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What Are The Changes To Make Your Restaurant Business To Thrive In The Future?

The pandemic has made us look into the digital world for acquiring our essentials which were otherwise impossible as we are forced to stay at home. The digital transformation is embraced by every sector now, including the food industry making it the new normal. With no conviction about how long the pandemic is going to last, restaurants had to look out for digital options to run their business. Let us know the kinds of solutions required.

Did you know the food delivery apps witnessed a massive growth in 2020, with sales boosted by 300%?

Yes, food delivery apps are the ones that kept the restaurant business running when no people are allowed for dining in the restaurants when the pandemic lock-down was in force.

What Are The Commonly Adopted Business Models By The Popular Food Delivery Apps?

  • Order and Delivery Platform: In this model, the app lists the restaurants where users can search and make orders of their favorite food. The app itself entirely handles the logistic services, and the restaurants just prepare the food for delivery.
  • Order Only Platform: Business operating under this model allows users to view the lists of restaurants in the nearby location, see their menu and place orders. The orders are directed to the restaurant, which prepares them and delivers them to the customers.

How Are Food Delivery Apps Beneficial?

With more people getting habituated to seeking digital solutions, it is no doubt that going digital is the only way to reach out to your customers. Even though people prefer to physically visit restaurants, digital solutions have something to do with it. We will discuss this in the later part. Let us now look at the advantages offered by food delivery apps.

From Customer View

  • Convenience and Ease: Who wouldn’t enjoy their favorite food coming to the doorsteps effortlessly? Such is the ease food delivery solutions offer. It provides the convenience for customers to have their favorite restaurant cooked foods at the comfort of their homes, making the process of online ordering more appealing.
  • Order Tracking Option: It enables the customers to see the status of the order until it reaches their doorsteps. Their curiosity is satisfied as they can track the order initiation time and calculate the arrival time of the order.
  • Secure Payment system: The world is not about cash anymore, not after the pandemic that has instilled fear of contracting the virus by making physical transactions. Digital solutions enable one to make payments through the app itself, offering an easy deal for customers.
  • Contact less deliveries: Customers nowadays prefer safety to anything. The contact less delivery option allows the customer to specify a spot nearby their home to drop the parcel by the delivery person. By that, there will be no need for the users and the delivery person to come in contact with each other.

From Business View

  • Accelerated Customer Engagement: It establishes a good connection between the restaurant and customers, allowing restaurants to serve to the satisfaction of the customers.
  • Boost in Sales: The user-friendly features of food delivery apps allow users to browse through various restaurants and menus, promoting the restaurant’s sales.
  • Higher Brand Loyalty: Providing quality food, exclusive deals and offers sets a standard for your brand that no customers leave your side.
  • Boosts Job Opportunities: It’s not only advantageous to users but also provides wide job opportunities for delivery agents.

Having looked at the advantages offered by these solutions to its users and business, let us have a look at how digital solutions can provide a safe dine-in experience for users.

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How To Thrive Your Restaurant Business Post-Pandemic?

Hygiene and safety will be the major concern when people want to move out, sit and dine in. With things turning around, contactless dine-in can be the futuristic way of approaching the health safety of individuals.

What Is Contactless Dining?

Contactless dining minimizes the chances of contact with anything, thereby allowing customers to view the menu, place orders and make payments. There are three components involves in this method:

  • Contactless menu: Users can scan the QR code kept on the table to view the menu, combo offers and explore the various foods offered by the restaurants.
  • Contactless ordering: Once users have decided on the food they want to have, there is no need to manually call a restaurant staff to take the orders. They can easily place the order through the app, thereby avoiding physical contact with the waiter.
  • Contactless Payment: Users can make use of e-payment methods and pay for the service instead of paying through currency notes which can be a carrier of the virus.

All these methods prevent people from coming into contact and ensures hygiene standards.

Perks Of Contactless Dining

Facilitating contactless dining offers a plethora of benefits to restaurants. Some of them are listed below.

Enhances dining experience for users

It helps in maintaining accuracy eliminating the chances of miscommunication between the staff and diners. Since the orders made by the customer are directly sent to the respective person, diners don’t have to wait for restaurant staff to pick up their orders or make payments speeding up the dining process.

Keeps up with the safety standards

No-contact interactions assure the limiting of virus transmission, encouraging more customers to dine in a restaurant and share their experience with others. It is more like a promotion for restaurants which ultimately increases the number of footfalls in the upcoming days.

Restaurants can create dynamic menus

Contactless dining paves the way for paperless eMenu. It offers the flexibility for restaurants to change the menu/combos according to the availability, revise prices, add/remove an item, highlight special offers and discounts. Unlike the paper menu, eMenu can be updated anytime as per the wish.


Building a digital solution for the restaurant business might be a big job but definitely not an impossible one. The food delivery business market is gaining the spotlight; therefore, it’s the best time for entrepreneurs to invest in high-quality solutions to make the business do wonders for you in the coming years.

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