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TaskRabbit Clone

Join us and help your customers avail their home service requirements in a few taps from the comfort of their homes.

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TaskRabbit Clone
Launch an On-demand Home Services App Like TaskRabbit/Thumbtack!

The days before the digital era were different. Everyone had to roam around the streets, enquire friends or random people in the streets to get in touch with a service provider for their home services. When it comes to home service, you can’t be sure when you will require a service provider. The taps may start leaking unexpectedly, or the washing machine may stop working suddenly, and in these urgent situations roaming around for a service provider was always tedious. But now things have changed. The moment we require a service, we can just take our mobile device and book for a service provider.

TaskRabbit clone is an app that connects a user with a service provider for the home service they require. Considering the busy lives of people today, the need for an on-demand home service provider app has become vital. If you are an entrepreneur looking to venture into this industry and fill your pockets, join us for the Thumbtack clone app development and get 100% customizable Thumbtack clone script today.
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Keystone Features Of Our On-demand Service Marketplace

The most prominent features in our TaskRabbit clone app are jotted down for you.

Explore Services

Our TaskRabbit clone is tailored with numerous services required for a home. The users can explore their required services from the various services available in the app.

Scheduling a Service

Both the user and the service provider cannot be available every time. In order to avoid these shortcomings, the services can be scheduled at a time convenient for both the user and the service provider.

Real-Time Tracking

The real-time location of the service provider can be tracked by the user once the booking is made in the on-demand service marketplace script. This allows the user to be aware of the exact time the service provider would arrive.

Booking History

Every service availed by the customer will be recorded in the booking history. The user can keep track of all the payments and bookings they have made in the past.

In-App Chat

The service provider and the user can chat via the app for any queries on the type of service they require or any other issues.

Push Notifications

The notifications pop up on the user’s mobile device allowing the user to be aware of the status of their booking.

In-App Payment

The payment for the availed service can be made by the user using the payment options in the app. It comes with options like P2P payment apps, net banking, and in-app wallet.

Review and Ratings

A review of the service availed can be written by the user. This provides other users insights on the quality of the service they can expect from the respective service provider easily, with our on-demand service marketplace like TaskRabbit.

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Our Customized App Development Solutions For Variant Home Service Business Models

We strive to support on-demand home services businesses by building a customized app with global standards.

  • On-Demand Home Service Marketplace App

    If you are an entrepreneur building a network of freelance labourers and service providers, we can help you by launching a two-way app that connects users with the service providers.

  • Service Provider Businesses

    Are you running a business that provides home services to your local community on demand? Then we can help you upgrade your business online by creating an app that can help manage your business as well allow your customers to avail of your service in a few taps.

  • Chain of Service Providers

    If you are running a chain of service provider business across cities or your locality, we got an integrated app solution that covers all your needs.

Diverse Services Included
In Our On-demand Service Marketplace like ThumbTack

Below are some of the most prominent services that come inclusive in our TaskRabbit clone app. Despite this list, any other service can also be integrated with the app on your request.

Plumbing Services

Sudden leaks in household taps are a common problem most people face at their home. Searching for a plumber at that moment is always a stressful job. Adding plumbing services to your app can help your customers avail themselves of such situations.

Electrical Services

Your customers no longer have to panic if they come across short-circuits or if any of their electrical appliances ruins. You can help them fix it all in just a few taps.

Home Cleaning

The term home cleaning can look simple, but in today’s busy schedules cleaning the house has turned out to be a burden. You can ease this burden of your customers in a few taps with our TaskRabbit clone app.

Painting Services

Why make your customers go looking for a painter and make negotiations on the fee for the service. Let your customers rest while you do everything for them.


Finding a maid whom we can trust is no more a cakewalk. By onboarding authentic and trustworthy maids, you can make it effortless for your customers again.

Car Washing Services

Cleaning a car is a time-consuming job that most customers can’t afford. Instead, if you avail them of car washing services at their home, it would be a great relief to them.


Today, in most families, both the parents are working. This has created a need for nannies who could look after their kids in their absence. Assist your customers with trustworthy nannies so they could concentrate on their work.

