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Launch Your On-Demand Uber For Movers And Packers App

A feature-packed Uber for Movers app ensures the timely transport of different products. The entrepreneurs earn huge revenue from subscription plans, targeted advertisements, and a commission from delivery executives

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On-Demand Moving App

Build A Moving App Like Uber And Facilitate Smooth Shifting Services

Digitization has paved the way for the rise of the on-demand economy. It has promoted a viable business model that connects the customers who require specific services to the various service providers registered on the app. Movers and packers are in huge demand as they receive multiple orders in different cities regularly. Problems like lack of transparency, overcharging, and non-availability are eliminated in a state-of-the-art Uber for movers app. It provides fabulous benefits to the customers like regular sharing of updates, affordability with the presence of discounts and offers, and round-the-clock logistics services.

Be a successful entrepreneur who connects millions of customers with professional movers and packers at the time of their need. Make shifting a hassle-free job for your customers by launching your customized on-demand movers and packers app similar to Uber with us. Get a customized user app, a robust delivery agent app, and a modern admin panel. It is embedded with a real-time order facility so that customers need not worry about where their package is. Delivery executives also share the latest updates about the location of the package directly to the customers. Launch this game-changing app to handle bulk orders for packing and moving goods throughout the world.
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Contactless Delivery of goods with strict social distancing norms

  • The onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic has made people migrate from their location to other cities for economic and social reasons. This has resulted in huge demand for the readily deployable Uber for Movers app.

  • Promote contactless payments and offer your customers the option to pay online.

  • The pandemic has shut a lot of businesses while packers and movers assisted many households in shifting their goods from one place to another.

  • The on-demand online movers and packers are undoubtedly seeing a rise in demand and will turn out into a money tree business in the near future.

  • With the best marketing strategies, the chances of customers returning to avail of the service are huge.

  • Target your own set of audience and stay in contact with them to set your foot in the market for a long time.

Salient Features of Our On-Demand Uber For Movers And Packers App

The Uber for Movers App comes with some unavoidable and compelling features any user would look out for,

Book or Schedule an order

The users can book their order or schedule the timing when they want their goods to be shifted. This makes shifting effortless for the users.

Payment Options

The users are availed of various options to pay. They can pay using their debit card, or instant payment using payment apps, or net banking options.

Real-time tracking and GPS

This feature helps the user keep track of his parcel with the movers and the service providers to navigate their way to the user’s delivery destination.

In-App Chat Assistance

The in-app chat assistance feature helps the user and the delivery partner to converse on any doubts or updates in the shifting process.

Invoice Generation

An invoice is generated for every order. It enlists all the details of the order and the cost for the service provided.

Fare Calculator

The fare calculator calculates the cost of the service provided with the size of the vehicle used, the distance traveled, and the weight of the goods shifted.

Payroll Manager

This feature assists the admin in calculating the payment to be made to the service provider. It also generates a detailed report of the payments.

On-time Service

The app looks for the nearest service provider who is available at the current moment and assigns the request from the user. This helps to provide on-time service.

The Divergent Services You Can Provide With On-Demand Uber For Moving App

The Uber for movers app can be used to serve your customers with variant purposes.

Store Delivery

Store delivery is one of the most viable options for packers and movers. People keep shopping every day and every month, and not all customers have a vehicle that can be used to carry heavy loads. For example, if a customer buys a new set of a dining table or a refrigerator, they need a vehicle to deliver it to their home. Assist those customers with your services. This kind of service can get your orders in regular intervals, thereby growing your business.

Apartment Moves

People moving into a new home and moving out is a common thing in the cities. But it is always a tiring job for them. Helping them by moving their furniture, electrical appliances, packed boxes, kitchen appliances, etc., in a few taps in their mobile phone will be a great relief for your customers.

Online Flea Market Delivery

After the rise of digitization, flea markets have also been made online. The customers who purchase goods through these platforms find it really difficult to move the products bought by them. You can assist them by delivering the products purchased by them on their doorsteps.

Storage Moves

We all have a lot of stuff that we don’t use in our daily life yet keep them stored in our homes. These luggers consume a lot of space in our homes and also are a huge burden to shift them. You can assist the consumers by shifting these luggers to a storehouse and getting them back to them when they are in need of it in just a few taps.

