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Poloniex Clone: Launch A Flaunting Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

“[Blockchain] is the biggest opportunity set we can think of over the next decade or so,” says Bob Greifeld, Nasdaq Chief Executive. Without further thought, it is showing numerous offers for each and everyone who ventures into this crypto market. Let it be the NFTs that are attracting all the digital collectibles enthusiasts; the cryptocurrency exchange platforms to seamlessly exchange with the other cryptocurrencies; the crowdfunding platforms to raise capital, and it goes on. Thus effective Blockchain technology is doing beyond miracles and expectations. In such a way, why not beginners like you start with a Poloniex clone? It is nothing but a replica of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platform but gives a little pause. Let us ‘kick at the can’ step by step through this blog right away! 

What Is A Poloniex Clone? 

Is it an instant solution? Is it a profitable solution? But what if I say this solution encompasses all the highly beneficial requirements to start a crypto exchange? Yes, Undoubtedly, the Poloniex clone is a pre-engineered solution with complete source code. It resonates with the existing predominant cryptocurrency exchange – Poloniex and offers budding business persons to follow in their footsteps. 

The core benefit of this white-label Poloniex clone is that one can get a chance to customize it overall. This leads to a platform based on the client’s preferences and business requirements. In addition, it includes all the basic features and technologies to function in the global market. Furthermore, if you do require additional features, you can further adjust and incorporate them. Therefore, it is solemnly in your hands, and it acts according to your preferences. 

But, Why Prefer An IEO Platform Like Poloniex? 

Typically, Poloniex is completely based on the cryptocurrency exchange platform. If a crypto user holds a cryptocurrency, they can efficiently interchange for other cryptocurrencies through this medium. Although a lot of crypto-based platforms are emerging, Poloniex has set a standard among its trusted users. Along with these, it has also set an ideal example for budding entrepreneurs to create an IEO platform like Poloniex. 

From its launch year 2014, Poloniex has been advancing and serving higher technological tools to perform seamlessly in the competitive crypto market. To date, it has been successfully pioneering in all the countries around the world. Therefore, budding entrepreneurs can stand a chance to allure the eyes of the crypto traders towards your alternative IEO platform. 

How Does A Cryptocurrency Exchange Like Poloniex Works? 

Now that you have got a clear outline of the leading platform and its alternative solutions. It is time to explore the work process of cryptocurrency exchanges like Poloniex. Similar to the existing platform, there will not be any friction or bug in the working process. Therefore, from the beginning to the very end, the user can experience seamless functionality. 

  • Initially, the user will sign up for your platform using their Gmail account or by phone number. Once the registration is completed, they can get immersed in the platform and start the cryptocurrency trading business. 
  • The user will complete the KYC/AML verification process using any of their government-issued license, passport, and others. This way, you can prevent the entry of relevant and unauthorized profiles. 
  • In addition, users can connect their IEO accounts to their bank accounts, where the funds can be directly deposited into their fiat accounts. This can be easier for trading crypto assets. 
  • Once the trading is done successfully, the cryptocurrency will be transferred and be credited to the user’s profile. 
  • Apart from this, the admin profit by setting a commission fee for every successful cryptocurrency trading. 

Doesn’t it sound simple for crypto users? This is the time to seize and offer them such a seamless workflow for your valuable users. 

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Stunning Features Integrated With Poloniex Clone Development

Understanding these captivating features can be efficient to start with your Poloniex clone development. The important ones are gathered, compiled, and listed here. 

IEO Landing – We integrate the IEO launchpad in your Poloniex clone software, where the users will display their projects. This will help them to gain fundraisers more quickly from reliable sources. 

Margin Lending – Including the margin lending feature similar to the one existing in the Poloniex. This way, the users can lend valuable assets to the margin traders with a minimum or for a regular interest. 

Trader Support – Do not let the user be stranded on your platform. We integrate the trader support that will guide the users to effectively trading activities. Along with this, it also helps them with access to the cryptocurrency in their wallets. 

Token Swap – We build the solution with highly scalable and accommodable token swapping. Here, the users can swap for the available crypto pairs across the DEX platforms. If you are aiming at massive crowds, you can proceed with providing this feature. 

Crypto Wallet Setup – The integration of the crypto wallet is the core essence to make this cryptocurrency exchange platform successful. These crypto wallets will allow the users to store and transfer the currencies more quickly and in a secured way.

Trading Bot – Nowadays, integrating the trading bots can be easier to keep the users closer to your platform and not stranded. These trading bots can clarify the queries raised by the users, and they get the solutions without much ado. 

Rapid Fast APIs – With advanced smart algorithms, you can offer seamless cryptocurrency trading for your users. 

Why Choose Our IEO Development Services Company? 

Getting along with an IEO development services company can be highly eligible to attain numerous benefits and solutions. In that way, our expertise at TurnkeyTown offers all our clients a prefab solution that will bring a golden fortune in the forthcoming years. Apart from these, 

  • Our masterminds in blockchain technology understand the complete criteria of the clients. And help them to achieve the platform suitable for their business. 
  • We have created and embarked on the crypto industry by rendering the fastest development solution and boosting the clients to reach the goals at the desired times. 
  • As mentioned earlier, our highly customizable solutions can be tailored based on the client’s preferences. Thereby, we offer the finest flexible solution for every aspiring entrepreneur. 
  • We solemnly consider the privacy of your valuable users. Therefore, we provide secured and highly reliable services in your Poloniex clone software. This way, you can stand out as a reliable cryptocurrency trading platform. 

Winding Up 

To conclude, this is a valid opportunity that every entrepreneur would get to enter into the flourishing crypto world. Take the cryptocurrency exchange to the next level with our Poloniex clone development. We act as your guide, your partner, and also your support service provider through the development process. Hold on to us closely to experience great heights in the competitive market. 

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