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How to make money from a matchmaking app?

There are no boundaries and borders for technology and it is leaving its indelible imprints on every aspect of human life it encounters. Not only do we use technology to travel, communicate, and learn, but also to love.

Yup, technology digitized love, and we can witness the updated version of love in the form of virtual dating apps like Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, Bumble and much more. Online dating is now a $2 billion industry and more than 50 million Americans have given online dating a try.

Is online dating profitable?
Indeed it is profitable. The following statistics illustrate this further,

  • Revenue in the online dating sector amounts to $1.3 billion in 2018
  • A user spends 90 minutes a day in using dating apps
  • 50 million people are using Tinder.
  • User penetration has increased from 5.7% to 6.3%.
  • 84% of the dating app users use online dating services to look for a romantic relationship.

Online dating is so popular because of the following reasons,

  • A great way to meet people
  • Fast and easy way to find matches.
  • Opportunity for shy people to express themselves.
  • Meeting people of similar interests
  • Fast and easy way to find matches.
  • Affordable in comparison with other modes of dating.
  • Break up isn’t a problem and facing rejection can be easier.
  • People can be picky and specific about their needs.

How about creating an app?

There is a growing demand for dating apps in the near future. As this industry doesn’t need a huge capital investment, there is more scope for entrepreneurs to start a business.

The right place to develop your app

If you are someone who intends to develop an app for your online dating business, then Turnkey town is the right company for you. They offer feature-rich clone apps at an affordable price. You can also design your Tinder clone app with a variety of unique paid-plugins such as

Discovery Settings
Discovery settings allow you to remain invisible to your users when you want to take a break, instead of deactivating.

Age-Based Matches
As the name suggests, this feature allows you to search for new matches by specifying the age preferences.

Rewind Feature
Users can rewind the profiles of a particular session, and they can like/reject a specific profile.

Gender Interest
Users can now filter matches using gender interests.

Distance-Based Matches
With this feature, limit your search audience and look for new matches.

Virtual Geo-Location
This feature allows you to see matches in your desired location.

Updates on Tinder

Recently Tinder added a unique feature named Tinder U, that is exclusive for college students. It makes on-campus connections easier.

Any college student with a .edu mail id can have an account in Tinder U. Users can also toggle between regular Tinder and Tinder U. A quick review of this process,

  • Log-in with .edu email id
  • Verification of mail id
  • Start swiping your classmates


At Turnkey town, our adept developers will help you add breakthrough addition like Tinder U in your mobile app. The secret of getting ahead in a business is getting started. Get started with an exceptional Tinder app clone and explore your journey of success.

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