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Looking To Launch Your Own Zoom Clone App? Here’s How!

Ever since the onset of the Covid pandemic, social distancing, lock-down, work from home has become the new custom of life. As a protection against the contamination of the virus and to ensure health safety, people are left with no other option but to stay indoors, avoiding human interaction.

This unprecedented situation has made people look for alternatives to establish communication that spotlighted video conferencing apps like Zoom. These apps serve as a boon to the workforce and education sector in particular. Being the need of the hour solution, an app like Zoom is witnessing a tremendous surge in its usage, leading to increased demand for a reliable solution.

Seeing this unceasing demand for video call apps, it presents a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to establish their business by launching a Zoom clone app. Of course, not just the pandemic is the only reason for the growth of video conferencing app. But, many employees and companies prefer these virtual solutions as it reduces the time and investment to be made in setting up meeting rooms.

Various Purposes Of Zoom Clone App

Business Needs: To discuss a project with the team or address a query or talk to clients regarding their needs, or for any business purposes, video conferencing apps provide the best communication platform favoring untroubled interactions.

Educational Needs: If it is not for the video conferencing applications studying and taking exams would have been impossible in times like this. Customizing app with features like a whiteboard, recording and sharing lectures, etc., can offer a real-time learning experience to students whilst having their complete attention in the class.

Personal Connections: Physically attending parties and events are unbeatable, let’s admit it. But, these virtual solutions help people stay in touch with their friends and relatives who stay in any corner of the world. Moreover, when we cannot be physically present for some reasons, these web-based applications bring concert and events to our place. Isn’t it cool? Virtual solutions are not that bad after all!

So, it is more evident that virtual video conferencing solutions have revolutionized the way we connect with people. Let us now get to the part where we get some insightful information about the highly beneficial Zoom clone app development process.

Attributes Involved In Zoom Clone App Development

Choose Your Platform!

You can either take the native route where you launch your application in Android and iOS or can make use of web-based applications that can be accessed from any device. To gain a wider user base for your business, you can make your Zoom clone app available on all platforms, from smartphones to desktops. Be it mobile or web application, Zoom clone provides separate apps readily available for users and admin.


Although Zoom clone script retains all essential Zoom app features, adding extra features and functionalities gives exclusivity to your app. You can customize your app by adding themes, having separate features for formal meetings like breakout rooms controlled by the host and features like filters and reaction for informal ones. And what more, you can also feature your brand, company themes and colors in your app like Zoom. The app scripts offer endless possibilities for customizing the app according to your choice.

Having said this, let us know about some of the features to have in the Zoom clone app.

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Highlighting Features That Can Be Incorporated Into Your App

As we discussed above, the majority of the employees and students highly rely on encrypted video conferencing apps. So with the need at an all-time high, providing Zoom clone with exciting and advanced features is sure to take your business to heights. And here are some of the features to include.

Private/Public Conferences: It allows users to set up business meetings virtually from anywhere without the need to register in the app. By sharing the invite link, people can join the session just by clicking it.

Scheduled Meetings: Enables users to schedule a meeting beforehand and share the invite link to the participants. It also lets users set alerts to remind them and other attendees to join the meeting.

Screen Sharing: Be it PowerPoint presentation or videos, users can share their screen with fellow attendees through this option. Privacy can be assured by an end-end encrypted system.

YouTube Video Sharing: If the user wants to make the session more lively and interactive, this option enables them to share YouTube videos directly rather than download them.

Document Sharing: Provides access to the fellow attendee to work on the document simultaneously with the user while the session is going on.

Messaging Panel: Users can exchange messages instantly during the video call using this feature.

Mute Anyone: It gives control to the host to mute any of the attendees or everyone in the meeting. However, the attendees can unmute them if they wish to voice out their opinion.

Audio/Video Recording: Allows recording of the meeting for future references. Anybody can download the meeting and share it with people who missed attending.

Blur Your Background: Blurs the background while attending the video call, setting the audience focus only on the user.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Your App?

The cost of app development is variable means it varies depending on various factors. However, you can analyze the factors and do a fair estimation of the cost. Below listed are some of the factors that greatly influence the price.

  • App’s complexity includes the number of features you have in your app. The more advanced features substantially increase the cost.
  • App’s designing including the layout and themes
  • Tech-stack involved in the front-end, back-end and others
  • Operating systems and multiple programming platforms
  • App development company cost depends on team location, expertise, time taken for app creation and so on.
  • Native app development ( Android & iOS). It costs more if you also want to launch on the web.
  • App’s UI/UX design. UI must be kept simple and attractive.

End Note

Customizing your app with the unique features mentioned above gives your brand an edge over others in the market, propelling your business to heights. We at Turnkey Town proffer Zoom clone script ingrained with an advanced feature set at an economical price. So, why wait? Utilize the chance and boom your business by joining hands with us. Leave us a message, and we are happy to help you!

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