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Here’s Your Guide To Become The Leading Giant Of The On-demand Taxi App Development

Amidst the heavy traffic in urban cities and the limited number of parking lots around the town, people nowadays prefer calling a taxi to ride their own vehicle. That being the case, people look for reliable taxi app development solutions to make the process of ride-booking easier for them, which escalates the need for taxi apps. 

The increased demand for taxi apps calls for entrepreneurs to establish their businesses in the taxi industry. In this blog, we will have a thorough insight into on-demand taxi app development and how to make its brand unique in the market. Let’s jump straight into the topic.

Why Create A Taxi App Like Booking?

Many taxi apps provide convenient taxi-hailing services to their customers, among which Uber, Ola, Lyft are some of the most popular ones. The advantages of utilizing the model set up by Uber are that it saves money spent on commuting for riders and provides job opportunities for taxi drivers besides making way for your business to reach its destination.

Uber has grown to be successful in fulfilling the needs and requirements of the stakeholders involved in the taxi business while also ensuring utmost convenience and comfort. That’s why for entrepreneurs like you, Uber can serve as the best role model to succeed in the niche.

Tips To Gain A Competitive Edge In The Taxi Ride-hailing Industry

The more desirable an app is, the more people tend to take the inspiration to flourish and outgrow their business. In that case, if there are going to be many apps in the market and for your app to rise above all the competitors, it should be unique in some way. Therefore, innovation plays a key role to stay ahead in the competitive race.

To help you with the same, below are some of the strategies that can improve the chances of your success in the market.

Unique Value Proposition (USP)

The USP adds more value to your app, and it determines why users should prefer your app over others. Based on this fact, it is too important to ensure the rider’s and driver’s satisfaction. So, now let us see what unique values you can provide your users.

Rider’s unique value proposition

  • You can let riders track the driver’s route and know the arrival time of the driver to their location.
  • Offering discounts, Prizes on rides, badges, etc., encourages customers to use your app.
  • Can provide rides at fixed, affordable prices for common places like railway stations or airports.
  • Providing in-app payment options can allow customers to make payments as they desire.
  • Prior fare estimation calculation based on the pick-up and drop locations.

Drivers’ unique value proposition

  • Charging high fares in peak hours can earn more money for drivers
  • Giving bonuses on set targets
  • Facilitate hassle-free registration on the app platform
  • Flexible work timings to complete the set targets
  • Insurance coverage
  • policies

Global Expansion

Extending your services globally makes your brand visible to more users, thereby raising the customer base for your business. The more customers you acquire for your business, the better chances of huge rewards.

Get In Line With Addressing Ecological Issues

 As more people nowadays have the awareness, they are concerned about the pollution and its impact on the environment. Providing eco-friendly options like Green taxis, electric vehicles makes your cab services more preferable for the users.

Apart from the cab services, you can also offer bike ride booking in your app. It can be helpful and an easy mode of commuting, especially during heavy traffic where cabs are preferred over taxis.

What Are The Tech Stacks Necessary To Carry Out The Operations Efficiently?

To start with, let us just briefly know how Uber works. If a customer wants to avail of the cab service, the first thing to do after signing into the app is to enter their location. The app shows the availability of cab drivers in the nearby location and notifies the rider when the driver will arrive. Once the ride is finished, the user can make the payments via the app itself.

Now we shall get to know the technologies that Uber-like apps rely on to seamlessly carry out the operations.


With the progress in technology, it has now become easier to access the locations.

So, what are the geolocation and mapping features required by the taxi booking apps?

  • Identifying device’s location: iOS app uses a core location framework, and Android employs Google location APIs to find the rider’s location.
  • Providing driving directions: Once the app is registered as a routing app, it displays point-to-point directions on the map suggesting the routes for the driver to arrive at the given location. Uber apps for iOS version uses Map Kit to achieve this purpose.


It is a critical component to be included in a taxi booking app like Uber to give the customer updates on their booking status and other details. For example, alerts can be sent to the customers when the driver accepts the request or the ride is canceled.

To implement push notifications in iOS, you can use Apple push notification service and Android, Google cloud messaging.


You can facilitate a cashless system that eliminates the need for human-to-human interaction by enabling payments via debit/credit cards, internet banking, eWallets, and so on. Uber chose to partner with Braintree, PayPal to facilitate digital transactions in its app.

How To Get Started With On-demand Taxi App Development?

The research and discovery phase is the first step that lays a solid foundation for developing a taxi booking app like Uber. You can create a template that includes functional specification, UX/UI design, or a visual prototype that gives a clear vision on how to go on with the on-demand taxi app development.

Get Ready For The Launch!

So if you have a profound interest in commencing a taxi-booking business, you don’t have to look any further than TurnkeyTown. We are a Taxi Booking App Development Company committed to creating robust apps to best fit the needs and requirements of the business.

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