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Launch A Unique NFT Gaming Platform On BSC With Bitibots Clone

Gaming is always fun, no matter what your age is. Kids and adults are equally interested in playing games on their PCs for fun and recreation. What if these games offer you a passive income? Yes, it is now possible to earn through NFT games like Bitibots. Several NFT games are emerging in various blockchains, and Binance smart chain is one of the most preferred blockchains for NFT gaming.

NFT gaming platforms are gaining popularity among entrepreneurs, gaming enthusiasts, and NFT geeks. This is considered a potential field to enter or start your journey in the blockchain industry. Sounds Greek and Latin now? Here is a complete guide you should follow to understand NFT game development in Binance Smart Chain.

What are NFT games?

You know NFTs are unique digital assets whose ownership is etched on the blockchain. Since they give exclusive ownership rights to digital assets, they gave a pathway to NFT games. NFT games are computer games in which the characters or avatars, accessories, consumables, and other tradable digital assets in the game are made as NFTs. These items are minted as NFTs on the blockchain network, and gamers can trade these items and earn in return.

People can sell and buy these gaming NFTs to other players and collectors. Some games also offer rewards for the players while trading their NFTs.

There are Play-to-earn NFT games where players will be rewarded with tokens and NFTs depending on the time they spend playing. Other NFT games are categorized as In-game NFTs, where players have to get NFT collectibles that are tradeable in the game.

Why Binance Smart Chain?

Almost all the NFT games are built on either Ethereum blockchain or the Binance Smart Chain. Though several NFT games are built on the Ethereum blockchain, Binance Smart Chain is emerging as a hub for NFT games these days. Entrepreneurs these days prefer to develop games on Binance smart chain because

  • With low fees and faster transactions, Binance made NFT games affordable for all the game lovers out there.
  • The extensive wallet support from Binance is one of the major reasons which attracted the gaming community. The option to integrate desired wallets built reliability for the users. This made it suitable to attract many crypto users to NFT gaming.
  • The intensive accelerator programs, funding, and investments provided by the Binance for innovative gaming projects are key elements for entrepreneurs. This offer of guidance from the binance for projects built on the binance chain can help you take your project into the spotlight.
    Cross-chain interoperability allowed by the binance smart chain makes it suitable for a gaming environment. The APIs provided for the data sharing, processing, and multilayer security make BSC an appropriate environment for NFTs.

At Turnkey town, our professional developing team has been experienced in NFT game and defi development over the years. You can launch your dream NFT game in any Blockchain you desire.

What are Bitibots?

Bitibots is an NFT game that combines the fun of owning unique NFTs of Bots and Yield. This is an Exclusive NFT game where the players have to buy Bitibots, which are unique NFTs. The first-generation Bitibots are only 10,000 in numbers and can be owned by buying them directly. The Native token of this NFT game is BITI. Every Bitibot is unique with its own characteristics.

These Bitibots exist in Biticity, which is in threat from the Destrobots. These Destrobots will besiege the city occasionally to disrupt the smooth functioning of the city. The unique attributes and characteristics of Bitibots can be determined using the DNA sequence.

Distinct DNA sequence of Bitibots

The DNA sequence is a 5 digit, in which each digit represents a separate bar and attribute.

  1. The first digit of the DNA sequence represents the power of eyesight of the bot
  2. The second sequence digit determines the characteristics of the body
  3. The third digit represents the features and characterization of the Head
  4. The fourth digit represents the details of the mouth
  5. The fifth digit depicts the most important trait of the bot, which is the mental traits and abilities.

The DNA sequence of the bot also determines the mining and hashrate and overall success rate of the city with the besiege of Destrobots.

Breeding Bitibots

Bitibots that were first made available are the parent generation bots. These first-generation bots or Gen 0 bots are 10,000 in number. It is now possible to produce new generation bots with them. That is, two Gen-0 bots can give up their lives to produce a new Gen 1 bot.

The players have the ability to choose the Gen 0 bots with perfect DNA sequences that will match together to produce an exemplary Gen 1 bot. Higher generation Bitibots offer higher yields. The users can check the attributes and choose the bots to get more optimized higher-generation bots.

The second-generation Bitibots can mine faster than the first as they combine the attributes of the parent bots.

Biticity marketplace

The Biticity marketplace is a platform in which players can trade their Bitibots. $BITI is the native token of Biticity. The players can own these tokens by buying them in return for BNB coins.

The users will be rewarded with tokens when they breed their bots. Using the mining ability of the bots while breeding will also reward them with tokens

Developing a Bitibots clone

This is a Unique NFT game in the market, attracting a number of users. If you are an entrepreneur looking for an opportunity to launch an NFT game similar to Bitibots, you can taste success quickly with Bitibots clones.

It is a White-label solution that is pre-developed and tested designed by expert developers to overcome many challenges. The development time, cost, and resources are considerably reduced in this development method.

Where to start?

It is indeed difficult to take the first step to a big journey. After discussing the feasibility with them, leaving it in the hands of experts is the best step one could take. We have got you covered now. You can get in touch with experts today and gain insights to kickstart your career in the Blockchain field.

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