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Enhance your plumbing services with a feature-rich app. Let your users get their taps fixed in a few taps.

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Uber For Plumbing App Development

Uber For Plumber
Launch A Plumber Hire App With Our On-demand Plumber App Development Solution!

Where do you find a plumber? Can you answer this question instantly? It is probably a no because finding a plumber is not a walk in the park. While you keep thinking of how to find a plumber, what if we tell you that you yourself can create an app like Uber for plumbers. An online marketplace to connect plumbers and customers with leaking pipes. Then fixing a pipe will never be a tedious job. The customer can simply post their job, connect with a plumber in their locality and get it fixed in a short span of time.

Uber for plumbers is an online marketplace with a number of plumbers awaiting jobs from customers. It is stacked up with intuitive features that bestow a delightful user experience. It can be personalized for your business needs. The personalization of the app can make your app unique and stand out from the crowd.

Wake up the entrepreneur in you and take him/her for a stroll into the success path with a unique Uber for plumber app. Book a free demo to get a better view of the app.
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Key Features Of Our Uber For Plumber App Development Solution

Easy-Breezy Onboarding

Onboarding is now only a few taps. Your customers can feed any one of their contact information and hop on to the app.

Emergency Booking

A pipe can get wrecked at any moment by accident, and some may need to be fixed immediately. The emergency booking is for such situations.

Instant Alerts

The plumbers are alerted instantly as a customer places an order for a job.

Toggle Availability

Plumbers can flip their availability status from being online to offline in a matter of seconds.


If a customer is highly satisfied with the work of a plumber, they can rebook the same plumber whenever there is a need.

Cancel A Booking

Users are susceptible to place orders by mistake. The cancel booking feature can aid them in canceling the orders they misplaced effortlessly.

Multiple Payment Gateways

The Uber for plumbers app is integrated with multiple payment gateways to ensure all payments are secure.

Multiple Languages

Expand your on-demand plumbing service business with multiple-language options.

An Entirety Of An On-Demand Service Business

Cost-Effective Package

We offer you a whole package of apps and panels to run an on-demand plumber business, and the best part is the cost of it does not make your pocket feel the weight; that's how nominal the cost is.

Complete Customization

We've built a library of resplendent designs for our Uber for plumber app. You can go with one of them, or if you want to pick something out of the box, our design team is always ready to go further for you.

Scalable App

Every business is begun with a vision to grow and expand; keeping this in mind, we build you an app that is compatible with any amount of traffic.

Broaden The Horizons

Go as long as your dreams go. Cross boundaries and take your business global. We've got you.

Handy App

Our team works wholeheartedly to build you an app that is feature-rich, has an appealing design and has a speedy performance.

Round The Clock

Right from the start- from conceptualization, execution, to deployment, our support team walks you through the process, keeping you enlightened about everything now and then.

How Does Uber For Plumber App Work?

Build a peerless Uber for plumber app with a plumber on-demand app development company like us. Be the answer to all the plumbing-related requirements for your customers.

Step 1:

The customer installs and signs up with the app.

Step 2:

The customers can now surf for the service they require at the moment and place a service request.

Step 3:

The service providers are notified of the request placed by the customer, and they either accept or reject it.

Step 4:

The customer can also chat with the service provider directly to describe the service they need.

Step 5:

Once the booking is confirmed by the plumber, the customer can track the plumber in real-time. This keeps them updated on the status of their order.

Step 6:

The customer makes the payment via any one of the multiple payment options available in the app.

Step 7:

Once the service is accomplished, the customer can write feedback on the quality of the service.

Benefits Of Launching An Uber For Plumber App

Competitive Edge

The Uber for plumber app gives you an upper hand over your customers by the integration of intriguing features that enhances user interactivity.

Optimization Of Business Procedures

The business operations for a plumber app like scheduling, routing, invoice generation, report generation, and more are optimized in an admin dashboard.

Market Penetration

By launching an Uber for a plumber, you make yourself available to a wider audience. This enables you to scale up your business drastically.

Saves Time

Uber for plumber app saves time for both you and your customers. By launching an Uber for plumber app, you get to make your way into the markets way ahead than you can by building an app from scratch. It also saves time for your customers by connecting them with plumbers in a short time.

User Data

All your user data is secured with your app. A record of all your user data like their profile details, order history, and more are kept and are classified.

What Do We Offer?

  • User Android/iOS App

  • Plumber Android/iOS App

  • Admin Panel

  • Website

Plumber App Development Company

Uber For Plumber App Features

Schedule Plumber Services

The customers can schedule plumbing services at the time of their convenience.

Notification Alerts

This is an in-built feature in the app that alerts the user on every update of their bookings.

View Plumber Profile

It is pertinent to know about the plumber who the customer is about to book beforehand. With this feature, the customer can view the details of the plumber like their years of experience, their specialization, the number of bookings they have accomplished via the app, and more.

