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Launching the Best BigBasket Clone App Development to Enhance your Online Grocery Business.

Leverage the global receptibility of on-demand grocery delivery with our leading-edge BigBasket Clone. Drenched in stellar features, it’s sure to propel your entrepreneurial efforts in no time!

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BigBasket Clone
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BigBasket Clone App

Start your Mobile App Like BigBasket with Advanced Grocery Delivery Solutions

The reign of the online world is astonishingly customer-centric, and if your offering isn’t consistent with this notion, it is sure to become obsolete. Convenience has transcended the essentiality of the grocery industry as people increasingly prefer the on-demand apps for their daily supply of groceries.
Wish to plunge into a lucrative market that sees perennial profitability? Online grocery delivery is your niche! How do you mobilize this unprecedented demand surge? Don’t worry; That’s where our BigBasket app clone comes into the picture. With an array of futuristic features wrapped around an immersive UI, it’s your go-to choice for making a mark in grocery delivery silo.
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Features of BigBasket Like App

Live Tracking

Infuse a sense of freedom by entitling customers to receive real-time location updates about their ordered groceries beside their delivery status.

Advanced Search Bar

Armed with powerful filters and sorting elements, customers can effortlessly browse through the ocean of similar products with an intuitive search bar.

Wish List

What’s more awesome than empowering customers to save a particular product as a favorite and purchase it in the future? Our BigBasket clone makes this possible with the Wishlist feature.

Multiple Payment Options

Flood your customers with a complete spectrum of payment methods, including credit/ debit cards, net banking, UPI, and an in-app electronic wallet.

Push Notifications

Edify your customers with instant updates about various promotional campaigns, latest offers, their order status, the expected time of arrival, etc. through push notifications.

Referral System

For every successful referral of their friends and acquaintances into the BigBasket clone app, customers are pampered with redeemable reward points and price slashes as referral bonuses.

Complete Solution for Grocery Online Store with BigBasket Clone

Single Vendor Grocery App

Owning a grocery store? Willing to make big bucks in the shortest amount of time? Then it is your time to go global with our extensively exquisite single vendor grocery app.

Grocery Aggregator App

What's more awesome than displaying a set of available grocery stores near their proximity to users and extracting a substantial revenue as commission? Our grocery aggregator app makes it possible!

Grocery Chain App

Effortlessly unify your grocery store chain's diverse range and scale of operations all into a singular solution. This way, unexplored and unprecedented markets can be non-tenaciously tapped.

Farm Fresh Apps

Cash in this trending niche by furnishing your customers with fresh groceries with a varied range of customizations straight away from farms from picturesque locations.

In-Store Grocery App

An eminent assemblage of subtleties of the offline and online store, these apps captivate users through virtual tours around the store with precise descriptions, price, and ingredient detailings of particular products.

How does the BigBasketclone work?

User Registration

Users registers a profile in the app by entering the essential information such as email address/ phone number.

Browses Stores

Assisted with an advanced search bar, users can scroll through the legion of available grocery products.

Add to Cart

Users can select the products they are interested in and add them to the cart instantly and make the payment through the available methods.

Order Dispatch

The respective store dispatches the order to the nearest delivery executive.

Order Delivery

The delivery executive drops the order in the delivery address mentioned by the customer; the customer receives it

Ratings and Review

Customers can express his/her genuine opinion about the product or the service of the app as a whole through the review and rating field.

BigBasket Clone Script

Highlights of BigBasket Clone

100% Customizable

We metamorphose the BigBasket Clone at its entirety to make it resonate with your unique requirements and expectations that are in line with the market trend and environment.

No Hidden Charges

Eliminate the need to tediously pay periodically as our BigBasket clone is a single-time investment. Pay once and reap the exciting benefits limitlessly with lifelong access.

Free Installation

We take up the mantle of submitting your online grocery delivery solution for approval in various app platforms and install and set it up in your server for absolutely free of cost.