Junk Removal

Every household has its share of unused obsolete junk stuff. People don’t remove them simply because they don’t have enough time and also it is a very tiring job. As a company, you can assist them by packing and removing this junk stuff and dropping them off in the nearby junk station.


Every human would have thought of donating their stuff at least once in their lifetime. But time and the work of packing and moving their things for donation would have always acted as a barrier to their thought of donating. Be the hero and help your customers to donate their goods to the needy by packing and moving the goods they want to donate. This act can build a massive reputation for your company.

Uber for Movers App
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The Workflow of Uber Like App For Moving Service

Every business requires a step-by-step workflow for the users to understand it and feel using the service is effortless.

Step 1:


This is the first step by the user to place an order. The user makes his booking using the Uber for movers App to pack and move his goods. The user enters all the order details like the name, location, destination, time, etc.

Step 2:

Packing the Goods

Once the user has placed his order, you send professional packers to the user's place to pack the goods, considering the number of goods to be packed.

Step 3:

Moving the Goods

As soon as the packing is done with the utmost care, the packed stuff is ready to shift. The movers pick up the stuff at the doorsteps of the user and head towards the destination.

Step 4:


The user's goods are delivered and unloaded cautiously with no damage to them in the user's destined location.

Step 5:


After the safe delivery of goods, the user can pay for the service through any of the payment options like debit or credit card, net-banking, in-app wallet, or cash.

Step 6:

Review and Rating

The user reviews and rates the service he experienced from the service provider. This helps you keep track of the service provider's performance.

What We Offer?

Our Uber for Movers App comes with a package of apps to enhance your business in all means.

  • User Android/iOS App

  • Movers Android/iOS App

  • Admin Panel

On-Demand Movers App Development

The Features of our Uber for Movers App

Sign Up

The user registers their profile in the app by signing up with their email address or contact number.

Order Services

The user can choose the services he requires from the options provided, such as packing, or packing and moving, or moving alone.

View/Edit Profile

The user can view and edit his profile at any time without any restrictions. The user may edit his contact details or profile picture and more.

Set Pick up and Drop location

The user can set the pickup and drop location by using the app. This assists the movers to arrive at the right location without any confusion.

View Order History

The user is provided with the complete details of their previous orders to keep track of their expenses and the service provider who assisted them in their earlier order.

Push Notifications

The users are updated regarding their order status like the service provider will reach in 5 mins, the goods have been delivered, and more. Push notifications also appear to notify your customers of the new deals, offers, and discounts, etc.

Order Tracking

The user can track the movers in real-time with GPS tracking. This allows the user to place the order and track the order by resting on their couch.

Accept or Cancel Order

The service provider is given an option to accept or reject an order based on their convenience. If the service provider feels uncomfortable with the order, he can reject it.

Toggle for Availability

The service provider can use the toggle button to portray if they are currently available for service or not.


The service provider is reminded of the orders scheduled to them to not miss serving their customers on time.

Track Previous Orders

The service provider can keep track of the details of all of their orders, the payment received, the distance traveled, the number of packages shifted, etc.


The service provider can check the amount they have earned over a period of time. This motivates them to accomplish many more services in order to earn more money.

Rate and Review Customer

The service provider can review and rate the customer's behavior with the service provider.

Manage Movers

The admin can manage multiple movers at the same instant using the admin panel dashboard.

Automate Workflow

The admin can have an account of the registered customers and their booking patterns.

Service Tracking

The admin updates the users and the movers with the hot deals, new offers, and more.

Manage Payments

The admin can manage and keep track of the user's payments, the commission provided to the service provider, and other payments.

Data Analytics

The admin can keep track of the user's booking pattern and improve the customer experience to grow the business.

Manage Customers

The admin can manage the user's bookings, and if any issues of delayed delivery, the admin can resolve them.

Digital Service Delivery Proof

The service provider can collect a digital signature from the customer as proof of service. This makes your business more authentic from the customer's point of view.

CMS and CRM Integration

Integration of CMS in the app assists the user to have control over every piece of content posted on the app. This helps the admin keep track of every act by the user and the service provider. The successful integration of the CRM helps to get a better reach and marketing.


