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Discover Which Clubhouse Clone Has Greater Chances Of Success In The Audio Social Market

Social media is constantly evolving, taking new forms from time and again. Each social media is distinctive in some way. For instance, Facebook for connecting with a large group of people, Twitter for sharing posts, WhatsApp for messaging. Instagram for posting pictures and videos, and so on.

In that way, now there is a new audio-based social media app taking over the market. As put outright, this app allows users to create rooms and discuss topics purely through voice and voice only.

Another exclusivity is that it is an invite-only social media app. A user cannot create a profile unless he/she gets an invite to join the app from the existing user. This evoked an excitement among the people to create a profile for themselves. Added to this, the entry of giant stars like Elon Musk and Oprah Winfrey has got the buzz for the Clubhouse app.

How Popular Is Clubhouse App?

“Clubhouse app user figures touched an all-time high of 10 million users in the month of January and February 2021. Over 18 million users have downloaded the app. The market value for Clubhouse stands at $4 billion in a Series C round.”

Getting Into Business…

The biggest reach of this new form of social media motivates many companies to jump into Clubhouse like app development. However, there are so many Clubhouse clones, and one needs to understand the strength and uniqueness of each Clubhouse clone.

Here in this blog, we shall explore the different audio-based app clones, learn their strengths and their potential to succeed in the market. Without any delay, let’s dive into the topic.

Names Of The Popular Clubhouse-inspired Apps

Many tech companies are making attempts to replicate the success of the Clubhouse and thus make it more accessible to the public. On that note, here are few names who are trying to tap the untapped market that Clubhouse has yet to reach.

  • Instagram – “Audio Rooms”

News leaked by a mobile developer revealed that Instagram is working on adding a Clubhouse feature into its app. Chat room app development is likely to be integrated with Instagram to its direct messaging screen.

Instagram is already successful in imparting cloned features like stories and reels. But, the chat room app feature is still in its infant stage, so it’s quite hard to predict how it would work.

  • Telegram – “Voice Chat 2.0”

Telegram has announced that it is going to update its in-app voice chat feature. The update provides the group admins of the channels and groups to host live voice chats. Also, the non-channel members can even join the conversation using the unique voice chat links.

Moreover, it allows recording the voice chats for playback purposes in the future. Alongside, while recording, it displays a redlight for privacy reasons.

  • LinkedIn – “Live Audio Rooms”

According to LinkedIn’s latest update given by the spokesperson Suzi Owens, it plans to bring in a live audio room feature in the app. With this, LinkedIn also integrates chat room app development to its platform.

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  • Twitter – “Spaces”

Twitter occupies the first place in adopting the Clubhouse cloning feature in its app. The “Twitter spaces” is what it is. It permits users to create a space, add participants, and have real-time audio conversations. They can invite other people to join the conversation by sharing the space link.

Although, “spaces” is not the first voice-based feature to be integrated into Twitter. Voice tweets feature are already available to the users of iOS. But the similarity of the qualities between space and Clubhouse makes us think of it as a potential rival for Clubhouse.

  • Spotify – Locker Room Talk

Spotify has merged with Betty Labs recently. Betty Labs are the developers of the audio app Locker Room, used by sports fans to share their sports interests through voice.

The latest update given by Spotify is that Locker Room Talk will undergo modifications to offer an enriched live audio experience for users from all cultural backgrounds, including sports, music, etc. Obviously, the chat room app development in Spotify will have an imitation of features from Clubhouse, as it is the predecessor of an audio-based app.

  • Discord – Stage Channels

Discard expands its new live audio feature by introducing “Stage.” Users can create Stages to interact with others and can also participate in other live audio chats. Previously, Discord had just voice chat and channels, but in Stages, the speakers and listeners keep up the right balance in the conversation.

  • Facebook – Audio Rooms

The audio chat feature of Facebook doesn’t come as a greater surprise as we’ve seen all the major social media giants are already in it. Similarly, Facebook also integrates live audio room features to allow users to join and interact in audio broadcasts. But they are yet to make the official announcement.

The other cloned features that go well with Facebook include Stories from Snapchat and Neighbourhood from Nextdoor.

What Are The Strengthening Points That Favor The Success Of Audio Features In All These Clubhouse like Apps?

As we’ve noticed, the apps and features are only in the development stage or beta stage. Hence, our prediction will be purely on the record tracks and overall strength of the app.

  • Firstly, Instagram is well-known for being a visual social media platform. So, it is more unlikely that the audio feature could gain the upper hand over other Clubhouse rivals.
  • Talking about Telegram, it ensures privacy of voice chat communication, which is likely to attract more users to use the platform.
  • LinkedIn is never a place for consuming content but for establishing a professional network. So, the live audio chat feature may help for professional reasons.
  • Speaking of Twitter, the 280-character limit motivates users to make use of Spaces chatrooms to share their thoughts and ideas.
  • As Spotify’s Locker Room is already tested, it improves the chances of success of the app.
  • And not to miss, it already has a reputation in the audio social world with its private voice chat feature. This adds an advantage to Discord’s chat room app.
  • Among all this, the chances of success are relatively high for the audio broadcast on Facebook. The main reason for this is, the platform was able to adapt well to several content formats such as stories, video conferencing, etc., over the years. In addition to that, the intimidating userbase and existing community features like Facebook groups give it an edge over advantage in making the audio feature hit big.

Make Your Choice!

The Clubhouse trend has become the new sensation of the fast-growing social media world. The social media giants are already on their way to adopt Clubhouse clone features to thrive in this new form of social media.

Hence, Clubhouse clone scripts can be a favorable option for entrepreneurs who badly want to set foot in the audio-based social media industry. If you don’t have sufficient exposure and knowledge on succeeding in the niche, there is a way for that. Want to know it? Keep going further.

To Sum Up,

Utilizing Clubhouse clone scripts, you can define a unique identity and make your presence felt in the social media market. But how to do that? That is why we are here to help you from the inside out. Our well-knowledgeable developers at TurnkeyTown follow several phases of app development, which start right from ideation and planning.

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