Beauty Services

The beauty parlours are mostly crowded, making customers wait for a long time to get their service done. Let them stay at their home while you get the best beauticians at their doorsteps at a favourable time.

Work Flow Of TaskRabbit Clone App

Our developers have created the TaskRabbit clone app that has an easy-to-use workflow for the users.

Step 1:

Sign-Up/ Registration

The user can get on board with the app by using their contact number, email address, or any other social login.

Step 2:

Browsing for a Service

The user now browses for the service they require from the various services listed in the app.

Step 3:

Request for a Service

Once the user is done with browsing, he/she can request the service they require from the service providers.

Step 4:

Accept/Reject Requests

The service provider is notified instantly once a user requests for a service, and the service provider can look into the requirements of the user and decide if they can accept or reject the request. In case the request is rejected, it will be assigned to another service provider.

Step 5:

Booking A Service

If the service provider accepts the user’s request, then the booking is made. The user can schedule the booking at a convenient time.

Step 6:

Pay For The Service

Once the service provider accomplishes the requested service, the user can make payments via the app or by cash.

Step 7:

Review and Rating

After availing of the service, the user can write a review on the quality of the service. They can also rate the service.

What Do We Offer In TaskRabbit Clone Script?

We offer our clients a three-way solution to establish an on-demand home services business.

  • Customer App

    This app is exclusively for customers. The customers can place their bookings and make payments through this app.

  • Admin Panel

    The admin can manage the on-demand home services app seamlessly using the admin panel.

  • Service Provider App

    The service provider can manage their orders and payments through this app.

TaskRabbit Clone App Features

Sign Up

The user registers themself with the app by using their contact number, email address, or any social login credentials.

Service Details Write Up

The service required by a user cannot be vaguely requested by a service provider because, in order to fix the price, a detailed description of the service is required. For example, for cleaning a house, the user must specify the total area of the house, the number of restrooms to be cleaned, and more so that the service provider can quote a reasonable price.

Scheduling a Booking

The user is availed of the privilege to schedule their appointments at the time of their convenience.

Quoting a Budget

A budget can be quoted by the user for the service they request for. The service provider can later negotiate on it or accept it.

Real-time Tracking

The real-time tracking allows the user to inform themselves about the status of the service they availed for.

Flexible Payment

The user is availed of various payment options. They can pay using debit/credit card, net banking, P2P transaction apps, or cash.

Search Services

The user can simply enter the service they require in the search box and send a request to the service providers.

Manage Profile

A profile is created and managed by the user. The basic details of the user like name, a profile picture, their location, and more can be saved in the profile.


The service provider will have to enter the details of the services they offer, basic details of their business, and some professional documents. The admin verifies these documents and onboards the service provider.

Real-Time Notifications

The service provider gets a pop-up notification instantly as the user requests for the service.

Manage Availability

The service providers can set a time of operation and also manage the timing according to their availability.

Service History

A record of all the services offered by the service provider through the app is listed in the service history. Detailed data on the type of service, total charge, and more will be available.

Accept/ Reject Requests

The requests sent by the users can be accepted or rejected by the service provider considering their availability, quoted price, and other reasons.

Reply to Reviews

The service providers can reply to the reviews written by the users. This can help them increase their credibility.

Control Center

The owner of the on-demand home services marketplace gets a feature-rich admin dashboard to manage everything regarding the business.

Manage Service Providers

The admin onboards the service providers after verifying the authenticity of their business and registers in the admin panel.

Management of Service Listings

All the services listed in the app, their details, pricing are managed using the admin panel. The admin can also add or remove service to the app.

Manage Service Requests

The admin overviews all the requests, the status them, and the service provider assigned to them. In case of any shortcoming, the admin sorts it out.

Manage Payments

The commissions earned for every service is recorded and managed by the admin. Evaluate commission rates, view payment dues, and settle payments using the admin panel.

Reporting and Analytics

The analytic dashboard provides the business owner with data points and metrics to make informed decisions regarding the business.

Safety Features Of Our On-Demand Services App Solution

The post-pandemic world has turned out to be more safety-significant. Keeping this in mind, make sure your customers are made comfortable with the safety measures taken by you.

