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Airmeet Clone
A Cutting-edge Video-conferencing Platform For HD Video Calls

  • Voice Calls

  • Private Chats

  • Group Chats

  • Screen Sharing

  • Session Recording

  • Calendar sync

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Airmeet Clone For A Distortion-free Video-Conferencing Experience

In a world where everything has shifted online, working remotely, and educating virtually is no more a Herculean task. Employers can connect with their employees, and educational institutions can interact with their students anytime, anywhere, without any constraint, given they have a leading-edge video-conferencing app like Airmeet and stable internet connectivity.

With several people adapting to the emerging trend, the usage of video-conferencing apps has amped up, and so does their revenue. Join this thriving revolution by launching a robust Airmeet like app. The rising demand will bring more users to your solution in no time, making you the big name in your niche. At Turnkeytown, we offer the Airmeet clone app to help you jump on the bandwagon in the shortest turnaround time possible. Contact us to get started!
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Outstanding Features Of Our Airmeet Clone Script

Private/ Public video-conferencing

Users can create meetings where anyone with the link can join or be password-protected to let only the people with the password to enter.


Conduct webinars where any number of users can participate and exchange their knowledge seamlessly.

Virtual events

Users can attend virtual meetings, business conferences, online workshops, etc., hassle-free with our Airmeet clone solution.

Recurring meetings

Users can create recurring meetings where they can use the same link to conduct multiple meetings, discharging the need to create sessions every other time.

1-on-1 Live streaming

Users can connect with others over one-on-one private video call sessions protected with multi-level security.

Voice calls

Users can connect and communicate with one another over clear, distortion-free voice calls.

Mute/ Unmute

The host can mute or unmute any user taking part in the meeting. Also, users can mute or unmute themselves based on their preferences.

Varied Purposes Of Our Airmeet Clone

Benefits Of Cloud Meeting Software Like Airmeet Clone

Multi-level security

Our Airmeet clone is secured with multiple protection layers and encrypted end-to-end to safeguard the privacy and security of your data shared during online meetings.

Virtual event platforms

With our solution, businesses can host virtual events like webinars, live meetings, employee engagement programs, etc., without any distortion.

Unlimited e-learning resources

Our solution allows users to access e-learning resources and get educated from tutors anytime, anywhere. Location is never a constraint, and users get a personalized learning experience.

Feature-rich solution

The Airmeet clone is loaded with several advanced features, like screen recording, screen sharing, hand-arising, blurring the background, and a lot more, to allow users to connect and communicate effectively.

Video chat support

With our video conferencing solution, you can offer online video chat support for your users and attend to their queries swiftly, driving maximum customer satisfaction.

Strong social connections

Not only does the solution offer business communication, but it also allows users to build their social relationships by interacting with their circle over private/ group video chats.

How Does The Airmeet Clone Work?

Step 1:

Sign up/ Log in

In our Airmeet clone, users can register via multiple sign-up options at their convenience.

Step 2:

Create a meeting

Hosts can create recurring meetings or schedule meetings in advance. They can create meetings with password protection if they wish to prevent restricted users from joining the sessions.

Step 3:

Share invite links

Hosts can share the meeting invite link with other members to join the meeting via emails that include the meeting ID and other details.

Step 4:

Join the meeting

Users can join the scheduled or recurring meetings by clicking on the invitation link shared. They can enter the passwords if the session is password-protected.

Step 5:

Share/ Record screen/ Chat

Users can communicate with each other via video/ voice chats and text messages. They can also record the meetings, share their screens with other participants, and avail other advanced features.

Step 6:

End the meeting

Once the meeting is over, hosts can end the meetings. After this, the report of the meeting with all details will be shared with the host.

Our Airmeet Clone App Package

At Turnkeytown, we make every effort to offer a pioneering video conferencing solution like Airmeet, to empower users to connect and communicate across various platforms, like Android, iOS, and Web. We never leave out on anything that might bring users to your business. Here’s what our package has to offer:

  • An Avant-garde Android App

    A feature-laden Android solution to allow users and the admin to access them on all Android devices without any interruption.

  • A Leading-edge iOS App

    A resilient iOS solution for users and the admin to avail them on all iOS devices and use them seamlessly to interact with other users worldwide.

  • Easy-to-access Web App

    We offer custom-built web applications that enable users and the admin to access the full-fledged video conferencing solution on all web browsers.

  • Intuitive Admin Dashboard

    The admin dashboard makes it easy and convenient for the admin to manage the overall activities of the application effortlessly and efficiently.


Features Of Our Airmeet Clone

Schedule meetings

Users can schedule meetings on a later date and share the meeting invitation link with other users.

Private/ Group chats

Users can exchange text messages with other users in private or during an ongoing video conferencing session.

Live streaming

Users can stream their live video sessions with their followers directly via the secure live streaming option.

Screen sharing

Users can share their system screen with other users during video-conferencing sessions without any hassle.

Record meetings

Be it voice or video chat, users can record the sessions, so they can refer to them in the future. These recordings can also be shared with other users.

