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Trump Card of Audio-Based Social Media App – Clubhouse Clone App

Nowadays, social media creates so much pressure indirectly that makes people obsess over materialistic things like looks, fame, etc., that makes them change their life into something they are not just to fit in with society. Although social media offers a lot of advantages like connecting with our celebrities and getting to know their behind-the-camera lives, there are some cons that come along with it as well. Celebrities have a hard time in their social media accounts, like millions of their fans keep pestering them and don’t allow them to have a life of their own. They are even unable to speak up about an important cause or make an announcement in peace.

“Apps like Clubhouse is an audio based social media app that offers healthy social networking between peers. This app basically doesn’t expect to post pictures or videos. It is used to connect to other people, by rendering speeches. And it attracts followers who are interested in the content that is relevant and interesting to them.”

Let’s discuss what are the good things about using a clubhouse clone app and its various features

Advantages of Clubhouse clone script

1.Great platform for business

Clubhouse clones can be used by business personnel to market their products and give a speech about the product in detail. This serves as a good marketing strategy where the complete guide about the product is delivered to the users that will help to hype up the product. Also it is useful to brainstorm ideas about the business. The followers listening to speech can provide useful information or give out a different approach idea on how it should be executed. It also helps to gain new customers and some business collaborations.

2.No followers

Clubhouse clone doesn’t measure the popularity by the number of followers each user holds. No credit is given for those who hold a high number of followers. So there is no emphasis on having to have a huge number of followers. So users are not obligated to give content to raise the viewers. This is the reason why the clubhouse contents are genuine.

3.No fake followers

Since the app will use an invite only process, only real followers will be present in the list. There is no chance to create a fake account to increase the number of followers as every user needs an invite to enter a room. Also, there can be no bots present in the list. It will be considered a peaceful and genuine place for many.

4.No need for a camera

The user who wishes to give a speech simply has to switch on the speech mode and talk to the phone. There is no need for fancy background setups or to be dressed up or wear makeup because the process is simply audio based only and all it requires is a good phone with proper speakers in good quality and working condition.

5.Ability to speak up

If any of the users wants to voice out an opinion about the topic that is being discussed, they can simply use the hand raise button and start the conversation with them. If the speaker approves their request then they can interrupt and have a conversation and speak up their opinions and the information being heard by everyone is assured because there is no other unwanted disturbances or human traffic.

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Features of the clubhouse clone app

1.Easy signup

The sign-up is very simple. The user needs to register the username beforehand and using their username and the mobile number they can easily sign up.

2.Clubhouse hallway

This is where all the chat rooms that are being followed are displayed. It also displays the list of chat rooms that host a speech. It allows the user to manage their profile, search for other users using their name or keyword, invite someone to the app, and view the next chat room, etc.

3.Clubhouse rooms

This is where the conversations take place. The users can enter the room of their choice and listen to the speaker’s conversation. The user can also choose to mute the conversation and simply explore the followers in the room or they can go out of this room and look out for other chat rooms.

4.Clubhouse clubs

This feature is used to host a chatroom and initiate a meetup by the users. There are four types of designations as- founder, member, admin, and followers. This feature helps to create their own communities with the peers and form a club to conduct conversations.

5.Invite only app

Clubhouse clone is an invite only app which means one needs an invite to sign up and use the app. In order to get access to the app, one of the user’s friends needs to send an invite and the user can use it to sign up, similarly one can send invites to their friends by syncing the contacts to send the invite.

6.Clubhouse promotes audio usage

Since the clubhouse clone is an audio-based social media app, it allows the user to access the contents at any time and anywhere on the go. The user can simply enter the chatroom and listen to them while in the grocery store or in the park.

7.Hand raise button

If a follower wants to interrupt the speech session and wishes to speak up their opinion then they can simply use the hand raise button to interrupt. After the host accepts the request, then they are allowed to have a conversation.


An app like clubhouse has started to attain popularity among many people and it is seeking demand by android users as well. Facebook has raised a proposal to incorporate the clubhouse-like audio-based feature in them as well.

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