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A Complete Guide On Developing The On-Demand App Like Netflix

The whole world looked upon the OTT platform as the only source of communication when the pandemic hit the world and all the theatres have been closed and the movie and Tv productions were held. Even before the pandemic, apps such as amazon prime and Netflix have impacted the entertainment industry in the same way as theatres and television because of their unique contents and ad-free services. Netflix is an online video streaming app where many production companies use this as a platform to release their videos online to be viewed by the audience, or the app itself produces its contents and releases it online. The video contents can be web series, a movie or documentaries, TV shows etc., and the sky’s the limit for the genres. All age groups can access it.

If one looked at their revenue in 2020 in spite of the pandemic, business owners would provoke them to start a streaming app like Netflix. According to BusinessofApps,

“Netflix has about 75 million users in the USA, 67 million users in the Middle East, Europe and Africa, and 25 million users in Asia. The revenue in 2020 crossed 25 billion US dollars surpassing the 2019 revenue of 20 billion US dollars.”

If one got curious about developing an app like Netflix, it is essential to have complete insight into the app. Let us take a look at them.

Various Benefits In The Netflix App

Netflix uses a subscription-based business model, which helps the business revenue to go up steadily and successfully. Let us see the benefits offered to the users that will bring more customers and make the app a success.

  • Access from anywhere. Unlike television, where the user can view their favourite TV show or a movie by sitting in front of a device, Netflix allows the user to access the app through smartphones, tablets, laptops, mobile phones, etc.
  • Unique content. Apps like Netflix offer original range produced by the app company itself, or it publishes content by purchasing their copyright. Few movies and series contact the app to release their content online.
  • No advertisements. One of the advantages of this app over regular television is that there is no commercial break in between, and one can enjoy their movie or a series with no interruptions.
  • Recommendations. Netflix-like apps have enhanced and optimized algorithms that show contents according to the user’s previous views and searches. In this way, users can identify more contents relevant to their taste and preferences.

Steps To Develop A Streaming App Like Netflix

Before getting into Netflix like app development, there are specific steps to follow in formulating the entire app, which involves researching the target audience, the type and the source of the content etc. need to be known before getting into the technical aspects of it. Let us see how to approach a Netflix clone.

Step 1: The Kind Of Video Contents To Be Streamed Is Decided

Coming to a conclusion, the kind of content to be put up on the app is very crucial. Contents attract audiences, and one has to make sure that they cover a wide range of audience. There are three types of content that pretty much covers the entire population of people who are looking out for entertainment:

  • Entertainment- this category involves video content similar to the television channels like HBO or comedy central. Movies and series of various genres fall under this category.
  • Fitness- with the pandemic situation and the gyms being closed, it would be a great initiative to include videos of fitness trainers performing workouts that the user can follow along.
  • Education- the app can include many videos and documentaries that are educative and informative as well. Explaining science, history, and evolution will gather many audience members.

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Step 2: Find Your Sources

Content makers like the movie production company, television-based content creators, small scale content producers etc. must come forward to post their creations in the app to display it to the world and get the appreciation it deserves. There are two ways of doing it.

  • Getting videos from other distributors- if this is the case, one must obtain the distributor’s copyright license and rent the content.
  • Creating your own content – the movie or series production company publishing their contents on the app is one way that reduces the pain of obtaining copyright from the distributors. It takes a lot of efforts to create one.

Step 3: How To Make Money?

The sole purpose of creating an app is to do business out of it and earn money. The app gives profit in a lot of ways like the movie/series producers pay some amount to use this space as a platform to publish their contents and The users have to subscribe to a package to avail certain benefits. The types of subscriptions available are:

  • Pay per view- the list of contents only to which the user has subscribed will be available for watching. The subscribers have to pay a fee that lets them access all the videos from the library on a monthly or yearly basis depending on the package chosen.
  • Advertisement- apart from the user’s payment for the subscription, Advertisement is another way of building revenue. Immediately it is letting advertisers post their advertisements on the app page.

Step 4: Work On Better App Performance

Having a technical glitch is such a bummer, and it is the cause of losing some users. It is essential to address these issues as well and take steps to optimize them.

  • Internet speed is an important attribute to look for. The average internet speed for loading an HD video is more than loading a normal video. Furthermore, HD videos must be provided even at low internet speeds.
  • Easy and straightforward access to video contents is possible through cloud computing.

Step 5: Marketing

An effective marketing strategy must be applied to get the app to reach all of the viewers. One effective way of doing it is using the social media platform to post advertisements about the shows available that will attract interested users who are potentially long-term customers. Simultaneously, Potential customers are sent newsletters every week or every month.


To sum up, Netflix-like app development involves many attractive features like user-friendly applications, easy payment process and enhanced search results etc. Turnkey Town offers a white-labelled Netflix clone customized according to the client’s needs and gives the best product at the right time at a budget-friendly cost.

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