Cloud Migration

Enrich the efficiency of the application by hosting it in our in-house cloud storage solution. This way, lightning-fast operations can be facilitated.

Free Support

We confer our clients with a holistic sense of assistance in any of the available support silos ranging from technical to marketing. We are always looking for opportunities to help you!

Our BigBasket Clone Package

  • User iOS App
  • User Android App
  • User Web Panel
  • Store iOS App
  • Store Android App
  • Store Web Panel
  • Delivery Executive iOS App
  • Delivery Executive Android App
  • Delivery Executive Web Panel
  • Main Website
  • Admin Web Panel
  • Dispatch Panel
  • Billing Panel

BigBasket Clone App Development

Social SignUp

Do away with filling the never-ending registration forms by accrediting your users to storm into the app using their social media credentials.

Browse Products

Users can juggle through scores of grocery products assisted by a powerful search engine and can uncomplicatedly view the entire range of available products.

Schedule Delivery

Sustain your users' routine uninterruptedly by emancipating them to schedule the delivery of their ordered products at their convenience besides one-touch reordering.

Store Pickup

Users not willing to avail of the door delivery of their groceries can alternatively order them and pay through the app and collect the products at the nearest grocery store.

Profile Settings

The various critical profile attributes such as name, delivery address, preferred payment methods, etc., can be conveniently configured by the users.

Review and Ratings

Users can lash out their heartfelt opinions about the product by assigning ratings and writing reviews in the separate column available in the app.

Swift Onboarding

Delivery agents can initiate their services instantaneously by foraying into the app using their smart credentials.

Delivery Planner

An automated list of deliveries for the day at priority is provided to the delivery agents besides a comprehensive delivery planner.

GPS Navigation

Only the most optimized route that's devoid of traffic and other unusual blockades for a particular delivery address is displayed to the delivery agent app.

Availability Toggle

By clicking on a single button, the delivery agents can express their availability for the day or a specified delivery request momentarily.

Location-based Request

Delivery agents are automatically assigned to receive orders from stores near their current location and proximity. This way, efficiency is enhanced.

Earnings Management

TThe consolidated report of earnings daily/ weekly/ monthly is available to the delivery agent for effective revenue tracking.

Admin dashboard

The admin can manage the profiles of users and tutors registered with the platform and manage all business operations.

Centralized Dashboard

Admin can diligently manage the app's entire proceedings with a god's eye view through the all-inclusive dashboard.

Manage Stores

Any vendor can be readily added/ removed/ blocked by the admin besides modifying their products' availability and pricing.

Manage Customers

Admins are authorized to access the entire database of customer details along with their profile details, products purchased, transaction history, etc.

Assign Delivery Agents

In the view of maintaining seamless business flow, admins are permitted to assign drivers to particular delivery locations manually.
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Offers & Discounts

In the view of supersizing their business traction, admins can deliberately devise various offers, discounts, and exclusive sale days.

Analytical Reports

Admins are proffered with insightful reports based on a diverse variety of business metrics and performance parameters to check the app's health.

Manage Pricing

Based on the market demand and trends, admins can intentionally alter the prices of various products available in the BigBasket clone app.

Finance Center

Business owners can keep an eye over the business's profitability with real-time data about total earnings, gross income, profit percentage, etc.
Miscellaneous 55 expandline

Inventory Management

Cart abandonment rate becomes non-existent as the admins are infused with a holistic display of inventory functions like stock availability, dispatched stock, etc.

In-App Chat

To eliminate miscommunications regarding a delivery address, delivery agents can connect with customers through a secure chat feature.

Role Management

Admins can voluntarily delegate sub-admins into various roles within the management vertical of the app.


Store App

To streamline the grocery delivery process, Concorde a specially-developed app to the store manager with order management capabilities.

Barcode Scanning

Designate unique barcodes to every single product available in our offering. This way, customers can vehemently view the manufactured date, expiry date, ingredients of a particular product.


In addition to commonly used payment methods, users can wield the ingenuity of an electronic wallet that can be recharged and employed for in-app grocery purchases.

