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Top 8 Powerful App Like Zoom For Video Calling And Conferencing

The Covid pandemic has placed more and more limits on the movement of people that made people turn towards the digital platform to meet virtually. Video conferencing app like Zoom is one such platform that has seen a 225% per cent increase in connections in March 2020 compared to the previous month.

Zoom app offers different modes of communication such as chat, audio, video, or a mix of altogether, which adds to its unique value proposition. An app like Zoom works based on the freemium business model. It offers four different membership plans, among which one of them is a free plan. A free plan allows any regular user to access the app but restricts having a video conference only for 40 mins with up to 100 members. To enable the ability to add more participants or increase the duration of the meeting, the user can pay for every unique feature they want to have added. Zoom has a lot of great features that facilitate one-on-one meetings, screen sharing, group conferences, etc. On the whole, Zoom is an excellent fit for present time needs, offering a golden opportunity for several entrepreneurs to get hold of this and replicate the success.

Here go some of the features you can consider while choosing a white label video conferencing solution for your business.

Mobile-Friendliness: You can make sure your app is compatible with a variety of mobile operating systems, which enables the host to easily launch a meeting from a mobile device.

Attendance Limits: You may look at the limitations of the number of participants to hold large events like webinars when you’re comparing prices.

Call length Limits: Attendee restrictions aren’t the only limit. To increase the time-frames of the call, you’ll have to pay more for it. You can consider this limit in your price comparisons.

App Integrations: You can sync your app with Gmail; it can grab contacts list and add things to the attendees’ calendar.

Meetings Recordings: You can have record calls option to save sessions that can be shared with other team members later. If you want to have this functionality, you can check whether you can store them on a local device or in the cloud.

Call Quality: The quality of video calls matters so much while building a video conferencing app like Zoom. You can offer high-quality video and audio. Although, it depends on the device and internet bandwidth supporting high definition.

With this in mind, we shall now see the top eight alternatives of an app like Zoom and its key features.

1. Glip by RingCentral

Glip pro is free and allows conferences with up to 100 participants for up to 24 hours long. It also includes 10 hours of storage for recorded meetings that can be saved up to a week for downloading and sharing with other devices. An upgraded Glip Pro+ allows to host meetings with up to 200 participants and can store 100 hours of recorded conferences that are available to download or share for a full year.

Key features

  • Task management allows to create and assign tasks to teammates with deadlines.
  • Email and calendar integrations let to add meeting links with one click.
  • File sharing, storage, and annotation

2. Cisco Webex

Webex’s free plan allows 100 participants per meeting for a maximum of 50 minutes. With premium plans, up to 100,000 participants can be included with unlimited hosts.

Key features

  • Webex is well known for security, offering firewall compatibility, SSO, and secure scheduling options.
  • Paid plan features include transcriptions, file transfer, chat, “raise the hand,” and polling features.

3. Microsoft Teams

No account is required to join meetings, and it offers video calls with up to 300 members-but lets to view only nine participants simultaneously. The top-priced plans allow hosting events with 100,000 participants.

Key features

  • It comes with standard video conference tools like screen sharing, chat function, customizable backgrounds, participants list, live captions, and shareable recordings.
  • The free plan has only limited functionality, while the paid plans offer security, management, and compliance tools.

4. GoToMeeting

The cheapest plan of this Video conferencing app solution allows 150 attendees unlimited meeting time. The next tier extends to 250 participants, and the premium plan allows 3000 participants.

Key features

  • It is simple and handy for collaboration with co-hosting capabilities and an interactive whiteboard and screen sharing.
  • Other features include live in-meeting notes that can be shared afterwards and ‘slide to PDF’ for faster sharing of presentations, PIN-based entry system, Polling, and “raise a hand” features.

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5. Google Meet

GoogleMeet is aimed at business users. It is free for up to 100 users for a maximum of one hour, while the top tier allows 250 attendees and 300 hours.

Key features

  • Attractive features of GoogleMeet include Google interface and top-notch security features.
  • The free tier features include screen sharing, adjustable layouts, live captions, custom backgrounds, and grid view. Paid plans allow meetings to be recorded to Google Drive. Premium customers can enjoy low-light mode and noise cancellation.

6. BlueJeans

It is a cloud-based software that suits best for small businesses. It accommodates 50 attendees with no time constraints, while the higher tiers allow 75-100 participants.

Key features

  • The cheapest tier offers all standard functions like screen sharing, annotation, recording, bandwidth management, and some standard security features.
  • The premium plans have a variety of add-ons at variable rates.

7. Jitsi Meet

It allows having a maximum of 50 participants with no option to upgrade to premium with extra capacity or features

Key features

  • It is best known for its security, with a range of privacy features, including control over which devices it can access.
  • The software offers basic features like screen sharing, presentation live streaming, an integrated chat app for groups and individuals within video meetings.

8. Meet Now

It is free to use for a maximum of 50 people in one meeting that can last up to 24 hours. Although the meeting technically never expires.

Key features

  • It doesn’t need an account for hosts or guests or installs anything as the process can be started from its websites.
  • Meet Now provides features such as screen sharing, chat function, emoji reaction, and record meetings that are stored for up to 30 days.

Over To You!

While choosing a Zoom alternative, consider the features, take time to do some research, and decide the software that suits your needs. Get started with your race and hasten ahead of your competitors in the market with the best Zoom app clone script.

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