Face Mask Verification
The service provider is supposed to submit a selfie every time they start a job. This is to ensure that the service provider wears a mask.
Safety Guidelines
Both the user and the service provider are presented with a checklist of safety guidelines they must follow on every booking placed.
Cancel Orders
Both the parties are granted with rights to cancel their orders if either of them does not comply with the safety measures.
User Satisfaction
The user is asked for a review of the safety measures followed by the service provider and rate it based on their satisfaction.

Generate A Handsome Revenue With Our Custom TaskRabbit Clone

Here are some ways to generate revenue by launching an on-demand home services app.


On every order confirmed by the service provider, a percentage of the total charge is paid to you as your marketplace acts as an aggregator for their business.

In-App Advertising

The service providers can be allowed to place ads in the app. A fee is charged from them for these ads.

Subscription Model

The user can be availed of various lucrative premium features on paying a subscription fee.

Service Provider Onboarding Fee

The service provider is charged a fee in order to get on board with the app as they will be offered more jobs than they could get naturally.

Insight Yourself On Our TaskRabbit Like App Development Process

We follow a stringent procedure aiming to fulfil your business requirements on time.


Client Meet

The core team of business developers, developers, and designers have a meeting with you to understand your business and the audience you aim to target.



A detailed plan is created to ensure the project is delivered on time. The wholesome project is broken down and divided between teams to speed up the process.


A Sound Design

Our team of creative designers start working on a design that would be appealing to your target audience and also ensure the app itself acts as a branding tool for your business.


Back-End Development

While our designers are creating an alluring design, our expertise back-end developers get their hands on to deliver a robust app with seamless performance and user engagement features.



Once the app is developed, it is run through various tests to ensure it is free of bugs. Once the testing is done, the fully-functional app is sent to you asking for approval for launching it.



On your confirmation, the app is launched in android and iOS stores.

Why Is TurnkeyTown Your Undebatable Choice To Develop A TaskRabbit Clone App?

We are your tech partners, and we care about your business rather than just another development firm looking for a client.

  • Intuitive Interface

    We work to create an app that comes with an easy to understand the workflow. This allows every customer out there to use your app and reap its benefits.

  • Branding

    Our design team designs the app with your logo and the colour palettes used in it, creating a unique design from other apps.

  • Scalability Factor

    We are a team that always plan for the long run. This attribute allows us to create an app that can be upgraded in the future as your business scales up.

  • User-Engagement

    For any business, customer retention is a vital factor to grow. Keeping this in mind, we develop an app with user engaging features.

  • Security

    For an on-demand home service marketplace with payment integration, the security of data is an integral part to be ensured. We cover it for you by offering you an app with high safety standards.

  • Integration of Plug-ins

    In order to enhance the usability of the TaskRabbit clone app, we integrate the best third-party plug-ins.

Our Attractive Pricing Plan For TaskRabbit Clone App

Professional $XXXX (USD)

You are granted access to use it in multiple domain/server with the Android application.

Enterprise $XXXX (USD)

You are granted access to use it in multiple domain/server with an Android/iOS application.

Hire an On-demand Services App Developer

Our team of developers are dedicated to the objective of supporting business to scale up into the digital world by launching an app. This nature of theirs has been the reason behind all the successful apps they have created in the past. They understand the business requirements and work with a motive to create an app with high user retention percentage and user engagement features. Also, most of our developers have been hanging around with us for some time. It has made developing apps more fun for them. Hire our on-demand service app developers and rest back while they gift you an app that exceeds your expectations.

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Technology Stack

We use the most robust technology to build our apps.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

TaskRabbit clone is an on-demand home service app that assists entrepreneurs to launch a marketplace to connect customers with service providers for their home service requirements.
We offer the most nominal price in town. Although the pricing to develop an app depends on various factors like required customizations, plug-ins, the number of home services added, and more. To know the exact price for your business idea, contact us today.
Of course, We offer free support after the launch of the app for a certain period and later, our support comes with a small fee.
We make a non-disclosure agreement with you, ensuring that your business idea is safe with us.
Yes. We develop your app with various scalability options so that once your business grows, we can upgrade it effortlessly.