The user has the freedom to select the service provider from the list of service providers available near them. If the customer feels comfortable with a particular service provider, the user can re-book them whenever they need a service.

In-App Calls

This feature helps the user to call and coordinate with the movers by the in-app feature. The users no more have to search for the numbers or type them just a tap, and they are connected to the movers.

Call Masking

Privacy is a feature the users value a lot today. The call masking feature hides the contact number of the user from the service providers.

In-App Support Chat

The user can raise any issue regarding the payments or the service provider in the in-app support chat. The users will no more feel panic when something goes wrong; they get assistance effortlessly.

Revenue Model Of On-Demand Uber For Movers App Development

The Uber for movers app is a business that can assist you in making a fortune. Some ways to generate revenue using the Uber for Movers App are

A commission is charged from the service providers for every order received. This is one of the most popular ways to generate revenue by any aggregator app as they get the service providers more orders than in real-time.
Enlistment Charge
A fee is charged to every service provider to get enlisted in the app. This is charged considering the increase in revenue for the service provider by being a part of the app.
Featured Listing
The service providers can be charged a fee to get featured in the top list of the service providers in the app. The service providers will get more orders by getting featured at the top.
Banner Ads
The service providers can be charged to display their banner ads in the app displaying their services and offers.

Uber for Movers App
Connecting customers to professional packers and movers

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Our Work Process


Requirement Analysis

We discuss with our clients and understand their requirements and the customization they need. This is done with care as we believe in creating apps that are exactly the same way our clients dreamt off.



Once we are clear with the requirements, our team plans on how to segregate the job and work efficiently for a timely launch of the app.


Design and Development

Our design and development team sticks to the plan and works dedicatedly to developing the app with an attractive design and a user-friendly app with blistering functionality.


Testing and Quality Assurance

After the app is fully developed, it is tested for any bugs or any operational failure. A number of tests are carried out to get the best out of the app.



After testing the app and once we are satisfied with the app's functionality, the app is launched in the google store and iOS store concerning the client’s requirements.

Why Choose Us?

In TurnkeyTown we believe to develop an exact replica of the app our client dreamt off when starting their venture. Some of the important features and reasons you should join us to build your Uber for Movers App are

  • Cost Effective Solution

    We have an active ready to launch Uber for Movers script with us. In order to develop an app we work on the customization requirements of our clients in our script. This saves our clients a huge amount of time and money instead of building an app from the scratch. Our packages come with a small charge for every additional feature so that our clients can pay only for the features they require. This saves a lot of money than subscribing to plans with features that you don’t require.

  • Eye-Catching Design

    Our design team is a bunch of highly creative people designing apps that hooks up the users and make them feel comfortable using the app.

  • GPS Enabled Automated Locating

    We provide GPS tracking features in our app to enhance the live-tracking of locations of the user and the movers and assist the movers to reach the location of the user effortlessly.

  • Feature-rich Functionality

    We at TurnkeyTown, make use of the modern technologies like AI, IoT, and blockchain to provide a completely automated and impressive app to our clients. We develop an app that enhances the online presence of the business.

Hire Our On-Demand App Developers

Turnkey Town is a firm that holistically works to support aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners to grow and outcompete their competitors. Our developers are a team of well-experienced people dedicated to developing on-demand services. They hustle to build an app with high-speed functionality and stunning UI/UX design. They update themselves with the latest tools and tech stacks to provide highly robust and scalable solutions. Our uber for Movers app is our stalwart developers' brainchild who have stuck together to build this spectacular packers and movers app like none other. This amazing user-friendly App comes at a very reasonable price. Hire our developers and stand on par with the global businesses.

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Uber For Movers And Packers App Development

Technology Stack

We use the most robust technology to build our apps.

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Uber for Movers App
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The answer is very simple: just give us a call and tell us your requirements for the upgrade. We will work on it together and get your App updated in no time.
It is always safe with us. We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with you stating that your business ideas will be safe with us.
Yes, We assist you even after launching the App for a limited time for free, and later it comes with a small fee.
A clone app is the replica of an already existing fully-functional app. It can be customized for your business needs.