An intelligent school bus tracking software

A powerful and smart real-time school bus tracking platform that instantly updates school administrators and parents with the exact whereabouts of the vehicle. The software helps remove driving obstructions, thereby empowering bus drivers to perform their duties more efficiently. With cutting-edge GPS, powerful admin portal, user-friendly app for drivers, and well-crafted school bus tracking app for parents, it's no surprise that school districts across the globe are getting on board. Optimize your school bus transit & tracking with our next generation solutions today!

Well - defined solutions for every model

School districts

Smart solutions for school governing bodies who are dealing with an extensive scale school bus tracking and management implementations for multiple educational institutions. We offer the right features, customized to meet school transportation needs with ease. We even address school bus tracking requirements for student field trips, inter-city travel for special activities, and more.

Fleets owned by schools

Our school bus tracking solutions offer exceptional communication, management tools, and reporting facilities for seamless automation. We help address school administrators and transport managers numerous crucial responsibilities, including school bus routing, addressing parents concerns, boosting students safety, optimization, allocation, and much more.

School transport providers

For school and school districts, depending on private bus transport providers, we offer cutting-edge solutions for school transport providers. The platform is designed to address school admin & parents concern regarding secured trips, monitoring & reducing unplanned trips, bus fare collection, driver productivity, end-to-end vehicle tracking, and much more.

Parents App Features

Live tracking

School institution bus and their children on-board can be tracked in real time using mobile & web applications throughout the scheduled route.


Parents can communicate with school management or with the school bus driver directly via the application.

Pick-up & Drop-off alerts

Parents will receive pick-up/drop-off alerts when their child/children board & de-board the school bus.

Entry & Exit alerts

Parents can receive alerts whenever their child/children enter and exit the school bus/vehicle.

Proximity Alert

When the bus is within pick-up/drop-off point vicinity, parents will receive alerts via SMS & push notifications. The proximity can be customized as per parents requirements.

Offline Access

Parents can access the app during the absence of the internet. Once online, the app will be synchronized with new information, enabling parents to stay updated.

View scheduled bus routes

The school bus tracking app allows parents to view the scheduled route from pick-up point to drop-off (school). They will receive concerned notification in the event of any changes or updates in the predefined layouts.

School Admin App Features

Live tracking

The school admin can live-track the entire bus fleet in real-time using the mobile/web application throughout the scheduled routes.

Route & stage management

School admin/transport manager can create and manage routes and stages for individual buses hassle-free.


Send relevant information and alerts to drivers and parents via push notifications and SMS.

Ignition alert

The school admin/transport manager will receive alerts via SMS or push notifications when the driver turn on or turn off the bus.

Speed alert

The app allows real-time tracking of the school bus/vehicle’s speed, and when the rate exceeds from the defined limit, an alert is sent immediately.

Stoppage alert

School admin/transport manager will receive an alert when the bus is motionless at a point for more than the specified time.

Merge/split routes

School admin/transport manager can merge or split bus routes as per their discretion to comfortably accommodate their requirements.

Geo-fencing alerts

The school management can receive customized alerts when the bus enter or exit any of its pre-defined (geo-fenced) location.

Offline access

The concern information will be downloaded from the server into the application for users to access during offline mode. When online, the new information will be updated accordingly.


The school management can generate dedicated reports on operation cost, productivity, ignition, history of distance traveled, and other information.

Effective communication

With the app, school admin can directly communicate with both the bus drivers and parents. They can pass vital information regarding school trips, delays, and more.

Driver App Features


The driver will view end-to-end navigation with pick-up points and the estimated time of arrival (ETA) for each route. The route will be updated when the driver completes each pick-up.

Monitor speed

The app tracks and monitors the speed of the school bus. If the rate exceeds the defined limit, the driver & the school admin will be alerted immediately.

Live cam

School admins via the Live-cam can view the inside and outside of the school bus with ease. This feature boosts children's safety tenfold.

Active communication

Drivers can communicate information with regards to an emergency, updates on delay, and others with parents & school authorities.

Mark attendance

The app feature allows drivers to mark students attendance when they board the school bus.


Drivers will be notified with updates in the pick-up/drop location, students on leave, and much more seamlessly.

Fleet Manager App Features

Bus tracking

Fleet managers can track their bus fleet’s location, whether in motion or not in real-time and identify buses available at any given point of time.

Notifications & alerts

Enhance decision making with customized alerts and notification regarding unforeseen accidents, vehicle breakdown, traffic situation, and others.

School bus maintenance

Keep track of maintenance schedule for the fleet and receive alerts when the bus is due for maintenance.

End-to-end communication

Communicate relevant information with parents, school admin, and drivers via SMS or third party apps on delays, breakdowns, and more with ease.

Planning trips

Manage your fleet by implementing ad-hoc school tours or updating regular trips by creating or modifying pick-up/drop off points hassle-free.

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Why choose us


The dedicated apps for school transport authorities, parents, drivers, and fleet managers can be integrated with any language of choice.

Tailored software

We offer different applications for school districts/admin, school transport providers, drivers, and parents that have been tailored to meet individual needs seamlessly.

Secure application

The robust and scalable application goes through numerous security checks to ensure they function smoothly without any external interference.

Advanced hardware

We integrate GPS & also RFID (Radio frequency identification for kids) reader for end-to-end tracking of both the school bus and children.

Boost safety

Our solutions help schools track their bus fleet round the clock in real-time and also monitor and manage speed limit, student safety and, much more.


We design and develop your advanced and customizable school bus tracking app to work on all leading mobile (iOS & Android) and web platforms.

Yes, via the admin panel, you can download reports on bus trips, pick-up and drop-off location & time, student/driver details, and much more as per your discretion.

Yes, the scalable app is designed to accommodate infinite customization after launch. Get in touch with our experts to learn more.

Yes, we can add that feature upon your request. Parents can rate the drivers' performance and even provide additional feedback to help improve & secure the children's travel experience.

You can chat with our experts, or you could send us an email with your requirements and contact information at

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