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ChowNow Clone:Create a commission-free ordering system by launching an app like ChowNow

ChowNow is one of the leading American food ordering platforms that benefit local restaurants from paying exorbitant commissions for availing third-party delivery services. It offers a flat fee plan either monthly or yearly for the usage of the software. The monthly plan costs $149, $119 is levied for the annual plan, and $99 is charged for the two-year plan.

The ChowNow plan comes with unlimited commission-free orders, a WiFi-enabled tablet for the restaurants to streamline their daily business operations, an Android, and iOS app for the customers and delivery personnel, a web panel for the admin and the restaurant, a wireless data connection, a wireless receipt printer, a digital marketing launch package, training materials, and round the clock technical support.

Currently, ChowNow is used by 14,000 restaurants in the USA and Canada.

Develop an Alternative to ChowNow to attract food buffs easily

  1. It hired a lot of restaurant workers in Kansas City who lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic. This was done in partnership with the Open Belly Podcast.
  2. ChowNow expanded its business operations in New York City recently. Free ordering without a subscription will be available for local restaurants till May 2021. They have also expanded their business presence in California and Illinois.
  3. ChowNow amassed more than $2 billion in food orders in 2020. More than $500 million in commission were saved by restaurants. It also crossed 100 million orders.
  4. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, they have added 10 million diners and 8000 restaurants to its platform.
  5. It joined hands with Instagram where users can utilize the ‘Order Food’ button on the social media application (Instagram Stories).
  6. ChowNow launched a loyalty program to fund local restaurants that were on the verge of closure due to the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic. Users can sign up and the restaurant will receive all the membership fees. There are three different plans, bronze, silver, and gold offering discount rates of 10%, 15%, and 25% respectively.


The unique aspects of the online food ordering app like ChowNow


  1. No hidden commission or extra fees need to be paid when orders are made by users from local restaurants.
  2. It contains a List View or Map View option where the best dishes and favourites will be displayed.
  3. An easy checkout option is available as payments can be done quickly using Google Pay by the users without the need to wait.
  4. 24×7 customer support is available in numerous languages.
  5. They help in increasing the profit margins of standalone restaurants as they need not pay any commission for using delivery services leading to lesser burnout of their finances.


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The core features of an app like ChowNow


  1. The acceptance of numerous payment methods – leading to the quicker settlement of bills by the customers. Integration is provided with Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. The users get protection against the misuse of their credit cards and are also safeguarded against chargeback frauds.
  2. Real-time tracking of orders by the users – Users can view the status of orders instantly and live sharing of the information about the restaurant’s location to the delivery boy is also allowed to ensure quick delivery to the user’s doorstep.
  3. Different categories and subcategories – For displaying the menu and cuisines.
  4. Thorough background check – By verifying the ID and documents of all the delivery men before onboarding them on the platform.
  5. The issue of real-time notifications – About incoming orders, discounts, and offers to the users.
  6. An inbuilt live chat facility – For quick communication between the buyers and the delivery boys.
  7. A custom plan – can be utilized by the users while ordering food from different outlets.
  8. A review and rating system – where the customers can provide their honest feedback regarding the quality of the services.
  9. Numerous use-cases for restaurants – they can utilize the online food ordering app like ChowNow for managing the different offers, assigning orders for various drivers, updating the order status, and ensuring that the availability toggle is either on or off.
  10. Multiple conveniences for drivers – GPS navigation with Google Maps, to access details like their earnings report and order history, and to update the status of orders and payments. Deliveries are offered at the rate of $6.75 for the first mile and $1 for every additional mile.
  11. The web admin dashboard – manages all the business operations and takes care of different aspects like insights related to customers, drivers, restaurants, and also implements attractive loyalty programs.
  12. Data analytics – Advanced analytics is provided in the form of easily understandable graphs and charts to know the buying trend of the users and their behavioural patterns related to the ordering of food.


The step by step process to use the online food ordering app like ChowNow


  1. Users have to register themselves on the app by providing their personal information. They can also sign up using their social media accounts for faster onboarding.
  2. They can pick the restaurant of their choice and add the food items to their order cart.
  3. The customers can pay online through debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers, or digital wallets. Cash is not accepted.
  4. The order will be instantly assigned by the app to the concerned restaurant.
  5. The order will be processed by the restaurant and a delivery person will be given the job of fulfilling the order directly to the user.
  6. The delivery executive will use the in-app map navigation facility to ensure quick delivery of the food to the user.
  7. The user will rate the quality of the services on a scale of 1 to 5.


The various components of the viable alternative to ChowNow


The Customer app –


It is used to locate different restaurants available on the platform, to discover new information about a restaurant before deciding to order food from it, add food products to the favourite list for faster ordering, enter the delivery address, make an online payment for the order, track all the orders, view the history of past orders, and view the invoice.


The Restaurant app –


It contains a list of all the orders in different stages of processing, the details of all the customers in the form of an organized database, can add the delay time and mention a specific reason to inform the customer, view all the orders (completed, rejected, and cancelled), and integrate it with a GPS facility for live order tracking.


The dispatcher panel –


It consists information about all the orders to be fulfilled by the platform, track all the orders and the movement of the drivers, users can utilize it to explore the menu of the restaurants, and to place an order.


Despite the stiff competition in the online food delivery market, ChowNow has stood out strong with its restaurant-friendly business model. It will have a bright future ahead and achieve more milestones in the years to come. Hence, launch an app like ChowNow to make it big and achieve huge growth in the thriving industry.


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