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Want To Keep An Eye On Your Wards During The Transit? Here’s A Guide On School Bus Tracking Software

The safety of the children has always been the prime focus for parents. When parents send their children on the school bus, there are major concerns about whether the driver is taking the safe route? Is the bus condition good? Have the children reached the school safely?

To overcome these issues and ensure the safety of the children, the school bus tracking software comes to help. Do you want to know further about what is it and how it works? Well then, keep reading.


What Is School Bus Tracking System?

It is modern-day software integrated with a GPS tracking system to keep the parents updated on the whereabouts of the child’s school vehicle when in transit. It gives all information in real-time, from the route taken by the bus to the drop time of the child at home. The details are made available to the parents and the school administration in the monitoring software.

Using the advanced techniques, it is now even possible to establish communication with all the stakeholders involved. This means that it allows drivers to communicate with school admin in real-time and update information or resolve any issues. 


How Does It Function?

It uses IoT technology to transmit data of the location of the bus and other details over a network to the GPS server. Using the mobile app or monitoring software, parents and the school admin can get all the information regarding the school vehicle. 

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What Are The Steps Involved In Setting Up The School Bus Tracking Software?


There are several steps involved, which are given below.

Account Creation: Like any other apps, the first step is to register in the software. The school administration can accept the terms and sign in by giving their address which is then validated, and the software becomes functional for usage.

Hardware Installation: The School Bus Tracking System will require hardware such as GPS tracking devices, RFID cards, RFID scanners, NFC smartphones to carry out the integrated tracking mechanism. Also, one would need professional help to install an RFID scanner and GPS trackers on school buses.

Feeding Data: Once after setting up the software and hardware, the information like vehicle details, students’ info, drivers’ info, routing details, etc., can be entered into the tracking software by the school administration. They also have the freedom to edit the details as per the requirement. Feeding these details sets the required database necessary for carrying out the operations.

Route Planning: Route planning is a crucial component in the working of the School Bus Tracking Software. By giving the pickup and drop locations, the integrated AI systems identify the efficient routes for travelling.

Providing RFID cards: If the routes are all set, students are issued RFID cards using which they can mark their attendance while boarding the bus. It lets parents know whether their kid has taken the bus or not.

User Profile Creation: School administration and parents can set up individual profiles to access the system and view all the required information anytime they want.

Card Swiping: Making use of the RFID cards issued to the students, they can swipe them with a unique ID to mark their presence on the bus. 


How Helpful Is It To Have School Bus Tracking Software?


Benefits for parents

Assurance of safety: The software makes it easy for the parents to receive all the updates of the school vehicle like arrival delay, route deviation or any other emergency, which ensures the safety of their child.

Access to bus attendance: For working parents who leave early from home before their child goes to school, they can check whether the child has boarded the bus or not by viewing the bus attendance.

Make requests: It also enables parents to make requests to the bus driver in case the bus schedule does not match the parent’s routine. They can request for change in the arrival time or route as per their convenience.


Benefits for drivers


Enhanced efficiency: The route scheduling and optimization saves the time and efforts of the driver whilst enabling them to reach the destination on time. It improves their operating efficiency earning them a good name in front of the management.

Ease of communication: The availability of real-time data on details of the trip serves as proof, making it easier for drivers to explain if any issue arises.

Convenient Vehicle allocation: The bus tracking software allocates the vehicles for drivers eliminating the confusion that arises when done manually. Lesser confusion in vehicle allocation boosts the efficiency and productivity of daily operations.


Benefits for school administration


Route scheduling: It helps the management organize routes and designate buses based on the distribution of the number of students who reside in the specific location. 

Manage pick up and drop timings: The system allows the admin to communicate with parents in case of any changes in the timings of the school vehicle. It ensures the child does not fail to take the vehicle due to the lack of proper communication regarding the new timing.

Driver management: The transportation department of an institute has to manage multiple vehicles and different drivers. Having efficient software helps to easily keep track of the personal details of the driver and also allocate vehicles for their daily trips. The real-time monitoring facility enables them to ensure the driver rightly takes the routes. If the driver is not following the designated path or in case of any suspicion, the software gets them caught easily.

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Final Verdict,

By employing such a high utility School Bus Tracking System, parents and school authorities can be assured of the security of their wards and also manage the fleets effectively. If you’re looking for reliable School GPS tracking software, contact our experts today and get it done.

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