one place is made easy through our robust solution comprised of futuristic features.

Social media Sharing

The enthusiastic sports bettors who have gained huge winning amounts through the app can share their victory to other social media platforms easily through the app. Thus the apps are integrated with other social media platforms to enhance the user experience. This can attract a vast number of users into your app quickly.

Match Live Stream

Sports lovers never miss watching any tournaments. This makes it desirable for the users to watch their favorite sports from anywhere using your app. Our app like Bet365 is linked with multiple channels and performs extraordinarily well. Thus every sports event or tournament is live-streamed in the app for the users to watch and enjoy. Again these features can help you to increase your user base to a vast extent.

Multiple Payment gateways

The money flow through the sports betting app is not something new. Therefore provide your users with multiple payment gateways. This can enable the users to choose their convenient way of fund transfer and redeem. Our Bet365 clone is integrated with a variety of payment modes such as UPI, mobile wallets, credit/debit cards, bank accounts, etc.

Push notifications

The zealous sports fans are keen to know every information about what is happening in the sports world. Therefore send your users consistent push notifications about every activity occurring in the app, any new sports news, and other promotional notifications. This can help you to retain the existing users and gain more new users.

Multi-lingual support

Sports fans are scattered across the globe. Therefore attract the global cybersurfers to your app by availing them of multi-language support. This increases the understandability of your app and makes it easy for the users to explore more about your app.


The betting apps are addictive in nature. As there are a vast number of users joining your app every second, to maintain an authentic user base, it is vital to accomplish a thorough verification process. The app requires any government-approved photo ID and address proof. The admin panel verifies the documents and activates the user account.

To wrap up,

Just like natural calamities, the love for sports by sports enthusiasts is imperishable. The addictive nature of betting nature makes it more interesting to bet and win more money while enjoying watching their favorite sport.

We at TurnkeyTown offer the best Bet365 clone app development with futuristic features. The app’s scalability is vast, so you can expand your app in the future when your business grows.

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