Decentraland Clone Development - A Virtual World Of Opportunities!

Create a whole new visionary world in the digital space. Empower it with a marketplace to buy and sell parcels of lands, names, and digital collectibles. Also, enable the members of the space to build structures, host events, and monetize their creative content here. Carve your idea into a cyber world by partnering with TurnkeyTown for Decentraland Like NFT Marketplace Development.

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Decentraland Clone
Create a Decentralized NFT Virtual Reality Platform!

Decentraland Clone is a decentralized three-dimensional virtual world powered by robust blockchain technology. It is the combination of a 3D space of digital lands, a marketplace to buy and sell digital assets, a builder program, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization [DAO], and an arena to list the events taking place in this virtual space.

This online world is partitioned as parcels of land. Each property block is associated with a cartesian coordinate (x,y). These real estate properties can be purchased and owned by the users. Two adjacent blocks of land merged together is termed as an estate. These pieces of digital land can be bought by the members of this virtual world using a native cryptocurrency token of the Decentraland clone. In the case of Decentraland, it is MANA.

The owners of the virtual parcels of land can build 3D models, DApps, or games in their space. Our Decentraland clone world insists on community building. As a part of this initiative, Districts are created. They are a collection of a few parcels of land; the community can build shared spaces that benefit all the members.

Suppose you are a crypto enthusiast burning with creative ideas for a virtual world similar to Decentraland or Sandbox, talk about it with our NFT experts. Start building your universe soon by partnering with us.
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Activities That Can Be Held In Our Decentraland Like NFT Marketplace

Decentraland clone is a space for creativity to sprout in its own ways. It guarantees both fun and revenue to the members of its world.

The players can buy and sell parcels of land, estates, and wearables. The transactions can be held using the token, similar to MANA. This can increase the liquidity of the token.

The users can transfer their land or accessories to any of the other members directly.

Every owner can name their land with pride and also write a description of what their land represents.

The landlords can allow other members of the virtual world to build or conduct events in their parcel.

An eagle-eye view of the whole digital universe is shown. The players can hover on each block of land and see who owns it, what the names are claimed, and what wearables are present.

Virtual events like digital art expo or gatherings of community members can be held.

The landowners can erect 3D models either by using the in-built scenes or input structures designed using other apps. They can be as visionary as they can.

The Four Key Pillars Of Our NFT Virtual Platform Like Decentraland

The virtual world, like Decentraland, functions based on four primary aspects.
These can be taken as an inspiration to build a new world with more exciting features.

Welcome all the members to your virtual world by creating a digital avatar of them. Let them decide their style. Allow them to buy unique wearables and accessories to spot a stunning look. Each accessory they buy is a non-fungible token that will be connected to their wallet—a fashionable digital version of the user themself.
What would the members of the world do with the bare lands? Offer them something exciting by allowing them to unleash their creative skills in their territories. They can erect buildings, grow forests, build villas, theme parks, parks, beach houses, etc.
Every world needs a marketplace to buy and sell products. Our Decentralized 3D Virtual Reality Platform has a variety of accessories to style the digital archetype of the users, pre-built scenes to build structures, parcels of lands, and more to offer. The members of the world can buy and sell these attributes in the marketplace.
Decentralized Autonomous Organization [DAO]
We are creating a completely decentralized 3-dimensional world. And it cannot be fulfilled without being a DAO. Hand over all the power to the members of this beautiful virtual world. This makes the platform celebrate the free economy nature and enables the users to make all decisions based on their world.

The Different Tokens You Can Associate
With Decentralized 3D Virtual Reality Platform

The original Decentraland platform has three major tokens with it.
Learn about all three to understand the kind of tokens the virtual world you create will require.

Decentraland Clone Software
MANA Tokens
MANA is the ERC-20 token of Decentraland. It is a fungible token and can be used to purchase parcels of land, estates, wearables, and other accessories. The total original supply of MANA tokens was 2,805,886,393. Later, in November 2018, the keys that had the custody of these tokens were thrown away. This grabbed away the ability to mint any more of the Decentraland token.
Decentraland Like NFT Marketplace Development
LAND is an ERC-721 token or, in other words, the non-fungible token of the Decentraland. These rare tokens represent the parcels of land, namely the digital asset of this virtual land. Each block of land is a 16 meter by 16 meters square piece of land in the digital world.
NFT Virtual Platform Like Decentraland
ESTATE is also an ERC-721 token. It is scarce and non-fungible. Two pieces of adjacent land can be combined to form an estate. Once the ESTATE token is created, the LAND tokens associated with the two particular parcels will be removed from the member's wallet and replaced with a single ESTATE token. The player can also reverse this by breaking the ESTATE into two blocks of land.

