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Launch A Captivating Netflix Clone App Packed With Stunning Features To Enchant Many

Build an app that enthralls the global cybernauts to enjoy a theatre-like experience with the comfort of their homes and gain access to an ocean of digital content easily. The Netflix clone- a one-stop solution for a plethora of entertainment for every mood. Cut the wait and get hold of our premium Netflix clone overflowing with attractive features and extraordinary functionality.

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Netflix Clone App

Taste Victory By Initiating Netflix Clone App Development

The advent of on-demand services has redefined the entertainment industry, and the concept of video streaming is gaining traction in recent years. As an entrepreneur, it is high time to try your hand in the video streaming industry with the best Netflix app clone in the market.

Our highly scalable app will suit your requirements and let you curate the video content to enhance the customer experience in the Netflix like app. Rake your profits in through the fully-functional on-demand video streaming platform designed and developed from our cutting-edge Netflix app clone script and amass a large viewer base for your venture with ease.

What Makes Our White-Label Netflix Clone Outstanding From Others?

Our Netflix clone is a well-designed and fully functional platform that gives cut-throat competition to its counterparts in the video streaming industry. Our app ensures high-quality video, movies, TV-shows, documentaries, and trailers over multiple devices with faster buffering. It will result in a higher level of viewer retention for your offering.

The admin panel designed from the Netflix app clone script comprises well-crafted features to help manage members, videos, payments, ratings & reviews, and much more smoothly. Our team of seasoned developers ensures your smart on-demand video streaming application is designed and developed to help you dominate the market with ease.

Well-Polished Features Of Our Netflix Clone

A wide array of features will be integrated into your app like Netflix.

Social Media Login

Users can log in using their social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. User’s save time from manually entering the details.

Subscription Plan

Users can choose a plan according to their needs and switch between them easily. The plans will be set as per service providers discretion.


The ‘Genre’ feature lists out all the video content by genres such as drama, comedy, horror, romance, and much more for users to sort out and choose their favorite content.

Profile Settings

The user can manage profile settings to view and update their subscription plans, membership, and other details.


Users can instantly search for videos either by name, genre or title through the in-built search option. They can further use the filter option to enhance their search.

Ratings and Reviews

Users can rate and review videos that can be viewed by others. This increases the quality of the video content in the app.


Users can add their favorite videos, movies, TV-shows, the watchlist and watch it later.

Upload Videos

This feature allows the admin to manually upload videos or from other sources such as YouTube, Amazon AWS or others as per company discretion.


The dashboard allows the admin to monitor the incoming flux of new users in the app, video content, subscription plans, and other user activities.

Subscription Plan

The admin can view and manage the users’ subscription payments, pay per view and other options integrated into the Netflix clone script.

Site Settings

This feature allows the admin to manage the site settings such as commission, PPV (Pay Per View), Payment gateways, etc. from the admin panel.

Category Management

The admin can move videos to new or existing categories for easier search in the Netflix clone app.

Social Media Login

The user can log in/register to the app through their social media like Facebook, Instagram or others to save time from manually entering their details.


This feature will allow the user to add videos to a watchlist that allows them to watch them for a later period.

Subscription Package

The users can choose a subscription plan according to their needs. The plan categories are set & updated as per admins discretion.

Manage Profile

The user can manage profile settings to view and update their subscription plans, membership, details, etc.

Want To Create A Buzz In The Entertainment Industry? Launch A Netflix Clone App That Can Potentially Attract A Vast User Base Right Away!

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Relish The Perks Of Hiring
Turnkey Town For Netflix Like App Development

Technology Stack

We employ the best technologies in Netflix like app development for the app to function in an unparalleled way.


Our Netflix app Clone is equipped with state-of-the-art data analysis powered with Artificial Intelligence to curate personalized content suggestions for users.


Right from development & marketing to the launch of the app, we will guide you in every step of the way.

and Updates

Our association with you does not end with the release of the app. With timely updates and performance reviews, the app will receive constant support from our end.

What Are The Types Of Video On Demand In An App Like Netflix?


This VOD is primarily for users who do not want to miss their favorite TV shows. Users can watch their favorite TV shows even after a prolonged time from its initial broadcasting.


If the users wish to watch any video-on-demand, they can choose the transactional option to pay and view the individual videos separately.


This is one of the most sought-after models as the user can view unlimited videos by paying a nominal monthly payment.

Push Video
on Demand

This model will push the video content onto the user’s set-top box for their viewing. The curated and personalized content will suit the taste of the user.

Advertising Video
On Demand

The innovative revenue-based model helps advertise your video content to a larger demographic through cable channels.

The Monetization Methods
Of An App Like Netflix

The revenue model of a Netflix clone app relies on two important sources.

Subscription Fees

The subscription fees will be the major source of revenue for your Netflix clone app where users will pay for the services rendered. They would be charged once a month or once a year for unlimited viewing of movies and TV shows as per service providers discretion.


A reliable source of income lets you promote new shows, movies, and other advertising content through the Netflix clone app. Charge the video creators or advertisers for the promoting cost as per your discretion.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Our Netflix clone app is equipped to support multiple languages and can be integrated with any language as per your business needs.
No, there is no limit to uploading of the videos on your Netflix clone app. You can upload infinite videos and categorize them accordingly.
Yes, we do provide post development support for the stipulated time period as per the guidelines mentioned in the agreement.
Turnkeytown provides white label netflix clone that can be developed into both netflix clone android and netflix clone IOS and also as web platforms according to your specifications.
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