NFT marketplace in tron

NFT Marketplace In Tron: Become Popular In The Crypto Era

A new financial asset has been born with the big-bang entry of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Crypto collectibles have a gigantic market capitalization of $18.84 billion as per CoinMarketCap. NFT marketplaces are the main reason for this grand success. These online platforms help in the swift trading of digital collectibles between millions of buyers and sellers.

Undoubtedly, Ethereum is the most popular blockchain network for NFT marketplace development However, it faces issues like high transaction costs and severe congestion. Hence, a viable alternative has emerged in the industry. It is none other than the TRON blockchain network. It offers advantages such as decentralization, high scalability, quick processing of transactions, and seamless integration with DApps and games.

Therefore, this is the perfect time to kickstart NFT marketplace development on TRON. Aspiring entrepreneurs can approach Turnkey Town to launch a crypto collectible selling platform on the TRON network in no time.

What are some NFT marketplace running on the TRON blockchain?

MegaCryptoPolis is a 3D city builder game

functioning on the TRON blockchain network. Players earn the lucrative $MEGA DeFi token. Investors can process transactions to buy $MEGA tokens through TRONLink and TRON Wallet.

The MegaCryptoPolis NFT marketplace allows users to construct new buildings, purchase virtual land blocks, and produce resources. Besides that, gamers can buy various packs (Federal, Local, Mayor, and Urban). Further, it is integrated with other NFT marketplaces like CryptoKitties and OpenSea.

MixMarvel is a gaming and publishing platform –

operating on TRON. Players experience a world-class 3D world. It is displayed in the form of a motion picture. Gamers can purchase the MIX token (TRC-721 assets).

Importantly, it is fully integrated with the TRON Virtual Machine (TVM). Investors can execute transactions on TVM without paying any fees.

NFTONE is another marketplace –

working smoothly on the TRON blockchain network. NFT buyers benefit from low transaction costs. Further, the NFTONE platform shares real-time information about the top buyers and sellers (daily, weekly, and monthly).

Generally, investors process transactions in TRX crypto for purchasing digital collectibles. Initially, both buyers and sellers need to set up their TRONLink wallets.

NFTs are sold in the form of images, 3D artwork, and videos. Prospective buyers can purchase books, crypto zombies, dinosaurs, and gaming weapons. Importantly, all the data of NFT traders are backed up securely on the decentralized BitTorrent File System (BTFS).

What are the different services we offer for TRON NFT marketplace development?

Creation of TRC-721 assets –

The Ethereum blockchain network has two official standards for NFTs, ERC-721 and ERC-1155. Likewise, the TRON blockchain has come out with the TRC-721 standard. Importantly, it is completely compatible with the ERC-721 protocol.

Investors will get real-time information like the name of the Token Owner, Token Balance, and the Token ID. Users can also transfer crypto collectibles to numerous wallet addresses. Every minted NFT has a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). Further, TRC-721 based smart contracts share the latest information about new digital collectibles available for sale.

Integration with the TRON Virtual Machine (TVM) –

It is a highly scalable and secure technical architecture. The TRON Virtual Machine (TVM) is based on the Delegated Proof of Consensus (DPoS) mechanism. Moreover, it is fully compatible with the robust Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Further, our well-versed developers utilize the Solidity programming language for creating and deploying smart contracts on TRON.

Setting up of the TRON Blockchain Explorer –

Turnkey Town offers integration with TRONSCAN, a cross-compatible blockchain browser. It shares the latest updates about the market cap, number of blocks and transactions, total value locked (TVL), and trading volume of the TRX cryptocurrency. We provide features like an advanced search and filter option, a QR code scanning option, and support for Shasta Testnet.

Storage of digital collectibles in wallets –

We allow investors to securely manage their valuable crypto collectibles. TRONLink is a cross-platform compatible wallet. It is packed with numerous security measures like algorithm-based encryption and private keys. Above all, users can create multiple accounts on the TRONLink Wallet.

Likewise, buyers can use the TRON Wallet for the safe storage of Tronix (TRX) cryptocurrency. Both NFT buyers and sellers are protected with security steps such as fingerprint login, PIN lock, and two-factor authentication. Further, there is no chance of misuse of funds due to daily and weekly transaction limits.

The TRON Wallet has features like easy conversion of crypto to fiat currency, multilingual technical support, and a social media login option.

TRON NFT Marketing –

There are a whopping 904,493 NFTs in the world as per Coinranking. Hence, every crypto collectible cannot sell for a high price in the market. Therefore, we provide top-notch TRON NFT Marketing services to boost the demand from investors for purchasing digital collectibles.

Our talented team assists in implementing NFT promotional campaigns across emails, online crypto forums on Quora and Reddit, and social media networks. Further, we publish insightful blogs, paid advertisements, press releases, and whitepapers to maximize business traction.

What is the budget outlay for TRON NFT marketplace development?

The total cost of creating an NFT marketplace in TRON depends on numerous factors. It relies on the choice of features, hourly/weekly rates paid to the developers, integration with DApps and Decentralized Exchanges, multi-platform compatibility, the extent of customization needed by the entrepreneur, the type of tech stack, and the time devoted.

Entrepreneurs will have to incur extra expenses for our post-deployment services. It comprises API integration, fixing bugs and glitches, maintenance, software updates for TRON-based digital wallets, and technical support.

Wrapping Up

Unquestionably, TRON wants to eliminate intermediaries and establish a powerful decentralized web infrastructure. It is taking full advantage due to the postponement of the release of Ethereum 2.0. Interestingly, Justin Sun, the founder of TRON purchased 3 NFTs (Warhol’s portraits) for a humongous $2.8 million recently.

Moreover, the TRON blockchain network offers greater transaction throughout and sturdy integration with the leading DeFi projects. Hence, reach out to us now for tailor-made TRON NFT marketplace development. We guarantee you a rise in daily active users and trading volume. Contact us and make a storm in the thriving world of crypto collectibles.

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