The Modest Work Flow Of Our Decentraland Clone Software

We Create an NFT Marketplace like Decentraland with simple functionality. A 3-dimensional world to explore.

1 The users register with the virtual reality platform by furnishing their details.

2 Now, they are expected to connect their digital wallet with the platform and load it with MANA tokens.

3 They can now explore the decentralized world using the map to find the land they want to own.

4 Once they purchase a parcel of land, content, they are no more just a player but a member of the digital world.

5 Each member gets a unique digital avatar. They can design their looks themselves by buying new accessories or by using the existing wearables.

6 Now is the time for creativity to explode. The landowners can start creating content in their blocks of land. They can grow forests, build villas, art galleries, or erect any 3-D structure. There will also be a variety of pre-built scenes. The players can select one of these scenes and personalize it however they want it.

7 Once the members are done with the creative process, they can start monetizing it by conducting virtual events. They can also rent out their digital spaces for other members.

8 As the last point to mention, the members can sell their land anytime they wish.

Various Applications Of The Decentralized 3D Virtual Reality Platform

Our Decentraland clone overwhelms the users by offering them a plethora of options to exploit by being a member of this three-dimensional world.

Trade Digital Collectibles
The decentralized world has numerous digital collectibles of its own, ranging from the parcels of land and names to wearables for the digital archetypes or, let’s say, avatars. Each one is a unique NFT and can be sold for a huge price.
Application Development
Once a player owns the land, he/she can create any kind of content on it. Developing an app for the digital world can always be an innovative and bankable idea.
The landowners can create some interesting games on their virtual property. They can monetize it by inviting other members of the digital world to participate in it and earn rewards.
Owning a piece of land in a virtual world and advertising your brand to the digital community can be one of the top branding strategies of today.
Virtual Tourism
Go touring through the decentralized world of limitless innovations and creativity.
3D Model Creation
The landlords can create extraordinary three-dimensional models and erect them in their lands or estates. These buildings can be used to host virtual events and added revenue the creator can experience.

Opulent Features Of An NFT Marketplace Like Decentraland

Our Decentraland Like NFT Marketplace Development includes a lot of brainstorming to add some rich features.

  • A Three-Dimensional Experience

    The virtual world we designed is intended to offer the players a real-world experience. To stick to it, the players are bestowed a 3-D experience.

  • Completely Decentralized Platform

    The Decentraland clone software is built to be a decentralized platform. A DAO is formed by the members of this digital universe. Every decision regarding this world is taken by all the members collectively.

  • Peer-To-Peer Messaging

    The players in the same scene can initiate a chat with each other. This feature elevates the virtual experience for the users.

  • Voice Chat

    The users in this digital realm can speak to each other. In addition to the avatar, 3-D buildings and other features talking with other members make it a wholesome experience.

  • Multiple-System Compatibility

    The players can log in from multiple computers and continue their content creation activities. They just need to keep their wallets connected to the system they work.

  • Metaverse

    Harnessing the benefits of the two most hyped technologies of today’s world. Bringing together Virtual Reality [VR] and blockchain technology to create a metaverse.

  • Virtual Land Proprietorship

    The LAND manager provides the players to own lands, name them, add a description, merge them to an estate, dissolve an estate to parcels of land, transfer the blocks of land to other members, and allow other players to access their properties. All these activities will be recorded in a digital ledger.

  • Secondary Market Creation

    The utility of a LAND token increases when there is huge traffic. The areas with high user activity create an opportunity for secondary markets like rentals, virtual events, and more.

Security Features Embedded To Our Decentraland Like NFT Marketplace

Two-Factor Authentication

The platform is secured with an extra layer of security. The players have to pass through two steps of authentication to initiate transactions.

