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Delivery.Com Clone:Establish a stronghold in the market by developing an app like now is a well-known American online ordering platform where people can order a variety of products on-demand from local restaurants, grocery stores, and liquor shops. Orders can be done by the users for free on the platform, reward points, and purchases are provided for every purchase.

It also gives away 20 delivery points for every $1 spent by the customers. that operates on a franchise-based business model has more than 3 million users functioning in 2400 cities and supporting 19000 local businesses.

The newest developments in, the online food ordering app


  1. The platform recently launched its operations in Fort Lee, a city in New Jersey. 20 restaurants will be listed on the website. Contactless delivery is also available for the users. They have also announced a promo code named ORDERNOW where users can get $10 or $15 (excluding tax and delivery fees) off their first order on the platform.
  2. expanded its presence to Hudson in the county of Columbia. They are mainly targeting group orders and food delivery to commercial offices located in Hudson.
  3. Other platforms like MyTown2Go and Five Star Food Express also listed their local restaurants on the platform joined hands with Vroom Service Now to deliver groceries, alcohol, food, and also offer laundry services in the cities of New York and Connecticut. Vroom Service Now which is there for more than a decade in the market has more than 300 restaurants listed on its platform.

The different elements to incorporate while developing an app like


Customer side –

They should be able to use the app to create their account, select a restaurant to order food, pay for the order online through debit cards, credit cards, digital wallets, or payment service providers such as PayPal or Google Pay, track their order on a real-time basis, access their previous order history, interact with the restaurant and the delivery personnel to report any grievance or inconvenience, and rate the quality of the service provided. It must also include an integrated referral program so that the existing users can refer their friends and family members to get exciting discounts or rewards.

The Restaurant part –

They should be able to register on the food ordering platform to offer food for sale to the interested customers. It includes details about their location, the menu, offers, discounts, contact information, and working hours. Restaurants can check the integrated order management system to see new orders raised by users on the platform. They can track the movement of the delivery executive on a real-time basis. They can generate invoices for the orders to be processed instantly. The restaurant should be always available for communication with the customers and delivery personnel to sort out any issues.

The Delivery Executive’s segment –

They can either accept or reject an order delivery request based on their availability. It includes information about the restaurant where the order has to be picked up by the concerned delivery personnel, the drop location, and the contact information of the customer. They can access the earnings report that shares data of their order history, working hours, and total income. The route optimization option can be used by the delivery executives to use the shortest route for the speedy delivery of orders to the users.

The Admin Panel –

It is used to handle all the business operations efficiently. It takes care of advertising, content management, menu management, managing all the promotional campaigns effectively, preparing analytical reports, handling user feedback, and adding new restaurants regularly on the food ordering platform.

Other advanced features –

The food ordering platform can include aspects like a smart search facility where users can search for their desired food using the right keywords, levy surge pricing in case of the huge demand of orders from the users, a custom takeaway offering fast access for premium customers, add an order scheduling facility, and provide personalized deals to the users as per their buying pattern.


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The steps to follow to create an online food ordering app in no time


  1. Decide the target audience to personalize their food ordering experience. It depends on their income level, likes, dislikes, and age group. Include foods that are healthy and diet-friendly to get a wider reach in the market.
  2. Analyze the existing market conditions by focussing on how the major players in the industry operate and their business model.
  3. Hire competent app developers and website designers to develop the solution.
  4. Add all the necessary features to your mobile app and website. It must have characteristics like easy registration for new users, quick order processing, integrated payment gateways, and fast delivery directly to the users’ doorstep.
  5. Team up with restaurants or cafes and list them on your platform by integrating with their Point of Sale (POS) system. You can pocket a commission for each order they process.
  6. Manage the activities of customers, delivery personnel, restaurants, and the inventory by using a well-functioning admin dashboard.
  7. Launch the food ordering app officially in the market at the most favourable time to generate more business.

Some important factors to consider before developing an app like


  1. You can hire either freelancers or full-time drivers to handle the delivery operations. Conduct a detailed background check of each driver before onboarding them on the platform. You can opt for the services of third-party background check companies to verify the drivers’ credentials. This eliminates unnecessary risks and the chances of fraud.
  2. It is better to provide insurance protection for all the delivery executives so that they are protected against health risks and accidents.
  3. The liabilities can be reduced if the pickup and delivery partners (PDPs) are classified as independent contractors. This decreases the operational costs and minimizes the effects of various risks. There will be no agent or employer relationship between the platform and the PDPs.

The global online food delivery market is expected to reach a whopping $151,526 billion by the end of 2021. The promising sector will grow at 6.4% every year from 2021 to 2024 and reach a total market volume of $182.327 billion by 2024. Kickstart the development process to establish a top-notch online food ordering app like now to form a strong presence in the market.

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