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Influence The Social Media Market By Launching A Captivating TikTok Clone

Looking to get into the highly profitable social media market? Take the world by storm with our exclusive TikTok Clone - the primer social video sharing app in the industry.

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Short Video Sharing App Development
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Launch A Highly Engaging TikTok Clone App
Wrapped Up With Engrossing Features

TikTok App Development
Suffice to say that social media has completely altered the face of the planet in just a decade. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, the never-ending slew of social media applications has seen huge success among consumers of all ages. From America to India, Russia to China, there is no corner of the world that has not been touched by social media applications.
Though the concept of social media might have remained the same, the app of choice changes every few years as trends come and go. The newest and hottest of these social media trends is of course - TikTok. A social video dubbing app that has given viral video after video, TikTok is undoubtedly the most popular of social media platforms at the moment.
However, with controversy soon following the fame, TikTok has now been banned in countries like India and meeting a similar predicament in the United States. With this ban, there is now a chance for an app like TikTok to fill in the void.
TurnkeyTown’s TikTok Clone app Script is the number one choice among TikTok fans worldwide. With a high degree of customization and extensive features to go along with it, look nowhere else when it comes to TikTok app development!
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Overwhelming Features Of Our TikTok Clone Script

Our TikTok app clone script is loaded with must-have features that will help set you apart from the competition.

Duet Option

For those that are fans of duets and singing along with their friends, our TikTok clone comes with a ‘Duet Option’ that allows users to collaborate with their friends and family.

Customized Channel

Users can let their creativity loose with our highly customizable channel creation. Users can ensure the uniqueness of their channels and set themselves apart.

New Stickers and Filters

Adding to the already existing stickers and filters, we have expanded the library with an extensive list of new stickers and filters.

Group Chats

Users can get together with their friends and enjoy our Group Chat functionality. Multimedia Content of any type can be shared in the Group Chat.

Dub Tracks

Users will love this innovative feature! Multiple dub tracks can be recorded over any video on our TikTok Clone.

Privacy Settings

We value the privacy of every user. Our TikTok Clone app lets users adjust their privacy settings exactly how they like it.

Easy Tags

We have made the process of tagging other users in videos and pictures much easier with our TikTok clone script.

Unfurling The Seamless Workflow Of TikTok Clone

Being a social media app, the TikTok clone gives an extravagant interactive experience to the users in multiple ways. Although, its prime focus centers around video-sharing. TikTok App clone enables users to record or give voice-overs to the pre-recorded videos and share them on the app platform. It's not just that, furthermore users can also enjoy the videos shared by the other users in the feed section and react to their posts.

  • Pictures/Videos

    TikTok clone app users can upload their pictures with a litany of customizing options. They can choose from various filters, add emojis, add animations, and more. The editing options allow them to showcase their creativity.

  • Music Lists

    One of the most attractive features of the TikTok clone is the number of music tracks available. Users can choose from an exhaustive list and put the tracks in the background of the video or picture they upload. Most videos utilize such songs in the background in creative ways.

  • Filters and Edits

    Where’s the fun in uploading dry pictures and videos? Users can take their work up a notch with the help of numerous filters and editing options. Users can completely alter their videos with the help of these useful tools.

TikTok Like App Development
TikTok Alternative App Development

Praiseworthy Advantages Of Cashing In On TikTok Like App Development

You might be wondering why you should invest your time and money into TikTok like app development. Here’s why you should have no second thoughts about capitalizing on this opportunity!

  • The numbers speak for themselves. TikTok became the most popular social media platform in just three short years.
  • Social media applications are the most used form of entertainment among smartphone users.
  • Most millennials and younger use social media applications every day of their lives.
  • TikTok has over 500+ million users around the world.
  • The downloads have exceeded over 33 million.
  • Countries like India have banned TikTok due to national security reasons, and many more countries are pondering such a move.
  • With this ban, there is now a vacuum for TikTok app clones to sweep into the market.

With an already established market space, launching a white label TikTok clone is a sure-fire success. There has never been a better time to invest in Tiktok alternative app development.

Our Gratifying White-Label TikTok Clone Package

TurnkeyTown provides a cutting edge TikTok clone package that gives you everything you need to make an impact straight away.

  • Admin iOS App
  • Admin Android App.
  • Admin Web Panel
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Android App for Users
  • iOS App App for Users
  • Web Panel for Users

Thereby, we cover up anything and everything for you in the TikTok clone app development

TikTok Clone App Script


The onboarding process is made super simple and easy. Users can register and use the app in less than a minute.

