Make your on-demand delivery business Uber-rich with the Uber for courier app

Today's fast-paced lifestyle of people demands instant solutions that permit them to access services from anywhere and get them delivered at their convenience. In that way, courier services are also witnessing the need for reliable and rapid delivery services. This opens up opportunities for entrepreneurs like you to venture into the courier industry, taking advantage of the Uber for Courier model. Get to our experts today and effectuate Uber for courier app development in less than no time to yield reaping profits in your business.

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Uber for Courier App
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The Courier industry has been evolving through the years in its way. It has grown from delivering parcels in weeks or months to single-day delivery options. However, the expectations of consumers grow every time the sun rises. The consumers no longer want to search for a courier office or a postal office to hand over the parcel they need to send. After implying the habit of high-speed data to consumers, their expectations on services have hiked. The consumer expects all their services on their doorstep with a single tap. The courier industry is no exception to this.

We help you build a courier delivery app like Uber that provides all the solutions a consumer expects today. In particular, it gives them a pickup option with details of the pickup person and an opportunity to track their parcel. Not stopping there, it comes with an efficient admin panel and a delivery person app making itself an omni-channel solution.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to launch a courier business or you already own a courier business, this is the best approach in town to hike your business. Get our app like Uber for courier and customize it to make your customers feel cozy and friendly.
Our Uber for courier app is specialized for any entrepreneur who wants to plunge into the courier business and make their mark on it. You can customize it as creative as you want it to be. Also, you get it delivered as fast as you want to deliver the couriers of your clients.
Are you an on-demand courier delivery startup? Then get our tailor-made uber for courier app and digitalize your presence in the market. The digital era has provided a splurging benefit to the business. By developing an uber for courier app, you can also cherish all those benefits. The best part is you get it at the best price. Get it developed and be the next tycoon of courier services.
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Are you an app development firm hunting out for a code to build an uber for courier app for your clients? Why write all the code yourself and linger. Provide your client with the fastest delivery by buying it from us.
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Our Premium White-label On-demand Courier App Development

Utilize our customizable Uber for courier solution to implement your ideas of a courier delivery business right away into the app. Moreover, our white-label clone solutions give you total flexibility to rebrand with your own identity elements, thereby standing your brand upright in the market.

  • Carriers

    Develop an app that allows your customers to enter the details of their pickup and delivery locations, generate an approximate cost for the delivery, an opportunity to track the shipment, and manage them at any point of delivery.

  • Freight Forwarder

    In this module, you arrange the parcel's pickup and delivery in the same manner as in carriers but with additional features such as a customer/admin panel, prints related to the shipment, package labels, and more.

  • Haulage Services

    If you plan to provide haulage services, build an app that acts as an online transport booking platform. This will help your customers place an order and make large shipments in a hassle-free way.

Key features of our on-demand courier delivery service app

The basic features to be included in on-demand online delivery service for the customer’s satisfaction are

Easy Tracking

We in Turnkey Town have an experienced and enthusiastic team who help you incorporate tracking of the consumer’s parcel in the app. Through this, the consumer can check the location of their parcel at any time.

Digital Signature

The digital era is on a spree, and the customers expect everything to be digitized. The signature is no exception to it. Our on-demand courier app also includes a feature to record the digital signature of the customer.

Efficient Management System

The on-demand courier service app developed by us is an omnichannel app. This helps you to manage all the data quickly and efficiently.

Push Notifications

Push notifications have turned out to be a mandatory option in all services. We design the push notification so that both you and your consumer get notified regarding the parcel.

Online Payment

Cashless transactions are the trend now. Keeping this in mind, Turnkey Town incorporates various payment methods in the on-demand courier service app.

Ratings and Review

In our Uber, for courier solution, the customer can rate and review the service provided by your company on the particular order. With this facility, you can always know if all your customers are happy with your services and if not what are the problems and rectify them.

How does the on-demand courier delivery app work?

