Smart School Bus Tracking Software Explained

Smart School Bus Tracking Software Explained

Technology has become a cornerstone of the modern world. Its influence is visible in almost any sector or industry that comes to the mind. The infusion of technology has helped open up a new dimension to everyday elements.
Take, for instance, the school transportation system. We all remember the yellow and black buses that would transport us to and fro school every single day. They were a boon for many parents and guaranteed that the children would be picked and dropped at scheduled times.

While the bus has established itself as an integral part of the school experience, its importance in recent times is steadily dropping. The change can be attributed to changing societal patterns such as the rise of double-income families, irregular work hours of parents, and criminal incidents. This calls for the use of School Bus Tracking Software.

What is a School Bus Tracking Software?

As the name implies, it refers to any program that enables parents and administrators to track school buses. By using GPS-tracking, it relays location information in real-time. The software also undertakes a digital roll-call of the students being ferried on the bus. Moreover, in case of any changes in the designated route or speeding, it sends out a notification to all counter-parties involved.

How does it work?

The software is made of four modules that work in conjunction to provide a seamless experience on Android and iOS platforms. The four modules are as follows:

  • Parent App: Using this interface, parents are able to track the location of their child accurately and in real-time.
  • Bus Driver App: Allows bus drivers to identify the safest and quickest route to pick up and drop students.
  • School Admin App: Over here, the school administrators are able to check on the students remotely.
  • Fleet Manager App: Enables the manager to schedule routes and monitor the different bus operations.

What Are The Different Features?

Each module in the school bus tracking system is equipped with a variety of features that help improve productivity and ensure safety at all times. Let’s look at the four modules closely.

Parent App:

  • Live Tracking: Parents can monitor the location of their child in real-time.
  • Calling Function: In case of any emergency, the parent can directly contact the bus driver or school admin.
  • Notifications: Parents will receive updates on when the child boards or alights from the bus.
  • Attendance Alerts: Parents will receive information on the child’s attendance.
  • Proximity Alert: Parents will get notified whenever the bus is within the vicinity of the house.
  • View Bus Routes: Parents can see the different bus routes available to them and choose accordingly.

Bus Driver App:

  • Real-time Navigation: Driver can view the best route between different checkpoints
  • Speed Governor: The application monitors the speed of the bus, and in case of any issues, it will notify the relevant authorities.
  • Dashcam Sync: Application relays live video feed from inside and outside the bus. This helps improve the child’s security.
  • Roll-call Marker: The driver can take attendance of the students as and when they board the bus.
  • Calling Function: The driver can contact the school administration or parents in case of any emergencies.
  • Notifications: The driver will receive any notifications in case there is any change in route, parents’ queries, and more.

School Admin App:

  • Live Tracking: Admins can track the location of the different buses without any hassles.
  • Route & Stage Management: Admin can create and manage bus routes.
  • Notifications: Admin can relay important messages to all parties.
  • Speed Alert: Admin can track the speeds of different buses.
  • Ignition On/Off Alert: Admin can view if a particular bus is moving or stationary.
  • Geo-fencing Option: Admin will receive alerts if any bus strays away from the predetermined route.
  • Reports: Admin can generate reports to understand operation costs, distance traveled, and other important metrics.
  • Calling Function: Admin can call the parents, drivers, or fleet managers in case of any emergencies.

Fleet Manager App:

  • Bus Tracking: The fleet manager can view the status and location of the different buses in real-time.
  • School Bus Maintenance: The manager can receive updates on the service history of the bus and schedule repairs accordingly.
  • Call Function: The manager can contact the driver, school admin, and parents in case of any emergency.
  • Route Planner: The manager can create and schedule routes that the bus drivers can follow.
  • Notifications: The manager will receive important updates on the location, speed, and other details of the bus.

As it can be inferred, the school bus tracking software is packed with a ton of advantages. It offers parents and schools with a system that monitors and ensures the well-being of their children. Moreover, in a digital age, this software helps transform the traditional school bus fleet into a smart bus system.

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