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How To Create A WhatsApp Clone App?

Instant messaging apps are gaining vast popularity globally. Apart from connecting with friends and family, the end-end integrated messaging apps are used to run businesses smoothly. Are you interested in developing a WhatsApp clone app that can potentially seize a wider audience in no time? We would like to take you on a realistic journey of developing your dream app while reading this blog.

WhatsApp is a cross-platform compatible, instant messaging application that works with an internet connection. It is the most popular texting application with more than two billion monthly global users. Recently WhatsApp came up with lots of updates to boost the user experience. It is available in more than 180 countries across the globe and works in 60 different languages.

Recent Stats Of WhatsApp:

  • WhatsApp is soaring high with a massive user base which makes it the most popular social networking app, with more than 100 billion WhatsApp messages being sent through the platform per day.
  • The millennials are the ones who spend more hours on their smartphones. As per a survey, it is recorded that almost 56% of millennials are using WhatsApp as their major messaging platform. 
  • When Facebook acquired WhatsApp, many new updates and advancements came into effect. Likewise, they came up with a new app called WhatsApp business for monetizing the platform. The app is mainly launched to help small businesses to connect with their customers easily. 

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Steps To Create An App Like WhatsApp:

Know Your Audience:

Before getting into any business, it is crucial to understand the mindset of your target audience. You can achieve this by doing sincere market research. Take a set of people from different locations and do a survey. This can help you to gain a clear picture of what you need to give your audience for capturing their hearts. Thus it widely helps in the app development process.

Know Your Competitors:

Just like understanding your audience, it is equally important to know who you are competing with. Therefore, clearly analyze the potential competitors in the market. Note down each detail, such as the strategies they follow, features integrated with their app, any controversies faced by them, and the user’s review about the application. 


This step involves the collection of every data involved in the app development process, the app’s design, etc. This can help you to keep track of the proper application development. Apart from that, detailed documentation can help gain you a positive response from the sponsors to invest in your app. 

WhatsApp Like App Development:

Now you can successfully step into the app development process upon hiring a dexterous developers and designers team. We are here to take you through a seamless and smooth development process in your entrepreneurial journey. Keep reading to know more about the impeccable WhatsApp clone script we offer, which is overflowing with advanced features. 

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Outstanding Features Of Our WhatsApp Clone App:

  • Voice/ Video Calling:

The users can utilize the platform not only for sending instant texts. Instead, Our Whatsapp clone app is provided with voice and video calling facilities. Therefore the users can enjoy a seamless interaction experience. 

  • Media Sharing:

Enthrall your users by providing them the ability to send various media files easily, such as images, videos, GIFs, etc. Multi-media sharing is a key feature that attracts a lot of users to your app. 

  • Multi-device Login:

To login into another device, there is no need to sign out from the former device. The WhatsApp clone app comes with a multi-device login feature called WhatsApp web. The user can scan the code using the in-app scanner and log in easily on multiple devices. 

  • Privacy And Security:

It is important to keep your users feeling safe to use your platform. Thus it is vital to provide them with flexible privacy options for them to choose from. The app is also integrated with various security tools such as fingerprint login, block contacts, etc.

  • Advanced Search Bar:

Comfort your users by providing an advanced search toolbar in your app. This can help the users to find a specific file or message in the chat easily. Users can simply type any word related to the file, and the app highlights the relevant texts in the chat. 

  • Attractive Emojis:

A messaging app without emojis makes it boring and lifeless. Therefore provide your users with attractive emojis for the users to send easily. This can boost the chatting experience of the users and make it more fun.

  • Whatsapp Payments:

The WhatsApp clone comes along with the p2p fund transferring options. The users can sync their bank account to the app to enable quick and instant fund transfers. As the app is packed with a variety of security features, it ensures safe transactions. 

In Summary,

With the help of our virtuoso developers and designers team, you can customize your WhatsApp-like app development to a vast extent by enhancing the features of the app. An end-end encrypted messaging application that offers the utmost user experience is likely to attract a mammoth user base within a short span.

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