Document sharing

Two or more users can work together on a document by sharing it with one another via the Airmeet clone.

Admin dashboard

The admin can have a bird’s eye view of the app and assess the overall performance of its operations directly from the dashboard.

Manage meetings

The admin can view all completed, ongoing, and upcoming online meetings and their details here.

Manage notifications

The admin can share custom push notifications with the users to keep them updated on the app updates and other details.

Flexible payments

The app is integrated with multiple payment options to enable users to pay using the one they find convenient.

Create sub-admins

The admin can create multiple sub-admin profiles to allow them to access a specific part of the Airmeet clone.

Insightful reports

The admin can look into the number of users accessing the platform, the number of meetings conducted, etc., via the advanced reports generated periodically.

Sync calendars

Users can sync their meetings in their calendars so they can be reminded of the upcoming meetings easily.

YouTube video sharing

Users can make the video sessions lively by streaming videos from YouTube directly during the meeting.

File sharing

Our video-conferencing solution allows users to share files in various formats with others during an ongoing meeting.

Background blur

Users can blur their backgrounds during video meetings with this amazing feature.

Virtual hand raising

In a meeting with several users, hosts can answer questions one by one by allowing users to raise their hands and then ask their questions.

Create polls

Hosts can collect the responses of participants taking part in the meetings about a specific topic to assess their viewpoints.

Add-on Features Of Our Airmeet App Clone

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Video call preview

Enable users to check their videos before joining meetings. Here, they can choose to disable their video and audio as well.

Remote access

Users can help their team members with system issues by remotely accessing their system and fixing them quickly.

Track attendees

Hosts can track attendees who do not pay attention to the meetings and notify them to be attentive to the session.

Meeting report

At the end of each meeting, the host can be provided with a detailed report, including the meeting details, the number of attendees, etc.

Multiple Ways To Generate Revenue From The Airmeet Clone

Freemium Model

While the basic functionality of the Airmeet clone can be availed for free, users have to pay a certain amount to access its premium features like conference rooms, workspaces, cloud-calling solutions, etc.

Subscription-based Model

You can offer different subscription packages and enable users to access the platform only after subscribing to any of the packages. It should be your last option as people always prefer free services to paid solutions.

Sponsored video ads

For meetings created by users for free, sponsored video ads of third-party businesses can be displayed before the meeting session. It serves as an additional income source.
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Our Process Of Video Conferencing App Development


First and foremost, we sit with you to understand the vision, model, and requirements of your business. We collect as much information as possible.

Requirement Study

Once we analyze your requirements, we will build a roadmap to ensure we complete the development and launch the full-fledged app on app stores on time and within budget.

Design & Development

Our UI designers ensure the user interface is intuitive and enables quick access to all pages. Concurrently, our proficient developers strive to provide the app with all needed storage and security capabilities.

Testing & Launch

The application is run through a litany of tests by our QA engineers to make the app free from all bugs and glitches. After the completion of testing, the app is deployed on all major app platforms.

Support & Maintenance

Not only do we assist in app development, but we also offer post-launch maintenance support to ensure you run your business smoothly.

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Why Choose Our Airmeet Clone Solution?

  • The meetings are password-protected for added security.
  • The attendees can join the meetings only after the host.
  • Only the attendees approved can join the meetings.
  • The meeting can be locked once all attendees join it.
  • The host can restrict the screen recording functionality.
  • The host can disable the file transfer option during a meeting if it is not necessary.
  • Once the meeting is over, the host can end the meeting.
  • The same link can be used to rejoin again in case of a recurring meeting.

Pricing Plan Of Our Airmeet Clone Script

Professional $XXXX (USD)

Compatible with Multiple Domain / Server with Android App

Enterprise (Most Popular) $XXXX (USD)

Compatible with Multiple Domain / Server with iOS & Android App

Hire Our Video Conferencing App Developer

Who wouldn’t love to get their app developed by experts with several years of experience in their domain? Our proficient developers from Turnkeytown excel in building video-conferencing solutions that offer high-grade security and maximum scalability. By opting for our development services, you don’t have to worry about anything as we assist you in every step of the way. Hire us to foray into the world of video-conferencing in an instant!

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Tech Stack That Power Our Airmeet Clone App Development

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Airmeet clone script is a ready-made video-conferencing script that lets people connect with users worldwide seamlessly. The video chat sessions of the clone script are of HD quality and distortion-free. Also, people can interact with one another via voice calls or private/ group text messages.
Yes. We are committed to serving you until your app is successfully up and running on all major app platforms. Not only do we offer app launch support, but we also provide post-launch maintenance support for a limited time free of charge.
We ensure your app abides by the regulations of the app stores before submitting it for launch. However, if it gets rejected, we will look into the issue, fix it, and resubmit the app right away.
We are a leading app development company specializing in the development of video conferencing applications. We have been serving in the field for several years, helping us understand the market trends in and out. Our domain expertise, combined with experience, will help us build a pragmatic application for your business in no time.
Contact us over email - [email protected] or phone - +1 718 521 4600 right away. We will provide you with the best assistance possible.