Order History

The customers can view the date, time, price, the plumber's name, and other details of the orders availed by them.

In-App Chat Or Call

The customer can communicate with the plumber via messages or calls.

Multiple Payment Options

The customers can make payments for their plumbing services using any of their favorite payment methods. The app is integrated with payment options like credit/debit cards, e-wallet, P2P transactions, net banking, and cash.

Estimated Price

The customers can view an estimated price for their requirements upfront. This can help them decide the type of service to opt for.

Ratings And Reviews

The customers can rate their experience on a scale of five and also write about the experience.

Profile Creation

The plumber creates a profile for themselves, stating their experience and expertise in a convincing manner to the customers.


The plumbers can set their availability hours in the app. This can help the customers to make bookings accordingly.

Customer Details

When a customer requests a service, the details of the customer, like their location and the service they require, can be viewed by the plumber before confirming the order.

Accept/Reject A Request

The plumber can either accept or reject a request placed by a customer. The booking is confirmed only if the plumber accepts the request.

In-App Navigation

This in-built feature assists the plumbers in finding the best route to the customer's place.

View Earnings

Every service provided by the plumber is recorded in the app, along with the earnings made by them on every order.

Manage Customers

The admin panel enhances the management of customer data for the admin.

Manage Plumbers

Every plumber registered with the app can be viewed and managed by the admin. In case of continuous bad feedback from customers, the admin can warn the plumber or can even kick off from the platform.

Manage Bookings

The admin can manage all the bookings made via the app in a single dashboard.

Advanced Analytics

The admin can generate reports on the number of bookings made, the number of bookings accomplished, the commissions earned, and more.

Notifications Management

Notify the users and the plumbers of all the new updates, discounts, and offers.

Manage Payments

The admin deducts the commission from the payment made by the customer and initiates the payout to the plumber.

Premium Addons Of Our On-demand Plumber App Development Solution

Loyalty Programs
Reward your customers for every milestone they reach with you. This can motivate them to stay loyal to your app.
Search Engine Optimization
Get your website search engine optimized and top all the search results in search engines like Google.
Call Masking
Make your users feel secure while using your app by masking their contact numbers while making calls to the plumbers.
Turnkey Solution
Make your on-demand plumber business live instantly with our Turnkey solutions.
Get a detailed analytic report on your business operations with statistics to provoke your sales.
Cloud Installation
The data of the Uber for plumber app can be stored in a cloud to make the app perform faster.

Monetization Model Of Our White-label Plumber Booking App


A commission percentage is decided by the admin and is deducted from the total amount on every order placed by the customers.


The plumbers registered with the app have to pay a subscription fee on a periodic basis to relish the benefits of the app.


The advertisement model can draw you a huge revenue by setting conditions like pay per click.

How We Develop Your Uber For Plumber App?


Piling Up Requirements

Every client has a unique idea, and every idea may need a different requirement. So, as a first step, we gather all the requirements to build an outstanding app.


Time Estimation

Now that we know the requirements for your app, we structure a timeline before which we can deliver your app.


UI/UX Design

Our designers start working on a design exclusively for your app that has the potential to leave a long-lasting impression in your user's minds.


App Development

We build an app using the latest technologies and integrate it with user-friendly features to lure your customers.



Our quality team undergoes numerous tests on the app to ensure the virtue of the app.



Now that the app is tested and is ready for deployment, we send you the app for approval. Once you are satisfied with the product, it is launched on Android and iOS platforms.

Why Choose Turnkeytown For On-Demand Plumber Service App Development?

  • Leading Technology

    In a quick-paced upgrading world, we always tend to stick with the latest technology to build your app.

  • Branding

    Your app must act as your branding tool. And we are very firm about it. So, we design an app that echoes your brand ideology.

  • Smart Management

    Management of your business is now easy with our robust admin panel.

  • Personalization

    We personalize the Uber for a plumber in regards to your needs, target audience, city, and other factors for a farther reach.

Hire On-demand Services App Developer

We have a team of tech wizards with expertise in creating on-demand service apps like the Uber for plumber apps. Once they structure a timeline and pass the word to the client, they get it developed on or before the time. Their experience in developing on-demand services apps has given them the wit to develop unique apps that can appeal to the crowd in a vast manner. You can hire them on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Uber for plumbers is a marketplace of plumbing service providers awaiting to get your customers' pipes fixed.
Yes, we do. We offer free support for a specific time period after the deployment of the app, and then it comes for a price.
You don't have to worry about it when you partner with us because we sign an NDA with you assuring you that your idea is not going anywhere except being turned into a robust app.
Yes, this is one of the development services we offer. We configure the server for your web services and upload the app on your behalf on Google Play Store and Apple Store.
We have developed hundreds of apps so far for startups, enterprises, and popular market players and help them achieve their business goals successfully.