DDOS Mitigation

A firewall is integrated with the NFT platform to mitigate any kind of distributed denial of server attacks. It distinguishes the attack from a high volume of normal traffic and responds swiftly.

Data Encryption

Every data transferred in this NFT marketplace is encrypted. They are translated from normal text to ciphered text. The recipient can decrypt it by using a password.


Our Decentraland clone is integrated with both Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering regulations to govern all the transactions held in the platform.

The Framework Of Our Decentralized 3D Virtual Reality Platform

The framework of our White-Label Decentraland clone consists of three major layers and two add-on layers.

Consensus Layer

This is the first layer. Each parcel of land is associated with cartesian coordinates (x,y), an owner, and a content description file. The consensus layer searches for these details.

Content Distribution Layer

When a user wants to render a specific land, the data associated with it, which is stored in the BitTorrent and IPFS, are retrieved in this layer.

Real-Time Layer

Here, the nearby members are connected by a peer-to-peer server enabling them to communicate with each other.

The two additional layers in the framework are,

Payment Channel

The hub-and-spoke payment channel initiates lightning-fast transactions at a comparatively low cost.

Identity System

In the Decentraland clone, the credentials of an asset are the coordinates (x,y) of the land. Since contents like avatars and wearables can be copied, there is a need to rely on social agreements. It makes scarcity of assets possible, by the way.

Decentraland Like NFT Marketplace Development On Diverse Blockchains

The original Decentraland is powered by the Ethereum blockchain. As an entrepreneur, you can try building your virtual realm in any blockchain that suits your vision. TurnkeyTown has a bunch of NFT geeks who can guide you through this process and help you with Decentraland Like NFT Marketplace Development on the right blockchain platform. The different types of blockchain networks we work are,

  • Ethereum

  • Tron

  • Binance SmartChain

  • Polkadot

  • Cardano

  • EOS

  • NEO

  • Open Chain

  • Hyperledger

  • Stellar

Our Decentraland Like NFT Marketplace Development Process

Let’s put the long story short for you,



Creating a 3-dimensional decentralized world needs a lot of brainstorming. We do it along with you to understand your vision and craft the perfect visual realm.


Requirement Analysis

We start working out the technical requirements to develop the virtual platform.


Road Map

A detailed plan is laid to build a decentralized virtual realm similar to Decentraland. This stringent planning is the secret behind all our on-time deliveries.



The designers start creating the design layouts for your virtual universe. They ensure it interests you and your members.



Our smart techies get their hands on coding a robust platform that bestows high-performance rates.



We run numerous tests on the fully-developed decentralized world to ensure it doesn’t come with any glitches.



Once we are confident about the product, we share it with you for approval, and on your smile, we deploy it.

Why Choose Us For NFT Virtual Reality Platform Development?

Let us break down the answer to this question into a few pointers.

A Team Of NFT Maestros

Yes, you heard it right. We have a team of developers who go crazy when they hear words like NFTs, crypto, blockchain, etc. They love working on it!

Personalized Solutions

Decentraland clone doesn’t mean we build you a replica of the original marketplace. But we hear out your ideas and create a virtual world that you dreamt of.

Be An Early Bird

By joining hands with TurnkeyTown, you get to be an early bird in the market. Thanks to our on-time delivery skills.

Round The Clock Support

A summer morning or a winter evening, you got a query? Call us right away. Our support team is always ready to resolve your queries.

Cost-Effective Solution

By opting for our white-label Decentraland clone, you gift yourself a solution for the best price in town.

Tech Stack

Blockchain Network

Front-end Frameworks

NFT Standards

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Yes, we develop a fungible token that can be used to transact and buy and sell non-fungible assets in the virtual world.
The collectibles in the marketplace include parcels of land, estates, wearables, names, and accessories. Apart from this, if you wish to create some new collectibles, we can help you with that too.
Firstly, the land tokens are non-fungible. Secondly, the total number of LAND tokens directly corresponds to the number of fungible tokens in the platform, here MANA tokens. This limited number of tokens makes it rare, like a CryptoPunk or a Bored Ape.
Yes, in high-traffic areas, the players can build fascinating models and lure other members to visit them, rent them, or conduct virtual events. This way, they can monetize their content in your virtual world.
You can either contact us using the chatbot on our website or call us.

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