Uber for courier app automates the business process entirely, increasing the efficiency of the delivery service like never before. By following a few simple steps, customers can now easily avail of the courier services at a faster pace.

Step 1:

Delivery Request

The customer sends a request to place an order to deliver a package.

Step 2:

Accept Delivery

Now, the nearest agent to the customer accepts the request sent by the customer for courier delivery.

Step 3:

Pick up

The delivery person arrives at the location of the customer to collect the parcel to be delivered.

Step 4:

Live Tracking

The package picked up by the delivery person is tracked online until the delivery is done.

Step 5:


Now the customer makes the payment for the agent's service in any mode of transaction in the app.

Step 6:

Delivery Proof

Once the package is delivered, either an OTP is sent, or a digital signature is received.

Step 7:

Reviews and Ratings

Now, the customer reviews and rates the service offered to him. He may rate it according to the experience he had with the particular courier service.

Are you dreaming to be the next-gen on-demand courier business tycoon?

Turnkey Town has an enthused team of developers who have experience in developing on-demand courier services apps. We can build an app that helps you make your customers feel convivial about your service.


Benefits of using our Uber for Courier App Solution

Wondering what would be the benefits you reap by using our Uber for courier app solution. Have a look at them below,

Live Tracking

For a user having proper knowledge of where their package is at the moment is a great relief. Turnkey Town integrates the best tracking modules in the app, aiding the user to check the exact location where the package is available at the moment and live track it.

Booking Cancellation

In the Uber for courier app solution, we offer the customers an opportunity to cancel their booking at any stage without any cancellation charges. This makes your customer feel relieved as cancellation of bookings has been a challenging and costly process.

Booking History

In the Uber for courier service solution, the data of all the previous bookings placed by the customer is recorded and can be used for reference by the customer at any time.

Contact with the Delivery Person

Customers can contact the delivery person directly in case of any queries or want to be sure of any information regarding the service. In-app chat/call facilitates seamless communication between the customer and the delivery person.

Profile Data

In Uber for courier solution, we ensure that every person's detailed profile detail involves either a delivery person or the customer. You will have the data of all of them.


Our courier service solution is extremely transparent and secure as all the data is updated in the apps. The addition of features like tracking the package have made it more transparent.

  • Customer App
  • Delivery Person App

Our Uber-like customer app design

Our solution is brimming with mind-blowing features for the customer app and delivery person app to provide an extraordinary user experience. In addition to that, it also allows you to customize designs whenever and however you want.

Our Uber-like Delivery Person app

Get our uber for courier app with features that help the delivery persons to navigate, real-time notifications, logbook, history of services, and many more.

What you will get
with our On-demand Courier App Development Solution?

We are determined to provide you with the best services options available in the town to help your business fly high. The courier service solution is provided for all- Consumers, Drivers, and Admin, and Business panel.

  • Android/iOS app for customers and delivery person

  • Fully functional website

  • Admin panel

Features of Our Uber for Courier App

Price Comparison

Our Uber for courier script comes with a module for your customer to compare the price from different service providers and select the suitable one for them.

Courier Pickup

We will provide your customer a form to understand their needs like mode of transport for their courier delivery, pickup address, and delivery address.

Advance Reports

The advance reports record further more details, unraveling you to more information such as areas to focus on marketing, thereby increasing your commission.

Payment Gateway

In our uber for courier solution app, we provide your customers with various payment options and allow them to go with a comfortable payment method.

Live Tracking

With the live tracking option, your customer gets access to track the location of his/her parcel once the order is placed until its delivery.

OTP Verification

With our uber for courier solution, both your customer and the service provider are verified by sending an OTP to their respective phone numbers. This enables you to get rid of fake users or service providers and withhold your authenticity.


The geo-fencing feature in our Uber for courier solution aids both your customer and driver in accessing each other's location.

