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How Does Launching An Uber For Plumber App Gain You Success In A Twinkling Of An Eye?

The on-demand service industry is witnessing a spike, and there is no downfall expected. If you are already an expert plumber with a chain of customers, then you can easily uplift your business to a brand new level by launching an Uber for plumber app. It even turns out to be the fruitful choice for the budding entrepreneurs who are seeking a way to step into the lucrative on-demand service industry.

Overview Of Plumber Service Industry:

The plumbing service mostly revolves around fixing leaky taps and broken pipes. Apart from that, there are other types of plumbing services as well which are,

  • Emergency Plumbing Services.
  • Water Supply Services.
  • Drainage Services.
  • Gas Plumbing Services.
  • Mechanical Services.

The rise in the value of the plumbing service industry is consistent. As per the statistical reports of the Bureau of Labor, over the next ten years, the growth rate is estimated to be 25%. Accordingly, the worth of the plumbing services market will reach almost 121.9 billion dollars by the end of 2025.

Some Interesting Facts To Know:

  • As per a survey, it is found that approximately 480,600 licensed plumbers are there in the US alone.
  • The world’s richest plumber is Charlie Mullins. He is a British plumber who withdrew from his schooling at the age of 15 and began his entrepreneurial journey right from then. He started his plumbing business in 1979 with the brand name Pimlico Plumbers. The total worth of his business is around 70 million pounds.

The Efficient Way To Develop An On-demand Plumber Service App:

Uber is a trailblazer in the on-demand ride-hailing service industry. Soon later, Uber gained vast popularity around the world. The versatility of the clone script of Uber is compatible with developing a variety of on-demand service apps. We at TurnkeyTown offer the best Uber for ‘X’ app development that surpasses your expectations. Our hard-core development team is all geared up to help you build a robust application using the latest technology. Before initiating the development of your app, let’s dive in to explore the workflow of the Uber for plumber app in the upcoming passage.

Workflow Of Uber like Plumber App:

  • The quick and easy signup process allows the users to join the app in a blink of an eye. They can easily log in using email id, mobile number, and other social media credentials.
  • A robust search bar embedded in the app allows the users to search for an expert plumber who fulfills all the parameters set in the filter option.
  • Upon spotting the right plumber, the users can initiate the booking process by sending a service request.
  • Based on their availability, the plumbers get the right to either accept or reject a service request.
  • Upon accepting the request, the plumber and the customer can communicate with each other and schedule a booking date and time.
  • The in-app navigation directs the plumber to the customer’s location through optimized routes.
  • On the other hand, the users can track the arrival of the plumber in real-time.
  • Upon successful completion of the service, the users can pay the service fee instantly using the multiple payment gateways integrated with the app.
  • Finally, the users can share their ratings and review the app based on their experience.

Launch An Extraordinary Uber For Plumber App To Enjoy Unexpected Perks In Your Business Journey

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How Much Does It Cost To Develop An On-demand Plumber Service App?

A variety of factors influence the cost of developing an app. We at TurnkeyTown are committed to helping you in deploying an avant-garde application at an affordable cost. The complexity of the UI/UX design, software used to develop the app, etc., are some of the factors that determine the development cost.

The Monetizing Methods Of An On-demand Plumber Service App:

Generating income is vital to uplift your business to another level. Therefore it is important to choose the right revenue model and implement it in the app. There are a number of ways to monetize an on-demand plumber service app. Some of the effective modes of revenue generation are as follows,

Commission-based Model:

Many on-demand service apps generate revenue using the commission-based model. Upon availing of the required service, the customers pay the service fee through the platform. A fixed percentage of the plumber’s income using the platform goes to the app as a commission.


Uber for plumber app comes with a banner space that can be utilized to display the adverts of any third-party company. The advertisements are of different types. Therefore you can choose and implement it on your platform. Each time the user clicks on the ad, income is generated to the app.

Featured Listings:

There are a number of plumbers ready to exhibit their service through your platform. In order to list their name on the app, they ought to pay a small amount fee. This is a one-time listing fee. Whereas if they wish to display their name on the top of the list, the plumbers can subscribe to the featured listings by paying a certain fee on a monthly or yearly basis.

What Makes TurnkeyTown The Best Place For Your Uber For Plumber App Development?

TurnkeyTown is well-known for its robust mobile applications development. We offer 100% customizable solutions. Therefore you can customize and launch your app exactly as you desire. Moreover, complete support throughout the development process is made a promise. The on-demand plumber app development that we offer comes with advanced features that can potentially uplift your business in no time. The scalability of the app is vast. So you can expand your app in the future when your business expands.

To Put It All Together,

Gone are the days where people need to struggle to fix the leaky taps. These days smartphones offer solutions for almost every problem. Therefore utilize this trend and expand your plumbing business by launching a robust mobile application with impeccable features. The significant rise in the value of the plumbing service market shows that it is the right time to get into Uber for plumber app development and seize the market space right away.

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