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Aggrandize Your Moving Business With Uber For Movers App

Imagine when people want to relocate places what they do? Take their mobile phones to search for movers and packers or go on foot searching for traditional stores offering moving services? Undoubtedly, smartphones are the ones that provide immediate solutions for any problems.

We live in a digital era where establishing an online presence has become essential for a business to thrive in its respective niche. Moving business is no exception to it. According to the reports by IBISWorld, the global moving service industry forecasts revenue growth of 1.7% by 2021.

So, looking at all this, the situation seems favorable for entrepreneurs to get on with on-demand movers app development. But, before getting into app development, let’s find out how leveraging on moving app like Uber helps businesses and what tech stacks are essential in Uber for movers app development.

What Is Uber For Movers App Startup?

Entrepreneurs can utilize the Uber for movers app for providing packing and moving services to the customers at their request. Businesses that already own a truck can readily establish their online presence with the movers’ app solution, thus reaching out to the customers quickly.

Is it necessary to own trucks for launching a movers app startup? The answer is, No. Anybody can be a part of the online moving business. But if you doubt, how is it possible? Here is the answer.

As the owner of the app, you can tie up with moving companies and enlist the nearby service providers in your app. Users who want to avail of the moving service can easily search for the movers and packers service in your app and select the services they need.

For each booking through the app, the app owner obtains a commission for listing the services on the app. In simple terms, with little investment in app development and marketing, you can make a lot of money.

What Are The Benefits Of Launching A Uber For Movers App?

A dedicated mobile application can take you to places that are otherwise not possible with traditional business methods. Not all customers would like to visit physical stores as much as app stores. In that case, you’ll have to lose potential customers.

So, then how exactly do on-demand services help retain and grow the customer base for your business? Continue reading to know the benefits of employing an on-demand movers app.

  • Moving service available on-demand

It is almost impossible to open a physical shop 24/7. On the other hand, the key advantage of the app-based business is its non-stop availability. Online presence enables customers to learn about the services from anywhere at any time. To do that, mobile phones and network connectivity are all they need, which most of them have access to.

  • On-time Service

Since all the operations are entirely online, it reduces the need for manual tasks, thus leading to improved efficiency. The integration of the matching algorithm in the app automates the process of assigning workers and dispatch the truck according to customer requests.

Thus, it easily connects customers with the nearby service providers, who in turn help them in shifting the goods without any delay.

  • Cashless Payments

Managing the logbook and keeping track of the cash inflow is a complex process. But by embracing digital advancements, you can make the process of auditing simple and effective. With a digital solution, you can view, store and audit payments later by reviving the data from the online platform.

Moreover, you can promote digital transactions by integrating with payment modes such as debit/credit cards, eWallet, net banking, etc.

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Tech-stacks Necessary For On-demand Movers App Development

Employing advanced technologies ensures the seamless flow of each aspect of your moving service. Here are some recommendations of powerful technology stack support for developing a robust moving app like Uber.

  • Payment Gateways

To make the payment process more quick and accessible to users, payment technologies like Stripe, Braintree, eWallets, ApplePay, etc., serve a greater good. Providing multiple payment options also enables the customer to select their preferred mode.

  • Database design

Back-end development forms the backbone of the app. Therefore, employing the latest technologies like PostgresSQL and Cassandra helps in establishing a strong back-end infrastructure. Furthermore, technologies like JavaScript, Python, Hbase, Mail Chimp, etc., can make the back-end design more impactful.

  • Cloud Environment

Ensuring the data security of the customer and business is crucial. Therefore, cloud technologies like AWS, Google, Azure, etc., helps you to manage data more securely. It keeps records of booking orders, shifting details, payment details, thereby protecting the entire business integrity.

  • GPS Tracking

The tracking feature plays a significant role in keeping the users and admin updated with real-time information about the service provider location. For this purpose, Google Maps can be considered for Android and MapKit for iOS apps. You can also go for a specific API or SDK if needed.

  • Push Notifications

Push notification is a kind of marketing strategy to maximize user retention and acquisition. It can notify users about the latest offers and services. It helps in providing a more engaging experience to the users. For push notification plugins, you can use Push.io, Twilio, ePush, etc.

What Is The Cost Of Movers App Development?

When opting for a movers app development, the one concerning question we have is how much will it cost?

But, it’s actually difficult to put up the exact cost as it varies depending on several factors. The major factors include the complexity of the app, features, and functions of the app, app platforms like Android or iOS. In addition to that, the phases adopted for the app development process also impact the cost.

An Endnote,

As we saw earlier, it is self-evident that taking the moving business online offers immense benefits. But, developing a moving app like Uber is not just easy. Now it all narrows down to the point of finding the right development partner to get your business on board. You can take a look at TurnkeyTown’s website, which might be the answer for your search.

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