Review and Rating

We offer your customer an opportunity to rate and review your services. With this feature, you can pick out the best service providers and suggest them for your users in the future.

Route Map

The uber for courier solution uses other third-party plug-ins and aid the delivery person to navigate in the shortest route for pickup and delivery.

Detailed Order Data

The delivery person is provided with complete data regarding the order. The details like the distance of the user's location, the estimated time to reach the user's place, the user's preferred pickup time, and after checking all these details, he can accept the order.

Integrated Camera

The delivery person app has an integrated camera feature. The delivery person can click pictures of the product at the time of pickup and delivery. This aids as a visual verification for your customer.

Availability Toggle for Delivery Individual

This feature allows the delivery person to work flexibly by tapping on the availability toggle, ensuring his presence and absence.


The profile of the delivery person is created. It will include details such as the years of experience, rating, the nearest radius of the delivery person. This provides the customer with knowledge about the delivery person.

Accept/Reject Request

This feature in our on-demand courier service solution for the delivery person gives him the opportunity to decide whether he has to accept or reject the request.

Company Management

The profile details of the company and dashboard will be displayed in the Admin portal. You can scrutinize the customer details with the documents provided.

A Module for Pricing and Commission

In our on-demand courier solution, we integrate a module enabling your company to determine the rates considering the distance and the mode of transport.

Payment Records

Our uber for courier solution helps you gather payment information through the portal to fulfill the payment mechanism for the distribution firms.

Admin Management

The admin management feature aids you to add, edit, and delete profiles from your company.

Tracking Orders

We provide the admin a feature to view any type of order and track them.

Tracking Payments

Your company will be able to view or track any transactions and take action on it if required.


A dashboard displays the collection of data concerning the company in various forms. The data can also be generated as graphs for better understanding.

Verification of Service Providers

Any service provider who operates with you must be verified. Only verified service providers will provide the customers good service. Their service also affects your credibility.

How can our solution promote
your on-demand parcel delivery business?

We in Turnkey Town believe that digitizing your on-demand courier service will put you ahead in the race by all means. Adopting the necessary criteria of creation and sticking to reflective technical ethics, we work to launch your business sky-high.

Payment Integration
We connect your app with the most popular payment gateways, helping your customers pay flawlessly without failed transactions.
A Dazzling UI/UX
We work to design an eye-catchy user interface that makes your customer feel more congenial so that they stick to your app.
Integration of other platforms
We integrate your app with various other platforms making it easier for you and your customer. Some of the common platforms integrated are CRM, ERP, and WMS.
Global Standards
We keep in mind that you aspire to develop your business on a global level and work accordingly. Our app will help you get a global reach with our app and be on par with all the international businesses.
Analysis of Data and Report Generation
We provide you with features to analyze all your data and generate reports for your knowledge.
WhiteLabel Solution
We provide a white label solution to your app. With this, none of your customers will have a clue if your app is a customized one.

Tap here to get a free 30 minute consultation call on developing a courier service app.


The Revenue model for our Uber for courier app

High ROI is the fuel for businesses to gain thrust. In that way, our robust Uber for courier app holds a huge potential to generate revenue in multiple ways. To name some,

Flexible Rates

In an on-demand online delivery business, you opt for flexible rates depending on the time. If it’s a peak time and the demand is high, the rate for the services has to be hiked, and in regular times, you charge a nominal price.

Delivery Charges

The delivery charges can be collected from the customers for providing them the service by picking up their packages at their doorstep.

Commission from Service Providers

A business commission from service providers is the primary form of revenue in an on-demand courier service provider. You can charge the service provider a commission for every order, or either you can charge them on a monthly basis.

In-app Advertising

In-app advertising is a new-gen method to add money to your pocket meanwhile bringing in new service providers and customers. You can promote your service providers by charging them for it—this aids in pulling more service providers.

