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Develop A Cab Hailing Business With The Uber Clone App

The advent of technology has taken over all the fields, including the business world. The generation is inclined towards digitization, and ease of access is expected in everything. The availability of services has been simplified by introducing an app for a specific task. There are many apps present in the market currently for services like food and grocery delivery, shopping, etc… In that order, an app for availing of a taxi ride has many advantages. A taxi-hailing Uber Clone App simplifies hailing a cab without waiving your hand on the street sides. The cab-hailing app has captured its limelight because of the demand by many people who use taxis to travel. Now availing a ride has become just a few clicks away.

“Uber has fulfilled 40 million rides per month in the US. It has a global market value of 72 billion. Also, given the global pandemic situation, many opt for personal rides and avoid buses or trains to avoid human contact. It implies there is no better time to invest in apps for hailing cabs than now.”

At the turnkey town, we provide replication of uber like app development and deliver you with a cab-hailing app that holds similar features to the original uber. Additionally, extra features can be added based on your suggestions or requirements. Let us get a better idea about the taxi app, and then let’s see the advantages of this app.

Taxi-Hailing Uber Clone App

A taxi-hailing app plays a significant role in commuting. Imagine an important day at work or school and standing for long minutes in the streets waiting for a ride. Sounds frustrating, isn’t it? To skip the waiting process in the middle of the hustle, this app comes to the save in which one can reserve their rides and get a pickup at their comfort place and reach the destination on time. Many office goers and elders welcome this app and find it difficult to drive or get on a crowded bus. Rides offered from this app ensure safe travel with safety precautions followed.



As discussed before, the bitter experience of waiting for taxis on the streets to avail a ride has been eliminated. One can select their ride whenever they want it, and the driver will come to pick you up at the spot you are present. There is no need for running behind taxis and standing for a long time. One just has to book a ride, specify their pickup location, and wait peacefully until the lift arrives.


The taxi ride offers a very flexible payment system. The passenger can pay the amount by any payment mode from the wide range of payment gateways available, and the payment can be made through debit/credit cards and internet banking. The app also has its E-wallet system in which the payment can be processed. Even cash payments are accepted.


According to relevant studies, e-hailing apps offer cheaper rides compared to regular taxis. Metering by regular taxis is done by calculating the distance covered, and the taxi-hailing apps assign a rate for a certain miles/kilometres travelled. It is another reason for people preferring taxis like uber over regular ones. Here the cost is cheap without compensating for the quality of the ride.

Professional Services

All taxis are periodically scheduled for repair services. Every taxi holds vehicle insurance which is renewed now and then. An admin panel official monitors the vehicles and the drivers, and it is administered well. So there can be no flaws in the services provided by the app. The commuters can also raise a query if they are not satisfied with the driving or feel the taxi is not proper, and they can also rate the driver and the ride according to the experience. Based on the ratings and reviews, the passenger can choose whether or not to avail of the ride.

Safe and Flexible For Taxi Drivers

Cab-hailing apps offer advantages to drivers as well. Drivers need not worry about unpaid rides as payments are online, and there is no worry of carrying money to provide change to their customers.

Just like passengers rating their rides, drivers can rate their customers too. Any rude or abusive behaviour and hesitating to pay the bill can get poor passenger ratings and report a complaint in the app. Too many poor ratings and bad reviews will terminate the passenger from using the service anymore. Also, the driver can choose his work timings.

Employment Opportunities

This taxi-hailing app has brought out so many employment opportunities for drivers and other backend administrators and technical expertise for keeping the business running. It has made this business more profitable, convenient, and secure.

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Uber Clone App Features

Let us discuss some of the features of this app.

User Features

Easy Request

This app allows users to reserve their rides within a few clicks. The user only has to enter their pickup and destination and wait for the driver to pick them up.

Flexible Money Transactions

The user can use any form of payment modes such as cash, card, internet banking, or E-wallet. A wallet is also available to pay for the service.


The GPS enabled app offers to track the driver’s current location while waiting. It also estimates the time at which the driver picks the passenger up.

Planning The Ride In Advance

The ride can be scheduled to a desired date and time for later purposes. The uber clone app has an in-built calendar in which the users can select the date and time of pickup and book a riddle. The driver will be present at the doorstep promptly at the scheduled time.

Rate And Review

The passenger gets to rate the driver and their ride experience and write a review on their performance. The rating is provided by giving some stars, and comments can be provided, but it is purely optional.

Driver’s App

Active/Offline Mode

Drivers can switch between active and inactive modes based on their feasibility. If the offline mode is selected, the driver will not be displayed to pick a ride until they switch back to active mode.

Accepting or Rejecting Rides

The drivers can choose whether or not to take up the ride by providing valid reasons. Depending on the driver’s fatigue, the distance of the passenger location or destination etc. such valid reasons can be provided to cancel a ride. If they accept a ride, they have to attend to the request and drive the passenger.


The driver is given an enhanced route map to reach the passenger pickup spot promptly. And the destination is also reached hustle-free with the assistance of maps.

Admins Panel

Trip Report

The number of trips, kilometre count, passenger profile, driver profile, invoice, etc., will be available to the admin’s panel to maintain a record.

Payment Status

The payment status can be monitored whether the transaction is completed or in process or if the transaction has been cancelled so that necessary actions are taken accordingly.

Summing Up

A good business happens when the service offered is clean and true to their senses. Though technology has taken over the taxi business to another dimension, striving in it takes constant efforts to please a customer. Turnkeytown offers a hand in building the business to reach great heights with their robust white label uber clone.

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