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Clubhouse Clone
A Real-time Audio Based Social Media App

Entertain your users by launching an interactive audio-only social media app like Clubhouse. Invite your users to create rooms, host meetings, and get insights by discussing topics they are curious about.

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Clubhouse Like App Development
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Clubhouse Clone
Create an Audio-only Social Network App Like Clubhouse!

Be in trend, or else you fade away, is a saying by a wise man. A new trend is booming in social media. Social media has already conquered the medium of photos, videos, and blog sharing. It has now stepped into the arena of an audio sharing platform with Clubhouse as the forerunner. The Clubhouse is already a blockbuster, with celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Kevin Hart, Drake, and the billionaire Elon Musk joining it. It is also referred to as the modern-day radio with clubs and rooms. Although the buzz has been huge around the app, every common person does not get a chance to relish the features of this app as it is an invite-only social media app. A user gets to create a profile in the app only if invited by an existing user. This makes the people wait for a long time to get an invite, and also, it is available only for iOS users right now. The excitement of the audience to use audio-based social media is huge, but Clubhouse is not yet ready to feed all their desires. Suppose you are an entrepreneur equally excited about the audio-only social media platform and are curious to launch one by yourself. Connect with us for the chat room app development, and let's build a Clubhouse app instantly.
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Key Features Of Our Clubhouse Clone App Solution

An audio-only social media app is a revolution in this aesthetic loving world. Let's check on some of the key features of it.

Hallway- The Clubhouse News Feed

The hallway is similar to the news feed in other social media apps. It enlists the upcoming rooms and the topics to be discussed in it.

Virtual Rooms

Any user can create a room to discuss any topics he/she is interested in. It can either be a professional meeting or even a casual conversation between friends.

In-App Calendar

The in-built calendar feature in the Clubhouse like app helps the user remind of the upcoming meetings he/she is interested in.


The user gets invited considering the user activity in the app. The user can use these invites to invite their friends to the app.

Push Notifications

Notifications are popped up on the user’s screen if any of the users they follow is on the stage of a room speaking.

Form Clubs

Clubs can be formed by the users, the members of a club can have private discussions within themselves.

The Workflow Of Our Clubhouse Clone App Development

The audio-based social media app has an exciting workflow for the users


The Clubhouse Clone app is downloaded from the store


The username is reserved by the user for themselves


An invitation is to be sent by any existing user until then the user waits


Once an invitation is received the user registers themself in the app


A profile picture and a bio is updated by the user


Random profiles are displayed and the user can follow any of them if interested


The hallway is updated with the rooms created by the profiles the user follows


The user can join any rooms and listen to the speakers


The user can also create a room and speak on any topics they are interested in

Benefits Of Launching Audio-Based Social Media App

Potential Customer Base

A social media platform like Clubhouse Clone is an ocean of customers for various businesses. The businesses can promote their products and services by creating rooms and speaking about it. This can also help businesses convert prospects into customers.

Branding a Business

Every business needs to be branded in order to get a reception from the audience nowadays. Clubhouse Clone can act as a tool for this branding process of the businesses. Businesses can run campaigns by conducting meetings and interacting with their customers.

Customer Relationship Management

Holding a healthy relationship with customers is one of the most needed traits for any business. Clubhouse Clone can help businesses engage with their customers through direct conversations in rooms.

Entertaining the Customers

Customers are the key to every business keeping them engaged and entertained creates a bond between the brand and customer. This kind of relationship is the reason behind loyal customers. With the Clubhouse clone app, a business can entertain their customers with various events conducted by them exclusively for their customers by forming clubs.

What do we offer in Clubhouse Clone Script?

  • User Android App

  • User iOS App

  • Admin Panel

  • 100% Customizable Solution

Clubhouse Clone App and Script Development

Stupendous Features Of Our Clubhouse Chat Room App Development

Enrolling in Clubhouse Clone

Registration in Clubhouse clone stands out from the other social media apps with more exclusivity. The user reserves their username first and waits for an invite. Once the user gets an invitation, they are allowed to create a profile.

Enhancing the Profile

Every user in social media desires to project themselves in a positive manner. Allowing them to add high-quality profile pictures and a space to write a bio about themselves aids them to fulfill this desire.

Hosting Meetings

Meetings can be hosted by the users on topics of their interest. The host creates a room and schedules a time for the meeting. The meeting is held in the rooms at the scheduled time. A speaker makes speeches while moderators check on the audience if anyone of them has an opinion or wants to come up to the stage to state their point. Suppose anyone wishes so, the moderator promotes them to the stage and allows them to speak.

Looking out for New Friends

One of the most prominent positives of a social media platform is connecting with people all around the world. The Clubhouse clone also aims for this but in a more authentic manner as people follow or connect with other people by listening to what they speak instead of just their pictures and videos.

Notify on Updates

Notifications are one of the best forms to hold user engagement. The users are notified if any of the people they follow gets on a stage to speak. This attracts the user to get instantly into the app to listen to the speech.

Finding Clubs of Interest

Clubs feature similar to the real-time clubs where people of the same interest gather and have fun or discuss topics and issues that matter to them. The users request to join clubs they are interested in, and the club owners accept their request. The user can also create clubs and ask people to join.