Our on-demand courier delivery app development process

With a passion for offering flexible and reliable on-demand courier delivery services, our professional courier app developers bring a variety of innovative functionality that will certainly save time, resources, and, of course, your delivery trouble! Building on the best technology and requiring robust tools and agile methodologies, we put the best in our courier app creation phase that goes seamlessly to conquer every stage purposefully.


Planning and Strategizing

Every business owner has their own vision to create an on-demand courier service. We in Turnkey Town acknowledge this and tune in to all their requirements and ideas. Now we start researching the data needed to build an app and website exclusively for our client.


Time and Cost Estimation

Time and cost are the most essential variables a business owner bets on. We understand it and work to provide an infallible time and cost estimation.


UI/UX Design

Our creative team grasps the idea and requirements of the entrepreneur. They then work on a 100 percent user-friendly design and visceral that your customer feels cozy using it.


App and Web Development

Now our team of well-experienced on-demand service provider app developers launches an app. The app is developed with a determination to be rich in features and stunning speed. The mobile and website will be accessible on all platforms and browsers.


Testing and Launch

This is the final step where our QA team tests the mobile app and website by following all the traditional and new-gen testing methods. Once testing is done, we will launch the app in the stores.

Why choose us?

  • Readymade Solution

    Get our readily available courier service clone and launch a customized app exclusively for your business in a short time.

  • 100% Customisable

    We customize our on-demand online courier service app exclusively for your vision and your add-on ideas.

  • Interactive Design

    We design and develop the app in an interactive manner to hook up your customers. We write responsive UX scripts that make the customer feel interesting.

  • White-Label Solution

    You can customize the app overall with your logo and design giving your customers no cue if it was a clone app or an original one.

  • Round-the-clock Technical Support

    We understand that our clients are busy building their business, so we offer around the clock support to clear the queries at any time.

  • Reasonable Price

    Our pricing to develop a courier service app is very reasonable and we charge based on the features added. By this, you pay only for the features you require and save humongous amount of money.

  • The color theme of your Logo

    We design the website with a color theme that looks brilliant with your logo.

  • Referral System

    You can promote our services and grab exciting perks from us.

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Uber for Courier App Pricing

Professional $XXXX (USD)

Have access to use it in Multiple Domain / Server with Android App

Enterprise $XXXX (USD)

Have access to use it in Multiple Domain / Server with both iOS and Android App

Hire On-demand App Developer

Turnkey Town is a firm that holistically works to support aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners to make their dreams into reality. Our developers are a team of well-experienced people in developing on-demand services. They dedicate themselves to develop an app with high-speed functionality and stunning UI/UX design. They keep updating themselves with the latest tools and technologies to provide highly robust and scalable solutions. Our uber for courier app is our stalwart developers' brainchild who have stuck together to build this magnificent courier service app like none other. There is no need for you to worry if this would cost a fortune. No, you can get it customized for a very reasonable price. Hire our wolfpack of developers and stand tall with the global businesses.

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The Technology Stack We Use In Our Parcel Delivery App

We keep ourselves updated with the technology as we believe to provide the best of the services to our clients. Some of the stacks we use are

Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology

Our Other Uber for On-demand Services Solutions

On-demand applications should be feature-rich, catering to all technical issues and their implementation, marketplace restrictions, and other marketing aspects. With this in mind, we provide you with quality-on-demand app solutions spanning sectors such as travel, hospitality, healthcare, shopping, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

The price of on-demand courier services app is not fixed. The addition of certain features costs separately. Thereby, the cost of your on-demand courier app depends on the features added by you.
There are various reasons to go for the Uber for courier app. The major ones are launched in a limited time and get solutions similar to FedEx, Parcel2go, and courier applications like Uber.
Yes, Our on-demand courier services app will be on par with the global brands both in functionality and interface design.
Yes, we customize the app based on the requirements of the client. We also design the color palette of the website considering your logo.
Yes, we do support you to upgrade the app. It can be upgraded based on your requirements with no difficulty.

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