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Unveil A Felicitous Video Conferencing Application Like Zoom Clone

Quench the monumental demand for Video-Conferencing solutions with our white-label Zoom Clone. Drenched with futuristic features and flaunts an unassailable functionality. Business meetings, Group Discussions, Educational Webinars, and QA Sessions have never been this easy!

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Video Conferencing App Like Zoom
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Launch A Spellbinding Cloud Meeting App Like Zoom Right Now!

Surging demand, Skyrocketing value, and Staggering numbers aren't mere phonetic words; they fit the bill of describing the status quo of cloud-based video-conferencing solutions like our Zoom Clone for business. Besides being assorted with the original's best, it is rewired to banish any threats or vulnerabilities to exert an immensely secure virtual connectivity experience.

Plunge into this remunerative vertical by customizing the app end-to-end, integrating any feature you want. Where do you find a complete white-label video conferencing solution that's intrinsically agile and innately robust? Yes, it's here at Turnkeytown! Ramp up your arsenal with our world-class Zoom app clone script that transcends any constraints and translates to massive success.
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White-Label Video Conferencing Solution

Groundbreaking Zoom Clone For Business

The Zoom Clone is a cloud video conferencing solution that is assembled with a suite of maverick virtual connectivity tools facilitating online meetings, webinars, one-to-one communication, and much more. Diligently conceived, wireframed, designed, and developed, the Zoom app clone is a marriage between path-breaking technology and working market sensibilities. A perfect solution for entrepreneurs looking to conquer the ceaseless market for Zoom meetings clone app. So, why wait? Get our white-label video conferencing solution at an unbeatable price and launch it in a matter of a few days!
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Integral Features Of Zoom Clone Script

Private/Public Meetings

Harness the best of privacy by organizing private meetings that require a security key to enter the meeting; alternatively, the host can conduct public meetings that don’t mandate any passkey; anybody with the link can join and get edified.

Schedule Meetings

Are recurrent meetings looming over your agenda? Schedule them seamlessly as per your convenience and send reminders to the attendees without a hitch. The perfect business solution!

Screen Recording

Sail through the salient points of the meeting as the video conferencing app like Zoom is embedded with the ability to record the session in its entirety. Never miss your anything that’s deemed necessary as everything is documented.

Screen Sharing

Supersize the effectiveness of remote working by ingeniously sharing the content of a single window or the whole screen in our Zoom clone. From business presentations to photo albums, everything can be shared seamlessly.

Live Document Editing

Business operations have never been this efficient as users can effortlessly upload and edit documents of any kind - PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, text files, etc., in real-time coherent with the video meeting.

Instant Messaging

Why restrict yourself to visual cues when one can promptly connect with participants of the meeting through private or group messaging! Exchange text messages, emojis, crucial links, etc. - all in a secure internal communication channel.

Privileges Of The Zoom Clone Solution We Offer


Foray into the entrepreneurial battleground by proficiently rebranding the Zoom clone with your rooted business identity elements such as logo, brand name, tagline, etc.

One-Time Investment

Eliminate the need of periodical payments as the moment you purchase our Zoom clone, the entire spectrum of ownership and proprietorship rights is transferred.

Versatile Hosting

The Zoom clone is ingeniously engineered to be hosted on a server of your choice besides suggesting some of the best-in-industry hosting providers with a proven track record.

Permanent License

Bestowed with the ability to channelize the fruits of the limitless access and ownership of the rebranded Zoom clone solution, business owners are made self-sufficient with an immutable license.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Being a business-class solution, the Zoom clone is superimposed with a multitude of income sources, ranging from subscription fees to in-app purchases and advertisement charges.

Timely Updates

Ramping up the technological and financial relevancy, our Zoom clone is systematically augmented with software updates in line with market needs and customer expectations.

The Working Mechanism Of Our Zoom App Clone

Step 1:

Sign Up/ Registration

Users can storm into the app by entering their email address/phone number or through their Google/social media credentials.

Step 2:

Host Meeting

A user can start a video meeting right away by clicking the ‘Host a Meeting’ button that generates an optional meeting passkey.

Step 3:

Invite Participants

The meeting host can share the meeting link, which consists of essential information such as meeting date, time, etc., through email/WhatsApp, etc.

Step 4:

Accept/Reject Invitation

The users have the ability to accept or reject the virtual meeting invitation shared by the host.

Step 5:

Join Meeting

Users willing to enter the meeting should click the ‘Join The Meeting’ button, which will then be authenticated by the host if it is a private meeting.

Step 6:

Share/Record Screen

Participants can share and record the virtual meeting proceedings besides the capability to chat with other participants.

Step 7:

End Meeting

Participants can leave the meeting anytime they wish, but the ability to terminate the meeting will be under the host's discretion.

Step 8:

Reviews and Ratings

Hosts can mandate the participants to rate the meeting's effectiveness through the review field displayed after a meet ends.