Admin Console

Every app requires an admin panel to regulate the user app. We develop an admin panel with features that allow the admin to resolve any issues through it.

User Management

The admin has access to manage all the profiles in a single console. If any user spreads false messages or hatred in the app, they can be removed by the admin.

Content Management

The users keep hosting meetings on different topics. The admin can regulate it if he/she feels the meet is focused on spreading hatred in society.

Analytic Dashboard

The data of user behavior, user engagement, the peak time of usage, and more similar data with a projection on the predicted user engagement in the forthcoming weeks or months is provided to the admin.

The Avant-Garde Features To Enrich Users Experience In An Invite-Only Social Media App

The Clubhouse Clone is an audio-based social media app with avant garde features.

Invite Only Social Media App Development

Real-time podcast experience

The user can minimize the app and still keep listening to the speech in the room the user is an audience. This provides the user a real-time podcast experience where the user gets to share their views in real time.

Interaction with Celebrities

Celebrities, Political leaders, Billionaires participate and make speeches on the platform. The users can interact with them by being a part of the audience in the room they speak. The users can be charged to attend such premium meetings.

A Coffee Break

Random people from random places can discuss in common rooms with a limited number of members. These meetings feel more like a chat in a coffee shop. In this case the user does not wait to use the app only when there are meetings scheduled on topics they are interested in.

Premium Stickers and GIFs

Every meeting does not necessarily be a serious discussion on topics. Fun is always an integral part of any social media. The users can be availed with funny stickers and GIFs to express their reaction in a meeting for a small fee.

Make Money With Our White-Label Clubhouse Clone

Any business needs to generate revenue in order to sustain in the market for a prolonged period. Clubhouse clone is an app that can be monetized and let us check on some of the methods.

Posting Ads

The very basic and most prominent way to generate revenue by running a social media app is to post advertisements in the app.

Subscription of Premium Features

Premium features in an app is an exclusive feature in an app charged for a small fee in regular intervals to the user. The more intimidating the features are the more customers subscribe.

Physical Merchandise

Branding is an integral part for the growth of any business. Selling merchandise with the name of the app on it is a two way profit, you earn by selling as well market your app.

In-App Products

Every app has certain products in it that can be availed to the customers for purchase. Some examples are stickers, filters, GIFs, etc.

Audio Based Social Media App Development

Building Your Dream Into Audio Based Social Media App

Business and Product Analysis

Our team of experts has a discussion with the business owner and understands the product they require. They also suggest some effective ideas of improvisation. Both the teams come to a conclusion on how the white-label Clubhouse like app is to be developed.

Evaluation of the Project

Now that the requirements for developing the app are clear. The developer prepares a quote for the Clubhouse clone app development and sends it to the client for approval.

Demo App

After the approval of the client, a demo app is developed. The client uses it and gives their suggestions.

Designing a glossy app

Our design team works on an appealing design with the logo and the color palettes to attract the niche crowd of the business.

Back-end Development

The developer's team starts to work on the backlog of the app with the requirements of the client in mind.

QA and Testing

Now that the developers' team has developed a fully-functional backend Clubhouse clone app solution. The QA team runs various tests on it to make sure that your app is free of bugs and ready-to-launch.

Launching in the Digital World

The white-label Clubhouse clone app is launched in the android store and the iOS store as per the requirement of the client.

Chat Room like App Development

Why should you join our room for the Clubhouse like app development?

  • We are a team of dedicated developers, creative designers, brilliant analysts striving to reward our clients with the best results.
  • An extensive knowledge on the business perspective of the audio-based social media app.
  • A developers team specialised in developing social media apps.
  • In-depth understanding of branding requirements and designing the app to acquire high brand value.
  • High-end apps at a very reasonable price.

Tech Stack

We work on the robust technology stack,

Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

It is basically an online communication platform that exclusively functions on audio format. Using this platform, the users can interact with each other, debate on various topics, share information through voice and voice only.
The core work process of Clubhouse clone app are as follows,

Sign Up:
The user can download and sign into the app with any of their social media accounts.

Joining Chat Rooms:
The user can join into any public chat rooms, or invite friends and families to join into the chat rooms.

Interact In Chat Rooms:
By scrolling through the hallway, the user can hop into any room and join the room as a listener.

Create A Room:
Apart from joining the rooms, the users can also host a new room on their preferred topic.
The new trend of the audio-based communicating app has grabbed the user’s attention widely. Entrepreneurs are interested in deploying an app like clubhouse as the app sees nearly 2 million active users per week. If you would like to get on board in this industry, our team has got the exact solution for you.
It is more effortless to build an audio-based app as our app development team provides you with a ready-made solution. Interact with our professionals to learn more about the development process.
The cost of deploying a Clubhouselike social media app differs according to the requirement of the client.. The development cost also depends on numerous factors such as features, technologies, customization, development time, efforts taken by developers, etc. Communicate with our esteemed app developers to know the full cost.
There are many ways to generate revenue such as ads, subscription of premium features, physical merchandise, in-app products, and many more. Kick start your venture instantly with our white-label solution.