Customized List

Customers can create their personalized grocery list, upload them in the app, and receive them at their doorstep through this feature. A highly demanded feature!

Logistics Integration

Business owners can collaborate with third-party logistics firms to structure their entire online grocery delivery process without any hassle.

BigBasket App Clone

Revenue model of BigBasket Clone

Commission Fee

Arguably, the most stable revenue source. For every sale and transaction taking place over the platform, business owners receive a substantial amount as a commission fee.

Subscription Fee

Taking a cue from the widely adopted freemium model, this mode showers users with exclusive access to stellar features and utility addons for a premium.

Promotional Fee

To channelize maximum profit, admins can lease out the demanded ad spaces like banners in the app for the purpose of third-party advertisements and Google Ads.
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Our process of Online Grocery Store App Development

Requirement Analysis

Your needs are our prime most concern, and hence, our team of graceful customer management executives collaborates with you to note down your requirements and vision.


Once we receive your requirements, our exciting crew of master developers and meticulous designers work in tandem with Grocery delivery experts to synthesize a well-laid action plan.

UI/UX Design

Get ready to fall in love with an arresting UI as our laboriously creative design professionals ooze out originality to give your app a unique identity.

Backend Development

Our holistic BigBasket Clone app development ensures all-encompassing strides of coding that effectively steer your app with a unique data feed integration.

Testing, Testing, Testing!

Our quality engineers employ some of the most stringent testing methodologies to ensure your app is devoid of any bug or glitch.


We will initiate the app deployment process, and within a span of a few days, your app will be available for user downloads.

BigBasket Like App

Why Choose Our BigBasket Clone Solution?


Branding and rebranding the BigBasket clone with your ingrained business elements such as logo, brand name, etc., is now a cakewalk as we specialize in proffering you an authentic solution.

Multilingual Support

We are globally aligned; so are our products too! BigBasket clone can be tweaked in such a way that it confers its services in the world’s major languages hassle-free.


Suffused with the inherent nuances of magnanimity, the app can seamlessly handle millions of concurrent users and transactions, catering to the needs of a universal user base.


Ascend throughout popular search engines' rankings to obtain imposing visibility as our BigBasket clone app is devised to reverberate with your SEO efforts instantaneously.

App Security

We have superimposed stellar security features such as reverse proxy setup, JWT, SSL-based APLs, keychain, etc., to crown it unassailable against any threats or vulnerabilities.

App Like Bigbasket

Hire our Online Grocery Store App Developer

Turnkeytown’s noble mission is to arm aspiring entrepreneurs with world-beating solutions that are a rare and ravishing blend of top-notch innovation with an outstanding envision of operating business sensibilities. Our BigBasket clone is the brainchild of our maverick developers who have expressed their ingenuity at every single stage of the development cycle to concorde our illustrious bandwagon of clients with a grocery app that’s nothing like anything. This doesn’t mean that our solutions will cost you a fortune! Our immersive experience in this field has bestowed us with the knack of coming up with avant-garde apps at an affordable price your eyes find it hard to believe. Hire our online grocery store app developer now!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

You can approach our expert team, who have hands-on experience in developing similar apps like BigBasket. Our development team follows an optimal process that comprises several stages in BigBasket like app development.
The cost of online grocery app development relies on a number of factors, right from app complexity to the development time and efforts of the developers. Therefore, to know the cost, you can talk to our experts and get a rough estimate by giving out your requirements.
There are many business models from which you can choose the one that is convenient for you. If you own infrastructure for your grocery business, you can go for an inventory model or go for a marketplace model which requires no investment in managing inventory space. This substantially reduces the capital required for setting up an online grocery store.
Before starting an online grocery store, you need to decide on the business model and set the target audience for your grocery business. You can then convey all your ideas to us, and we will build you the best possible solution.
Online grocery store opens up different revenue streams to make profits. Some of which include the sales model, advertising model, subscription model, promotional charges, delivery charges, commissions, etc.