What Comes With Our Exclusive Zoom Clone Package?

Aggravate your entrepreneurial arsenal with a feature-laden, all-encompassing Zoom clone package that caters to the entire spectrum of users' video-conferencing requirements.

  • An Avant-Garde Zoom Clone iOS App

    Infused with unassailable functionality, the iOS iteration of our Zoom clone reverberates the Apple ecosystem's agility and delivers eccentric performance that's nothing short of magic.

  • A Superlative Android App

    Built with groundbreaking technology, the Zoom clone Android app is loaded with top-notch features, exhibits the streaks of sturdiness, and is devoid of any plausible vulnerabilities.

  • A User-Friendly Web Application

    Tap the legion of unexplored markets by intensifying the accessibility of the Zoom clone with a stunningly conceived and developed web application that makes hosting and joining virtual meetings a child's play.

  • A Master Admin Dashboard

    Armed with a wall-to-wall view of the Zoom clone's entire range of business and operational procedures, effortless management and monitoring are made possible by the all-inclusive admin dashboard.

Zoom App Clone Script

Illuminating Features Of Zoom Meetings Clone App

Host Meetings

Entitle users with the capacity to instantly launch a meeting and invite other users by sharing a personalized and private meeting ID in a few taps.

Mute/Unmute Participants

The hosts are granted access to turn off the microphone of any participants. Alternatively, individual participants can mute/unmute themselves, adhering to the situational demands.

Waiting Rooms

Structure out the virtual meeting proceedings by intently allowing participants in a sequential order, making others wait in a digital lounge.

In-App Messaging

Users can reach out to participants elsewhere in the meet by sending them text messages or assort into groups and communities.

Share Files

Hasten up the efficiency of online business meetings as the users are able to seamlessly upload and share various documents and files irrespective of their type.

Live Streaming

In order to extend the continuity of the meet's content to a broader audience, the hosts can effortlessly stream the virtual meeting's proceedings on various social media platforms and YouTube.

User Management

Admins can readily access the entire database of users along with their details and export it for the purpose of quality assessment and competent customer service.

Subscription Management

The whole fleet of available subscription plans, their perks, privileges, and pricing plans can be deliberately rewired by the admin, pertaining to the market conditions.

Advanced Analytics

Admins are drenched in insights derived from analytical reports that depict the app's operational and financial performance through crucial metrics.

Role Management

In order to sustain effective management of the app, admins can invariably recruit and assign targeted roles and responsibilities to subordinates, a.k.a., sub-admins.

Payment Management

Admins can intently add/remove/block any of the app's existing payment options based on customer patronage and neglect of particular methods.

Finance Corner

Empowered with limitless access to a transactional repository such as the number of subscriptions available, total income, total profit, profitability rate, etc., financial management becomes a cakewalk.

One-on-One Streaming

Marking a new dawn in personal communication, the Zoom clone proffers users with the ability to connect with their loved ones through an ultra-secure virtual conferencing functionality.

Presence Indicators

Keeping track of online meetings is no more difficult as hosts can scrutinize the presence of the entire crew of participants with smart indicators denoting their attendance.

Private Subdomains

Aggrandizing the solution's business alignment, the Zoom clone accredits users to create their own subdomain flaunting their logo, brand name, business identity, etc.

Virtual Hand Raising

Users can flag their obligation to raise doubts and assert opinions through the virtual hand-raising feature, coupled with an array of reaction indicators in the form of emojis.

Some Retrofits To Watch Out For

App Like Zoom

HIPAA Compliance

To complement the stringent regulations of telemedicine, we develop HIPAA-compliant iterations of our world-class Zoom clone solution.

Large Meetings

To facilitate the glitch-free organization of meetings exceeding the 250 active participant mark, we come up with scalability integrations that enable upto 1000 participants with the capability to interact.

Virtual Polls

The hosts can organize polls according to diverse situations and environments to deduce the participants' opinions quickly.

H.323 Room Connectors

Bond out the existing telepresence systems such as Polycom, Cisco, Tandberg, etc., with the Zoom clone without any hassle.

Remunerative Measures Of Our Zoom Clone For Business

The nuances and metrics of our Zoom clone’s business model are extensively customizable and circumvents on a tier-based subscription basis.

Subscription Fee

Arguably the most stable source of income. Users are required to pay a substantial subscription fee based on their requirements. The subscriptions can be stretched into different tiers, each flaunting a tangible set of features and functionality.

Freemium Model

An extension of the subscription model, the freemium idea, mandates the users to upgrade from a basic account that consists of certain essential features. If a user needs a solution with higher capabilities, they can secure them by paying a premium subscription.
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Zoom Clone App Development

The Versatility Of Our Zoom Clone App


Proffer relentless transfer of knowledge by setting up online classes, lectures, webinars, QA sessions uncomplicatedly through the video-conferencing utility.

