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Venture Into The Million-Dollar Sports Industry By Launching A Bet365 Clone

The sports sector is a multi-million industry. Get your hands on this millions by launching a sports betting app like Bet365. Betting is addictive and the vastness of the sports fans is monumental. This makes sports betting a guaranteed success. Why wait when you know where success is? Join us and deploy your Bet365 clone app today.

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Bet365 Clone
Launch A Sports Betting App Like Bet365 Today!

An online sports betting app is a billion-dollar business idea. Wondering why? Firstly, it has already proved to be one in the past in the real world. Bringing it online will aggregate it in every aspect tracing its path to a vast audience. Betting on sports has always been a luxury industry exclusively for the opulent class. By launching an app, it can be accessed by a larger audience. The betting amounts can also be determined by the user allowing everyone to bet in regard to their capacity.

The sports fans are a huge crowd, and allowing them to bet on their favourite games would make them more interested in the game as they have to be right about their prediction to win money. You could also provide them info about the games which may increase the traffic to your app effortlessly. Our Bet365 clone is one such app that you can bet on with a 100% success rate. Join us and deploy an app in a short period of time.
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Core Features Of Our Bet365 Clone App

There are specific must-have features for any sports betting app. Insight yourself with the core features of the Bet365 clone app.

One Tap Betting Screen

Betting is no more a complex procedure with a series of steps to follow. Anyone can now bet with a single betting screen and a betting button. With the Bet365 clone app, your users can bet with a tap.

Schedule A Bet

Your users can be updated with a proper schedule on all the upcoming events to keep them aware of the bets they have to place.

Place Multiple Bets

Offer your users the place multiple bets on a single match thereby they can earn more on a win and it can also be risky.

Share in Social Media

This feature allows users to share the details on the bet they have placed and the game with their friends or post it on social media.

Push Notifications

Send your users with notifications on the bets they have placed, the money they have, and some info on the upcoming events the user would be interested in betting.

Live Events Betting

Betting on a game that is currently live is another way to keep your users excitement level at the peak, and offer them this thrilling experience with the live events feature.

Live Scores

A betting app need not necessarily have only betting facilities in it. With a huge crowd of sports maniacs with you availing them with live scores of games can make them love you more.

Multilingual Support

Your users can be from any place so keep yourself equipped with a multilingual support so you don’t disappoint them at any cost.

Empowering Bet365 Clone App With Diverse Sports Betting Solutions

As a Bet365 clone app development company, our betting app solution is not confined to one sport, it can be developed for numerous sports. Have a look at some of the sports for which we develop apps.

Horse Race Betting App
Betting on a horse race is a traditional practised method. Bringing it online allows the user to stay at their home and bet on the winning horse.
Baseball Betting App
Baseball is another game with a huge fan following in the west. Offering the users an app to bet on their favourite team’s victory will be exciting for your users.
Cricket Betting App
Cricket is a game with the second-highest fan following after soccer. Keep your users hooked up with live score updates, pitch reviews, upcoming matches, and more, along with betting.
Soccer Betting App
Like we all know, soccer is a game celebrated all over the world. With numerous leagues all over the year, soccer fans can be kept engaged in your app, betting on the teams they believe would win.

Perceive Yourself On The Variant Types Of Betting In Bet365 Clone App

A Bet365 clone script development comes along with diverse types of betting options.


A safe betting option for amateur users. The bet is based on a single outcome, and the user can risk low for higher outcomes.

Head To Head

One of the popular ways to bet, avail your users to bet head to head for a team to either win or lose. They win if the team wins or lose if the team loses.


Handicap betting is followed in order to level up the odds in a game. For example, let's take a cricket match; if a strong team plays against a comparatively weaker team, everyone will bet on the strong team, so in order to make this bet more interesting, the betting is made in such a way that the stronger team has to beat the weaker team with a minimum of 100 runs lead.


This is a type of betting practised in card games or casinos. It mostly works like you win if the total of the cards or dice is above a number X or below it.


This is a bet for the users to bet multiple times on a single bet. The users either win big or lose big. If the user bets two times, it is a double, and if the user bets three times, it is called treble.

Each Way

This is another popular betting method mostly practised in a horse race or in tournaments. The user makes two bets, a WIN and a PLACE bet on the same horse or team. So if the horse or team comes first, the user gets a return on both the bets, and if the horse or team comes within a position locked by the booky as a win, the user gets returns from the PLACE bet.

An Easy-Peasy WorkFlow Of Our Bet365 Clone App

The Bet365 clone app is built with users, both punters and bookies, in mind so they keep betting effortlessly.


  • The user signs up to the app using their email address, contact number, or any social media credential.
  • The user transfers an amount from their bank account to the wallet in the app to place bets.
  • Now to place the first bet, he/she joins an event related to the sports they are familiar with.
  • They can place single, double, treble, or multiple bets in the event.
  • On a win, they collect all the money and can withdraw the amount instantly to their bank accounts.


  • As a bookie, the user hosts events for punters to join and bet.
  • Once the event is hosted and there are a lot of punters out there putting their money on the bets, the bookie has to manage all this money and the bets placed.
  • Now, the event is finished, it is time for the bookie to reward the winners of the bet.