Managing Profile

Users can customize their profile any way they see fit. Users can add and edit their personal details at any time.

Video Feed

The video feed of the TikTok clone is constantly updated according to the user’s behavior. Videos are curated in relation to likes and dislikes, search history, and more.

Quick and Easy Posting

Users can create, edit, and share any video or picture in a matter of minutes with the TikTok Clone. The lightning quick workflow is unmatched.

Push Notifications

Users are kept up to date in real-time with push notifications. New requests, ‘likes’ on content, upcoming events, and more are sent to the users through push notifications.

Profile Settings

Users can alter how they use the TikTok clone with an extensive list of profile setting options.

Admin Dashboard

The Admin can oversee the TikTok clone’s operations from the dashboard, which they can use to easily navigate through the app.
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Manage Users

Admins can view and manage all the user’s profiles within the app. They can choose to ban any profile they deem inappropriate.

Manage Content

Admins can view and manage all the content (pictures, videos, and more) within the TikTok clone. They have the ability to block, suspend, or promote any content on the app.

Ad Management

The Admin has complete control over the advertising shown in the form of banners, texts, and videos.

Revenue Management

Admins can keep track of all the revenue generated within the app from multiple sources. They can view an extensive history of the revenue gathered.


Admins can oversee the functioning of the app with periodically generated reports that give rare insights and information.

Favorite Users

Users can create and compile a list of their favorite users within the app.


Automated reports can be generated on a weekly basis to keep the admin informed.


The TikTok clone facilitates social media campaigns to raise awareness for any cause.
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Cross Platforms

Users can share their videos on other social media platforms seamlessly.

Interactive Screens

The loading screen of the TikTok clone is highly interactive and attractive to use.
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Business Profiles

Specially designated business profiles can be availed to promote the business of users.


Users can now use the TikTok clone in their own language.


The business side of the TikTok clone now comes with multi-currency options.
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Group Live Streaming

Users can now stream live with their friends and family with the ‘Group Live’ option.


Business profiles can utilize AI chatbots to automatically reply to messages.

Augmented Reality

We have stepped up the filter game with our AR-powered tools.
White-Label TikTok Clone App

Revenue Model

How Do You Monetize With TikTok Clone App Development?

Monetization on the TikTok clone can be done in many ways.


Revenue can be generated through donations and fundraisers. Since the TikTok clone is free to use, many users will be willing to donate to keep the app up and running.


The backbone of every revenue generation model is the in-app advertising. Ad revenue can be based on the duration of ads, size of ads, frequency of ads, and more.

In-app purchases

Although the TikTok clone is completely free to use, there are paid features in the app which can be availed by purchasing them in the app.
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Why Choose TurnkeyTown For Short Video Sharing App Development?

Industry Experience

Our team comprises experts of every kind in the short video sharing app development field.

End-to-End Development

We work completely in-house. Your product will never leave our safe hands to outside contractors.

Intuitive Design

All our products are beautifully designed and intuitive to use.


We offer world quality services at highly affordable prices.

Quality Assured

We make sure the whole solution is fit and effective without any compromise in meeting the quality standards.


All our offerings can be scaled seamlessly as you grow!

Quick Deployment

Timing is of the essence. Our lightning-quick turnaround time lets you get into the market right away.

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Tech Stack We Employ For Our TikTok Like App Development

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

It is not quite simple to reveal the cost as it depends on many variables. The cost of developing a TikTok clone script completely relies on how you want to customize and modify your app. The best way is to contact our experts and get the cost estimate after conveying your needs and requirements.
Some of the remarkable features of our TikTok clone app include Duet singing, Customisable channel, Emoticon and stickers, Group Chats, Dub Tracks, and so on. Furthermore, we are also open to adding features as per your specifications and market trends.
TikTok clone benefits users by bestowing them with unlimited entertainment. Users can do lip-sync of the most popular songs, create videos and post them on other social media platforms as well. It helps in bringing the real talent of the users.
Short video-sharing apps have become the craze of millennials. Therefore, cashing in on short video-sharing app development is sure to gain a massive user base and profits in no time.
You can market your TikTok alternative app development by creating fun content, launching a hashtag, and so on. Since it has a million users worldwide, your business can be promoted effectively.