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Why Our UberEats Clone App Will Be The Best For Your Business

Our UberEats clone app is completely customized for you to start an online food ordering and delivery app in a few days. The functions are entirely based on UberEats which is used to place online orders for food delivery at your doorstep. Our UberEats like app comes loaded with bulky customization options with a variety of features for admin, User, and restaurant personnel. It is highly customizable and you can make it the face of your brand and your business.

Features of UberEats clone app:

Search using filters:

Search for nearby restaurants, filter results by food types, delivery time, and much more.

Social media plugin:

 Users can instantly login with your Social media accounts like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and much more.

Multiple payment platforms:

 Your UberEats clone app will have various payment modes for users, including integrated digital wallets, cards, online banking, etc.

Loyalty programs:

 Your customers will have a loyalty program to increase the time they spend in the app and to maximize your audience reach.

Instant notifications:

 The app comes with full customization options for getting notifications. The User, Admin, and delivery executive will get the notification on time instantly, which enables your work to move on faster.

Ratings and reviews:

 We give your audience the freedom to rate their orders and restaurants. This helps in creating a mutual trust between you and your customer. 

Separate modules:

 Admin, restaurants, customers will get different modules, and the restaurants will also have a clean and sophisticated view for the customers to access the menu options.

Live GPS-tracking:

 Users can track the real-time progress of the order status and delivery with live GPS tracking of the delivery executive and the restaurant preparation status is also displayed.


 Users and admins can see a comprehensive list of completed or cancelled orders made in the past.

High customization options:

 Customize every aspect of the script to make it truly personalized and attuned to your business needs.

Effective dashboard:

 The dashboard will reveal a range of information, including pending deliveries, progressing deliveries, upcoming orders, etc. Ultimately our UberEats clone script will be the best option for your food delivery business. With our expertise over the years and experience of our developers, we can assure success for your restaurant business.

The perfect app for everyone:

 From small chain restaurants to multinational restaurants chain, this will be the ideal UberEats clone script.

Flawless interface:

 Right from the Color of your brand to the last module in your app will be customized in the way you demand so that your business will reach greater heights. You can customize every single aspect of the script in a way that suits your business.

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