What Are You Signing Up For When You Get Onboard With Turnkey Town's Bet365 Clone Solution?

TurnkeyTown is an app development company that comes forward with robust clone app solutions that can be launched instantly. From blockchain and NFTs to a betting app TurnkeyTown has got it all covered.

Before getting on board, know what you are signing up for. So, here is a sports betting app solution. Bet365 clone is what we have named it for a better understanding of our clients like you. Firstly, the Bet365 clone is a white-label solution. You get it customized however you want it to be with no compromise. And on deployment, the app comes with a design of your logo and the color palettes used in your logo, making it look like any other app built from scratch.

So, We offer you

  • Punter Android/iOS App

  • Bookie Panel

  • Admin Panel

Features That Make Bet365 Clone Emerge Into A Stupendous App

Lure your users with the exciting and friendly features the Bet365 clone script has in store for you.

A User-Friendly Punter App

Reward the punters with exhilarating features that make betting easy for them.


Offer your users a facile onboarding process by allowing them to hop on to the app using any of their social credentials or contact number.

Punter Profile Management

Bestow your users with the privilege to manage a profile of their own with a picture and other details of them.

Real-Time Feed

Keep feeding the punters with live feeds of various sports and update them with all the games waiting to take the stage in a few days.

Navigation Made Easy

Navigating through the app is child’s play for your users with a Bet365 clone. Let them roam around the app freely and place more bets to put some commissions in your pocket.


Confer your users with multiple payment options so they can go on betting and testing their luck on games and payment will never be a constraint.

Anti-Fraud Systems

Keep your users secured and safe from fraudulent activities and ensure they don’t lose their money to crooks.

Betting Tips

Tip them and tempt them to place more bets. Informative details on a specific game can assist them to predict the winner.


Give them a calendar and update it with all the upcoming events and also allow them to schedule the games they want to place bets on. Now they are always busy betting in your app.

Bookie Panel-Hosting Made Easy

Give the bookie everything they want to create numerous contests effortlessly.

Bookmaker Account

Let the bookies create and manage an account for themselves in your sports betting app.

Managing The Punters

Make managing the punters an easy job for the bookies using your app. Let them stay comfortably and host numerous events.

Push Notifications

Notify the bookies now and then on the events hosted by them and make sure they are always excited to earn more, thereby hosting more.

A Live Feed

Insight your bookie on the forthcoming games and their possibilities to earn from them. Innately compelling them to host an event.

Punter Support

You lend the bookies a support feature to assist the punters on the events hosted by the bookie.

A Versatile Admin Panel

You are offered every feature you need to manage the punters and bookies efficiently.

Game Management

Keep adding any game or sport you feel is trending and could help load your wallets. Managing the games is a cakewalk with the admin panel.

User Management

The admin panel is your god’s eye. Monitor all your users and manage their data effortlessly.

Risk Management

Risks are no more risks, as you can manage all of them using a single panel and a few clicks.

Insightful Dashboard

The dashboard insights you with data on the performance of your business and on strategies that can skyrocket your business.

Advanced Features Of Bet365 Clone App

Offering something additional and advanced can make you the preferable choice for the punters and the bookies undoubtedly. Get to know of some add-ons we’ve got in our store for you.

Betting Options

Confer the punters of your app with a platter of betting options to choose from. This allows them to go far when their wallets are puffed up and go low when their wallets are getting dry but never stay idle.

Multilingual App

Punters do not come from one land or one language but then why do you go with an app with one language? Make it multilingual and call out for punters from all the seven continents.


Keep that promotional banner on always and let the punters get lured to place a bet every time they see it.


Let your users learn more about betting and the latest news on betting. Let them turn into a pro and keep betting more and winning more while you grow more.

Daily Betting Offers

An offer a day keeps the punter betting every day. Bestow your users with exciting offers daily and let them make use of it to win monumental prices.

Betting Community

Allow your users to form a community of punters, let them have conversations on betting and also share insights on the upcoming games so they could win a bet.

Elite Features That Upscale Your Market

TurnkeyTown is a team that keeps us updated with the latest trends and techs. Let it be blockchain technology, cloud computing, or IoT, and we have already swum across those oceans. Check on a few premium features that can upscale your business with a rapid surge.

Accurate odds

Enlighten your users with 100% accurate odds to raise their confidence level every time they make a bet.

Recommend Bets

Let your app recommend personalised bets for the punters in your app. The AI technology embedded in the app will do the work accurately for you.

Cryptocurrency Payments

Proffer your users with all available options in the tech world. Let the punters make payments using cryptocurrencies; this ensures them that we offer you all the luxury, and all you have to do is bet and win.

Offline Connectivity

The network may fail the punters, but you don’t. With the offline connectivity feature, your app works seamlessly even when the network is down. Let them know that nothing stops or interrupts their betting process.

Similar Sports App Solutions Offered By TurnkeyTown

TurnkeyTown has other similar solutions to sports betting apps in the store.

