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Grease Your Business With Uber For Mechanics

Buying a vehicle is a big deal and maintaining the same is also one. Unequivocally, every vehicle owner needs mechanic services. Many a time repairs are unexpected but what you can expect is the trouble in getting a mechanic. This opens opportunities for entrepreneurs to negate the challenges and offer seamless services.

The requirements!

  • The need to be aware of the available mechanics near the location.
  • The nearest mechanic who can reach as soon as possible.
  • The availability of repairmen.
  • Communicating with the mechanic must be easy.
  • The repairmen must be equipped.
  • Getting a mechanic in an on-demand situation must be made easy.


Put together, mechanic services and servicemen must be accessible. With a sophisticated app, all of the above and even more can be offered. Not just repairs but services like water wash, oil change and towing can also be offered.

For example, Wrench, founded in 2015, offers mechanic services in Seattle, Phoenix, San Diego, and Portland. Users can schedule car repair and maintenance services with certified mechanics using their mobile application. In such a short span of time, Wrench exerted itself and raised around $4 to $5 million (USD) to scale up their business. This evidently shows the scope to make money in this domain.

How these apps became successful?

In short, the need was fulfilled. The need was to have servicemen at the comfort of the user. The on-demand apps like Wrench, YourMechanic, and Clickmechanic made it viable.

Uber for X is a concept that has encouraged and benefited a lot of entrepreneurs to venture out into on-demand business. If you are looking forward to launching an app for mechanic services or wanting to take your business a notch up digitalizing, you need a groundbreaking app. It is a requisite for the app to have certain significant features like,

  • Geo- tracking
  • Call/message
  • Multiple secure payment methods
  • Multi Language
  • Schedule booking
  • Reviews
  • Invoice and more.


You can create an on-demand uber for mechanics app with the above features that are user-friendly. As an entrepreneur, you would need features such as

  • An advanced admin panel for hassle-free management of the app
  • A scalable server to support your business oscillations
  • A secure wallet and admin dashboard to keep track
  • User validation to approve and disapprove any user
  • Manual assigning to manually assign a particular mechanic in a special situation


Turnkey Town, being the premier clone app development company offers end-to-end services and the best Uber for X script. With 100% customization opportunities, Turnkey Town will be the right engine to your ideas. All the aforementioned features plus all your ideas together in one app is what your users need.

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