Business and Corporations

Dilute the probability of miscommunication and misconceptions in business communications by constructing a clarity-laden remote working environment.

Cooking and Culinary

Take your reputation to the next level by seizing the online space through conducting virtual cooking classes for your clients through any communication device.

Dance Training

Let your clients master the art of movements by conferring them regular dance classes through the suite of video conferencing tools available in the Zoom clone.


Our HIPAA-compliant Zoom clone is all that you need to actuate your telemedicine startup dream into a happening and bustling reality.


Digitize case-related discussions through the video-conferencing ability of our Zoom clone that transcends the constraints posed by distance and time.

Government and Public Sector

Remote monitoring of government schemes and welfare measures is now a possibility, thanks to the virtual calling tools embedded in the Zoom clone.

Media and Entertainment

Suffused with the capability to share 4K video clips to a universal audience, the entertainment industry scions can harness the power of virtual connectivity through the Zoom clone.

Enjoy A Seamless Zoom Clone App Development With Us


    Requirement Every single nuance of your figurative sense of app requirements, needs, and vision is dissected and analyzed.

    ArchitectureThe diverse iterations of the architecture view are consolidated along with singling out the database's design components.


    WireframingThe app, in its entirety, is wireframes, including various functionalities, clickable prototypes, and feedback generation and assimilation.

    Design ValidationModeling the agility of Google's design sprints, we vehemently design and validate your application's visual ideas.


    Code ValidationDeploying cutting-edge technology, we code out the Zoom clone at its totality with an enticing frontend and robust backend functionality.

    DeliveryThe full-fledged Zoom clone is submitted to the various app platforms and also installed in your preferred server by our engineers.

The Astonishing List of Payment Gateway Integrations for the Zoom Clone

Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology

Entrepreneurs Who Can Benefit From Our Zoom Clone App

Information Technology

The traditional proponents of the remote working concept, the IT silo, can maximize its efficiency by administering its operations through the virtual conferencing suite of tools.


Aligning the fiscal medium with the digital revolution, the complete gamut of banking operations can be miniaturized into the screens of communication devices.


Instigate a revolution in the approach of healthcare by democratizing the service. This is made possible by connecting doctors with patients in remote and generally inaccessible locations.


With online classrooms, virtual tours, augmented reality-powered laboratory visits and seminars being the norm of the future, educational institutions lead the way, and the Zoom clone may prove to be their best investment yet.


Clamped with unwavering privacy and relentless professionalism offered by a video-conferencing solution like our Zoom clone, virtual governance is rightfully inevitable.

Zoom Clone Android App

What Makes Our White-Label Video Conferencing Solution A Trustworthy Choice For You?

  • Meeting Credentials are mandatory for starting a new meeting.
  • Joining the virtual conference before the host isn’t possible.
  • Entering a meet without the host’s permission isn’t possible.
  • The host can enable/disable the file transfer option willingly.
  • Hosts can lock the meeting once the desired set of participants have joined.
  • The host can enable/disable the screen recording feature readily.
  • Hosts and participants have to end the session to terminate and not just leave it.
  • Hosts can enable/disable the option allowing the rejoining of removed participants.

How Can Our Outstanding Zoom Clone Help To Elevate Your Business?

The 21st Century businesses need a modern communication solution that can quench even the minutest connectivity obligations in a simultaneous overlay of security and clarity, and our Zoom clone perfectly fits the bill!

  • The Cosmopolitan Networking Tool

    Hit a home run in the networking party scene with a celestial set of communication tools that virtually expedite anything from personal to group connections.

  • Made like a Bullet

    Infused with an army of security integrations that makes your competition envious, the Zoom clone is the live exemplification of metaphorical standards of dexterity and security.

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Engage Our Savvy Developers To Build A Robust Video Conferencing App

If you are an entrepreneur looking for a trusted app development company for launching your Zoom-like app, well, you have arrived at the right place. Turnkeytown is the preferred name among a prestigious bandwagon of business magnates and industry experts. This is made possible due to our in-house developers' top-notch skills, who express a unique approach to video conferencing app development, having operated in the field for more than a decade. So, wait no more and hire our developers straight away for development and subsequent deployment of the Zoom clone.

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Zoom Clone Script

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Delivery time depends on several factors, including the customization requirements. Our team makes no compromise yet manages to deliver the script on the mutually agreed deadline.
Our Zoom clone app is a highly scalable solution. You can upgrade the app at any time in the coming years as per changing user preferences. You can integrate new features and functionalities, increase its handling capabilities, and redesign its user interface without any hassle.
Yes. We offer post-launch maintenance support to our clients to help them run their business smoothly in the initial few days. This support service is free of charge for a limited period. After this, you can avail of our paid maintenance services that are offered at affordable prices.
We can customize at your will and add/remove any features and designs to suit a specific location.
Connect with our support team over email - [email protected] or call -+1 718 521 4600. You can also connect with us directly through the chat option available on our website.