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Setting Up A Multi-chain IDO Launchpad Made Easy With Trustpad Clone

You might have wondered how Cryptocurrency has  been a trending topic in almost every country in the world. With 300 million users of Cryptocurrencies globally, the sector grows, with governments trying to legalize them. Yes, there are several countries around the world coming forward to legalize Cryptocurrencies.  The emergence of crypto projects created a demand in multi-chain IDO launchpad development like trustpad.

Why? The increase in the number of users has brought several businesses to take up blockchain in hand for their projects. As a result, they need funds to proceed further in their development. IDO launchpad is a medium that helps in this regard. Looking for a perfect time and solution to get into the crypto world? Here is a guide you should go through first.

What is an IDO launchpad?

When businesses need funds for their blockchain projects, they prefer some crowd fundraising modules to raise them. One such module is Initial DEX Offering or IDO. It is the most preferred method for its own advantages. When you hear about businesses launching an IDO, it means the company is ready to sell IDO tokens or Crypto tokens to the public in return for fiat or Cryptocurrency. These funds are used by the project holders for their development. Fine! But what do the investors get in return ? They receive high returns on trading these tokens or receive a product or a service post-development. 

IDO launchpad is a decentralized platform that stands as a medium for these projects and investors. They spotlight potential projects to help them receive the funds they deserve while offering a secured platform for early investors.

Understanding Trustpad clone

Trustpad is a multi-chain IDO launchpad that aids latent crypto projects to get into the spotlight. The projects undergo verifications to ensure authenticity. This will protect the early investors from scams and create reliability on the platform. A Trustpad clone is a white-label solution that offers a rich set of features. The platform handpicks potential projects and provides high returns to investors.

Our Trustpad clone, an exclusive White-label solution, offers complete customization of features in it. Customization may include new features or even an upgrade to existing features. 

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The working mechanism of our Multi-chain launchpad development

Our Trustpad clone is a fair platform that can offer opportunities to investors equally to participate in the IDO launch. The security protocols and other features together help in the efficient working of the platform.

  1. Signing up or registering on the platform will be the first step. The crypto projects must give the required details like name, mail id, project whitepaper, website, and other project details. At the same time, the investors can register themselves with their basic contact details.
  2. Once the project details are registered along with the website, our Trustpad clone will go through the details and verify them to check their authenticity. If the project passes the test cases, it will get listed as a potential project in the Trustpad clone platform.
  3. The investors will be able to see the listed projects. They can also read their whitepaper, go through their website, the current status of the project, and other details to see its potential. 
  4. If the investor is interested in any project, he can request to participate in the IDO. This can be done by using the native token of the trustpad clone. 
  5. Before the launch of the IDO date, the users will get whitelisted to participate in the IDO. Whitelisting is a process where the investors get access to participate in the IDO depending on the requirements of the funds or the native token staked.
  6. Once whitelisted, they can easily participate in the Initial DEX Offering through secured gateways.

Rich features of our Trustpad Clone

Multi-chain compatible-

Our Trustpad clone offers interoperability with multiple major blockchain networks. That is, projects on any blockchain can be listed in it.

Multi-wallet Integration-

Any mainstream wallet can be integrated with our Trustpad clone. It eases the transactions for the users. This makes our platform a reliable source for users.

Multiple- staking models-

The platform offers a wide range of staking modules, and the users can have the freedom to select one of those according to their feasibility.

Automated liquidity pool-

The main aim of an IDO is to facilitate liquidity. Our automated liquidity pool facilitates instant trading and supports increased liquidity of the IDO tokens.

Instant allocation-

The users get instant allocation of tokens once the IDO is launched. They get the tokens based on their contribution to the liquidity pool.

Security and privacy-

Our IDO Launchapad is a secured platform for investors as well as businesses. Multi-layer security features, two-factor authentication, KYC, and others will ensure the platform is free from external threats.

What do you have to do to launch a Trustpad clone?

There are a few essential requirements that are necessary before you start your first step on IDO launchpad development.

  • You will have to devise the ideation behind your launchpad. Though you are opting for a white-label solution, it is important to record your customization and other innovations for the platform.
  • Once it’s done, you will have to draft a whitepaper or technical document with the overview and all the technical details of the launchpad development.
  • A roadmap for the present and future development of the IDO launchpad, future updates, and its details should be laid out prior to the development.
  • Native token is the major feature that needs to be developed for the IDO launchpad as this token only plays a role in deciding the liquidity. 

At Turnkey Town, we have experienced professionals who can help you from ideation to native token development. We have exceptional developers who can develop an IDO launchpad on any blockchain you desire.

Why Us?

We proffer IDO launchpad development services in various blockchain networks like Ethereum, Binance, Solana, Polkadot, and Cardano. Our expert technical team will provide post-development support. We also have a professional marketing team to promote your launchpad after the development.


IDO launchpad development is emerging as a new trend of the year because of the demand. Therefore Several blockchain projects are coming out, In addition it is said that businesses have raised funds effectively through IDO launchpads. This is a potential area where entrepreneurs can shine in the blockchain industry.

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