Sports Betting Website
Sports betting is an enthusiastic venture celebrated by many people out there. If you are looking to turn this adrenaline rush into a business, we can help you create robust sports betting website with user-friendly features.
Sports Betting Software Development
TurnkeyTown has been developing sports betting solutions for some time and has been successful in building stalwart and secured solutions. Developing a sports betting software considering the numerous games held all over the world makes it a viable option to start earning from day one.
Virtual Betting Development
The virtual world is destined to be the future; this has been proved several times with NFTs and other virtual games. Virtual betting is a software developed based on Random Number Generator (RNG). Virtual games like virtual football, virtual horse race, virtual tennis, virtual American football, and more other games can be betted on with this software. The result of the game is unpredictable, and the users can’t predict it with the outcome of the previous games or any formula. TurnkeyTown has been doing well in creating Virtual betting platforms already. So if you look to venture into something futuristic and amusing like this, get on board with us.
Fantasy Sports Development
Fantasy sports have been on a surge in the past two, three years. Although its history goes back to the second world war, people have started flocking towards it in a horde recently. The sports lovers feed these fantasy games to their love for sports and find this as an opportunity to showcase their sport intellectualism. If you are another crazy sports fan encrypted with entrepreneurial thoughts, hop on with us and launch that fantasy sports website.
Fantasy Sports Software Development
Suppose you are an entrepreneur looking for a space in the fantasy sports sector. You will be aware of mobile apps and softwares like Dream 11, MPL, Bet365, and more. These have been doing wonders in business and have been acquiring humongous funds to scale up. If you want to build an app to join this bandwagon of fantasy sports apps or top them, you can do it, and we can assist you to do it.
Sports Betting Clone Script
TurnkeyTown is all set with top-notch clone scripts for sports betting apps. By joining hands with your one in a million idea, we could customize these clone scripts into a sports betting app that could turn out to be a million-dollar business in a wink.

TurnkeyTown’s Operational Procedure To Built Your Sports Betting App

We break down our work process into three phases to bestow better clarity for our inmates and our clients.

Phase 1



We hold a meeting with you to enlighten ourselves with the newly born ideas you have shelved with you. In this discussion, all the germane and key factors are jotted down for our future reference.


Project Planning

This step again involves you. We study your projects plan and the time period you have allocated for the deployment of the app and look if we can build a seamless app in your time constraint and if the time is too jiffy, what are the other options we can look upon and more.

Phase 2


Requirement Analysis

In this phase, it is more of in-house planning. We share the project with the whole crew and make an analysis of the requirements to execute the project seamlessly on time.


Assigning Teams

In order to execute a monumental project, we break it down and allocate teams to work on discrete functionalities.

Phase 3


Captivating Design

Our design team starts crafting a unique design for your business. The design resembles your business logo, idea, and vision.


Stellar Back-End Development

Our team of expert sports betting app developers start building your dream into a stellar app with enticing features that can lure users into staying in the app.


Austere Testing And QA

The testing team follows a strict protocol of testing the app on all the stages of development to ensure the app is free of bugs.



Now, we have your stupendous sports betting app ready to deploy. We share it with you for you to check out. Once you are fulfilled with our work, we deploy the app on the Android and iOS platforms.

What Makes TurnkeyTown
An Indubitable Choice To Develop A Sports Betting App Like Bet365?

Every entrepreneur or business owner must know why they have to get on board with an app development company to develop their app. To know why you should hop on with us, keep reading.

  • Pre-Developed Scripts

    In this fast-paced tech world, numerous apps get deployed every single day. And it is necessary to be as early as possible in this race to reap the maximum benefits. When we say Bet365 clone app, it means we have a ready-made sports betting app script that can be launched instantly once the customizations are done—allowing you to bring your into play at the earliest.

  • A Fleet-Footed Approach

    In TurnkeyTown, we follow a fleet-footed approach, and this helps us to develop a stalwart app with a seamless performance in split seconds. Your dream app gets life even before you dreamt it to be when you have chosen TurnkeyTown to develop your app.

  • Cross-Functional Team

    In TurnkeyTown, we all work together, and we believe it to be our strength. When we dive into a project, we dive together and deeper with business developers, business analysts, UI/UX designers, software developers, and quality analysts, all of us being a single squad.

  • An Experienced Team With Astute Traits

    When it comes to our developers, stopping us from praising them is inevitable. It is because they are highly experienced and not to mention the shrewdness they possess to understand any business and create unbelievably stupendous apps.

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Bet365 clone is a digital platform for punters to join the contests hosted by the bookies and place their bets to win money. It is a stalwart app similar to the well-renowned sports betting Bet365 when it comes to seamless performance.
Let's keep it simple if you are looking for a vast user base, go for Android and if you are looking for a monumental income, go for iOS. If you are looking for both, go for both.
We got all kinds of sports bets in-store from singles, doubles, trebles, multiples, to each way or handicap. You just have to ask for what you want, and we customize it accordingly with no excuse.
We sign a non-disclosure agreement with you assuring your data of your app is in safe hands and won't leave our doors.
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