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Top Trends the Food Delivery Industry will see in 2020

No industry ever stays stagnant. The same holds true for the ever-transitional food delivery industry. As many presume, food delivery is not a modern-day discovery but rather a phenomenon that started decades ago. It has been more than a hundred years since the first instances of food delivery occurred.

Kings and queens used to summon chefs to have delicacies brought over to them (yes, we’re considering this as food delivery). Now, innovation has reached heights that we’ve never imagined. What does 2020 have in store for the food delivery industry? Let’s find out!

Food delivery subscription

Subscriptions to premium accounts that provide irresistible offers like free delivery and service tax waivers are already available. More businesses are becoming aware of the potential and are opening themselves up to integrate this model in their business. It allows users to enjoy advanced services and also acts as a source of revenue for the company. The subscription model helps retain loyal customers who will not mind paying a monthly fee to avail certain benefits. You and I know that it feels better to order food and not have to pay that extra delivery charge.

Order using Google 

Google now allows users to order food through its Search, Assistant, and Maps. Payment through Google Pay is also enabled. Users can search for their favorite restaurants on these platforms and select the ‘Order Online’ option. After this step, they are taken to food delivery platforms from where they can pick the food items that they want.

Order through smart devices

Smart devices have now enabled their users to place orders with ease. Whether it is your smart TV, smartwatch, or a car enabled with an ordering device, bringing food to your location is easier than ever. These platforms allow users to order food on the go, thereby increasing the use of these on-demand delivery applications.

Incorporating innovative ideas 

Food delivery businesses are catering to users’ every kind of need. There are diet-based meals, meal kits, and food waste management apps. Users who are are health-conscious can always subscribe to apps that provide curated meals. Meal kits are basically the ingredients that are required to cook a dish. A user does not have to go to the grocery store in search of different products as the meal kit has it all. Food waste management apps sell unused leftovers of restaurants at half original the price. This helps significantly minimize food wastage.

Virtual restaurants

Many of us might not be familiar with the term ‘ghost restaurants’. These are restaurants that only exist online and do not provide dine-in services to individuals. Instead, they have a compact kitchen that no one really knows about. This model helps restaurants focus on delivery and quality services. They will also be able to cut down on major costs like rent, restaurant decor, tableware, etc.

Parachute, robot, drone delivery

Sounds like a movie? Yes, drones are being tested to deliver food to individuals in less than 30 minutes. Parachutes that carry food and drop it off at an ‘X’ marked location are being developed. Robots that deliver food to users efficiently are powered by ever-evolving AI technologies. Advanced cameras and GPS systems are integrated into these machines to enhance the accuracy of these services. With the food delivery business having traveled this far, we wonder what’s next.

Cryptocurrency orders

Yes, we’re incorporating blockchain technology in food delivery now. Who would have known that we’d be paying for our precious food in crypto? Pizzaforcoins,, and Shuttle Delivery are a few leading players in the market that recently introduced payment through virtual currencies for their users. Have some bitcoins lying around? Go ahead and order some Pizza!

With all these groundbreaking features coming up (and some already in action), the food delivery industry is going to have a whole new get-up that we’re sure to love. As customers grow more demanding, it has become a necessity for entrepreneurs to stay updated and incorporate the latest technologies into their business. There are numerous other players in the market striving to provide cost-effective and customer-friendly services. So, if you’re going to venture into this space, put in all you’ve got. Research, innovate, and create!

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